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The rug lapin active online marketplace for buying and selling Antique Tribal Rugs, Oriental Carpets & collectible textiles.

Check in here for a growing collection ...
Active Since October, 5, 2007.
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Alberto Levi Gallery
The gallery is dedicated to the appreciation of antique textiles and carpets as works of art.

We mount regular thematic exhibitions. In past years these have included:

'Front/Back: a Collection of Exquisite Small ...
Active Since April, 30, 2007.
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Ali Aydin
Aydin Oriental Rugs specializes in old and antique oriental rugs,antique textile and tribal weavings.

Our inventory emphasizes rare, beautiful and ethnographically significant rugs and carpets textiles and kilims from all around the world ...
Active Since December, 21, 2011.
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Amudarya Silver
We have a long history on Central Asian jewelry and other objects of art. We are Ersary Turkmen from North Afghanistan. We moved to Turkey almost 20 years ago. Now, trading in ...
Active Since November, 29, 2011.
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Andy Lloyd
carpets and textiles Based in the uk i travel and exhibit internationally. You can always call me on uk 07836283388 or e mail me on
Active Since October, 27, 2006.
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Andy's Bazaar
Based in Paris (France) Insta : @andysbazaar
Active Since November, 21, 2019.
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Antique Decor
Murad Akhtar, Collector & Dealer of Tribal Rugs from London
Active Since September, 23, 2012.
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Armenian Rugs Society
The Armenian Rugs Society, a non-profit organization founded in Washington d.c. in 1980, is dedicated to the identification, preservation and dissemination of knowledge of Armenian rugs.

In pursuit of this mission, the Armenian ...
Active Since February, 24, 2011.
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Arts: Antique Rug & Textile Show
arts Antique Rug & Textile Show is returning to San Francisco. Join us for our annual show!

December 3-5, 2021

Register for the arts Opening, October 27, 2023!
rsvp for $25 or ...
Active Since June, 16, 2009.
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Asian Textile Art - Antique Asian Textiles
a large private collection of rare antique textiles from Indonesia, India (Indian trade textiles), Cambodia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand for sale. We are also looking to buy and trade rare textiles. We are ...
Active Since January, 5, 2015.
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Austria Auction Company
The success of the first auction in September 2013 exceeded all my expectations and we are excited to put together ongoing sales of exciting material. i would like to thank my clients—buyers and ...
Active Since July, 30, 2013.
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Beau Ryan
Beau Ryan is a specialist in oriental carpets. Beau Ryan started Rare Elements in 1999 after working in the home furnishing industry and privately collecting antique rugs for many years. The Rare ...
Active Since October, 11, 2006.
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Ben Banayan
Rugs for the sake of rugs
Active Since October, 8, 2006.
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Bernard Zarnegin, Switzerland
Bernard Zarnegin Interiors, Limmatquai 40, 8001 zurich, SWITZERLAND

whatsapp / cell: +41 79 439 40 41

After growing up in Basel Switzerland all my life around 25 Years ago i started to work ...
Active Since August, 3, 2007.
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Bertram Frauenknecht
Hunting for good and special pieces since 1974. Working out of Istanbul Tel. +90538 475 2807
Active Since February, 23, 2007.
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Bob Emry
Based in Arlington, va. Retired as Curator of Fossil Mammals at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, dc. Irrational interest in Tribal rugs and textiles since 1990. ...
Active Since August, 30, 2007.
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Brent Steelman
Visit our San Francisco Bay Area shop by appointment. Visit our secure online store at:
Active Since March, 8, 2010.
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Carole Hyman
Rug lover and collector.
Active Since April, 28, 2014.
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Chris Black
Chris Black, Rug enthusiast and entrepeneur.
Active Since August, 10, 2009.
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Chuck Black
Fresh from enjoying Holi in Jasilmer, India. Rug collector, past rug weaver, and sometimes seller in times of desperation or boredom. in San Diego, California, aka Paradise.
Active Since January, 10, 2009.
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Clive Rogers
Based in Stroud , England with facilities in London • Antique Carpets • Textiles • Asian Works of Art + Bespoke New carpets made to best practices utilising hand spun ...
Active Since March, 14, 2007.
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Cotswold Oriental Rugs
Cotswold Oriental Rugs High Street Moreton in Marsh Gloucestershire GL56 0AD UK web: Tel: 0044 1608 652111 / 0044 7774 644478
Active Since January, 16, 2008.
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Craig Bale
Trading in Bath for over 30 years,I am passionate about old carpets and tirelessly scour the English countryside for rare, interesting and decorative pieces with an emphasis on quality at all prices. ...
Active Since June, 3, 2008.
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Dan Jacobsen
Rug Dealer since 1973. Areas of specialization include: Prayer Rugs, Turkomans, Turkish Rugs, Calligraphy Rugs.
Active Since September, 18, 2007.
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Daniel Harmon
i have been in the business since 1975, i started with Richard Markarian of Cincinnati, Ohio. i worked for Pande Cameron, Noo Noo, Aziz brothers, abc, Eliko, Costikyan, and Abajian in New ...
Active Since April, 16, 2014.
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Edoardo Marino
Rome, Italy. My articles published on Ghereh n.39 and Ghereh n.44; on "Instoria" historical magazine. My book on afghan war rugs, titled "Guerre a tappeto", storia dell'Afghanistan nelle trame dei tappeti di ...
Active Since July, 12, 2013.
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Eliko Rugs
t: 212-725-1600 e: Address: 102 Madison Ave New York, ny 10016 usa
Active Since June, 21, 2018.
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Fazli Solak
i am proud to announce the grand opening of my new rug shop just north of Berkeley, California on Solano Avenue in Albany where i will be offering a diverse selection of ...
Active Since October, 18, 2015.
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Galerie Arabesque - Ulrike Montigel
Dr. Ulrike Montigel
galerie arabesque Breitscheidstraße 123
70176 Stuttgart
Purveyors of antique, collectible, rugs, carpets, textiles, sculpture, objects, and art.

We have a new ...
Active Since November, 5, 2006.
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Gallery 51, Craig Wallen
Gallery 51 specializing in collectible rugs and fine antique textile art .The focus at Gallery 51 is on the appreciation, conservation, and collection of fine, antique textile art and antique oriental rugs. ...
Active Since October, 18, 2006.
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Gene Dunford
Gene Dunford is a part-time dealer and full-time rug enthusiast, based in Bristol, England. Visit his website at
Active Since May, 21, 2007.
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George Fine Kilims
Based in Santa Fe ,New Mexico , I've been specializing in Kilims for over 30 years ; traveling to Turkey to personally select Antique Flat-weaves from Anatolia, the Balkans , the Caucasus ...
Active Since June, 15, 2010.
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Gerre Rugs
Living and working in Central Asia i buy and sell, mostly, antique rugs. My real love are for Central Asian pieces. Contact me at
Active Since May, 5, 2020.
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Hagop Manoyan
Through years of experience and effort, Hagop Manoyan has emerged as one of the most active and respected dealers and restorers in the antique rug industry. He has built his business on ...
Active Since June, 30, 2009.
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Hakan Aydin
Kücükayasofya cad no 5/B Sultanahmet Fatih İstanbul 34122 TURKEY
Active Since August, 14, 2013.
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Heli Rugs
heli rugs located in austria - phone: 0043 6643406224
Active Since July, 14, 2008.
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Hüseyin Arisoy
Hi ; my name is Hüseyin and i am living in Nevsehir(Cappadocia). my father has been working on Antique for many years. We try to communicate with the world through the internet. ...
Active Since March, 8, 2018.
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Hüseyin Kaplan
Binbirdirek mahallesi,peykhane sokak,Ersoy han,38-4/9 sultanahmet,ístanbul, +90 212 518 87 10 +90 538 833 50 10
Active Since March, 8, 2017.
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Ibrahim Erdogan
Adres : Binbirdirek Mahallesi Peykhane Caddesi. no :34 kat:1 Sultanahmet / istanbul Mail: Phone: +902125181585 +905357460250
Active Since January, 23, 2017.
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J H Terry
Dealer and collector of antique textiles, rugs and bags, as well as other forms of Asian art for over thirty five years.
Active Since May, 20, 2007.
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James Blackmon Textile Arts
i have over 45 years of experience in the field of antique textiles and offer a broad selection of rare and beautiful pieces suitable for both private and institutional collections. i ...
Active Since March, 7, 2007.
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James Cohen
September 7th, 2013 i am now living and working in London, and i have taken a warehouse at the Park Royal Oriental Carpet Centre. Please feel free to visit me there if you ...
Active Since January, 3, 2007.
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John Batki
Since 1975 i have been studying and collecting unusual Old World weavings a.k.a. "oriental rugs and kilims",from all areas, always looking for originality and improvisation. Alternate email address:
Active Since June, 30, 2007.
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Linda Pastorino - Singkiang
Located in Chester, nj. Owner of Singkiang, antique ethnic jewels, costume, art, interior / garden, and fashion designer. Designed bohemian chic cloths under the label 'Images of Change'.

Please feel free to write ...
Active Since April, 28, 2010.
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Madayan Zepur Orientteppich
New address: Madayan Zepur inherited the carpet's profession from her husband Madayan Mardiros who will remain her expert and advisor.
Madayan Mardiros became first interested in carpets at about the age of ...
Active Since July, 28, 2018.
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Maqam, Dennis R. Dodds
maqam was begun 40 years ago. Educated as an architect and urban designer, i was drawn to abstract, geometric patterns found in village and tribal weavings of the Near East and gravitated ...
Active Since December, 20, 2006.
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Marvadim, Mark Berkovich
Marvadim - Mark Berkovich, Tribal Textile Art, Mitzpe Hila 24953,Galilee Israel.
Active Since February, 23, 2007.
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Mert Aydın
Sultanahmet Mahallesi. Kucukayasoya Caddesi.No : 5 / b Gallery Aydın 0090542 124 6585 Galley Aydin was established in 1989 as a fine quality repair workshop for high ...
Active Since September, 8, 2015.
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Mete Mutlu
"Once you inhale the dust of rugs, you are hooked" Hello, Welcome to my page, where i post some of the best finds in my collection! Please e-mail me for details ...
Active Since August, 20, 2007.
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Michael Rosenthal
Longtime Turkmen & Baluch junkie. Former jazz cellist with John Handy in S.F. Love Chinese Calligraphy
Active Since September, 4, 2021.
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Michel May
Hello Rugrabbit Community,

My name is Michel and i have great fun collecting old indigo cotton textile fabrics from Japan. To me, they are beautiful because they are a stark reminder of the ...
Active Since April, 16, 2017.
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Active Since January, 5, 2007.
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Mollaian Farzin
Mollaian Srl was established in 1986 by Farzin Mollaian. In the early years, the primary focus was on antique oriental rugs. After many years of activity in this field, Mollaian Company was ...
Active Since December, 20, 2021.
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New England Rug Society
The New England Rug Society (ners) is an informal, non-profit organization of people interested in enriching their knowledge and appreciation of antique oriental rugs and textiles.

NERS members gather six to eight ...
Active Since September, 21, 2012.
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Nick Bendas
Dianne and Nick Bendas begin their 40th year in the old rug business! We are located in the Midwest.....BENDAS oriental rug co. ...
Active Since October, 31, 2007.
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Nick Wright: East Of The Bosphorus
As of mid-2008, i will begin to offer antique rugs, kilims and fragments on rugrabbit. More can be seen on my new website Please have a look at these ...
Active Since June, 17, 2007.
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Nomad, Stolp D. Fraser
view of the sultanahmet and aya sophia 34 years after the first time i saw them. (they haven't changed much, anyway)!
Active Since December, 23, 2006.
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Omar Eyimen
find me in Kucukayasofya cami sokak no 7 .Sultanahmet - İstanbul ('close to ancient Kücükayasofya mosque'). İ am specialising in old and antique textile tribal art, old and new textiles from different parts of ...
Active Since December, 7, 2006.
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Ondřej Turek
Rug newbie, salvager of rug wrecks from Central Europe. Ask anytime, if you are interested in any of my rugs.
Active Since January, 5, 2020.
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Owen Parry
Owen is one of Europe's most committed and active carpet and textile art specialists. He is based in Abergavenny, Wales and offers a wide range of collectable material.
Active Since November, 8, 2006.
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Patrick Pouler
patrick pouler - early oriental rugs and textiles. a private gallery specializing in the rare and esoteric. Patrick Pouler is an Architect and Architectural Historian and once serious collector and “recovered” academic, but ...
Active Since December, 14, 2006.
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Paul Romero
Paul Romero is a collector of early Persian village and central Anatolian rugs. He is mainly interested in the artistic attributes of rugs. EMail:
Active Since February, 20, 2007.
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Reyn Staffel
Reyn Staffel has specialized in the sale of antique tribal and village weaving since 1983. Located in Springfield, Oregon. Please call 5 4 1 3 5 9 9 3 ...
Active Since January, 13, 2007.
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Richard Lannowe Hall
now retired from Lannowe oriental textiles living in Cornwall uk still with a keen interest in Oriental textiles artist
Active Since November, 1, 2018.
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Richard Purdon
Dealing in antique carpets and textiles since 1959 Through my galleries in England and through my website
Active Since July, 13, 2015.
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Rob Schipper

Active Since December, 25, 2017.
Rob Schipper's Pages
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Robert Mann
Robert Mann Rugs, Inc. specializes in the cleaning and restoration of Oriental and Native American rugs and textiles, providing services to collectors, dealers, and institutions throughout the United States. The company was ...
Active Since October, 9, 2008.
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Robert Mosby
Robert Mosby has been in the antique rug business for 40 years. He specializes in Turkish, Caucasian and Antique Chinese Rugs. His gallery is open by appointment in Sarasota,Florida. Most of ...
Active Since April, 13, 2007.
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Rubia Darya
At Rubia Darya we focus on antique rugs and textiles from traditional weaving groups from central and west Asia. @rubiadarya (Instagram)

Active Since August, 11, 2021.
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Sam Coad
Sam specializes in antique carpets, rugs and textiles. He is devoted to the appreciation of antique textile art. Sam Coad also hosts and develops websites. My Phone number is +44 77723 11559 ...
Active Since October, 5, 2006.
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Seref Ozen
Seref Ozen, Sultanahmet Mahallesi. Kucukayasoya Caddesi. No 15 Istanbul, Turkey +905337606792
Active Since March, 5, 2007.
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Sfbars San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society
Like us on facebook!

Subscription Information:
sfbars is open to all. Fees are on an annual basis and bring advance meeting notices and a newsletter.
The annual fee for those ...
Active Since June, 12, 2013.
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Stephen Hofmann
Having met at George O'Bannon's Oriental Rug Gallery in 1988, Sally and i have been traveling together for over a quarter century as antique oriental rug wholesalers/pickers ...
Active Since November, 4, 2015.
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Textile Museum Associates
Textile Museum Associates of Southern California, Inc. (tma/sc) is a non-profit organization founded in 1985. tma/sc presents monthly educational programs, discussions, field trips, and special events focused on handmade textiles, weavings, Oriental ...
Active Since January, 23, 2015.
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The Antique Knot
Our interest in tribal antique rugs & kilims spans over 35 years. Our focus is looking for the archaic motif, lustrous wool weavings of merit, and saturated colors. We are specialists ...
Active Since December, 14, 2015.
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The Tribal Looms
Telephone: (312) 467-5555 Email: Address: 441 n LaSalle Dr. Chicago, il 60654
Active Since March, 8, 2012.
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Vedat Karadag
Tribal textiles, ethnographic ornaments and objects of art. Traveling on the exotic crossroads of the silk road, Middle East and greater Anatolia for tribal rugs, textiles and other objects of art. Sharing ...
Active Since July, 11, 2007.
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