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Rugrabbit is a “freepost” site. This means that anyone can start to post their collectible antique rugs, carpets and textiles for free. To start posting hit the tab “POST ITEMS FREE” on the upper right hand side of your screen and follow the prompts. LOGIN Once your first item has been posted you will receive an email with your Rugrabbit login password. Use your password to login to the site by clicking the tab “EDIT ITEMS/ LOGIN”. From here you can manage your items by marking them as SOLD or removing them. Once you login you can also Feature and un-Feature already posted items. If you like, you can add an image and text about yourself to create your seller PROFILE and edit this PROFILE whenever you like by logging in.


SELLING GUIDELINES All items posted on Rugrabbit should be antique (over 100 years old, preferably at least 19th century, or highly collectible). Unsuitable items will be removed. Please remember that this is primarily a site for collectible and ethnographic material. As such, in most cases rugs and textiles with aniline and other synthetic dyes will NOT be considered appropriate and will more than likely be removed. Likewise, overly refurbished pieces will be removed. Rugs and textiles from all regions of the world and weaving cultures are welcome. For your own benefit as well as the site’s try to select the best images of your items as possible. Similarly, please try to describe your object as accurately as possible. Unreadable pictures and overly controversial descriptions and dates will be removed or edited. If a piece you have posted is removed and you do not know why, please feel free to write and inquire, however, do NOT re-list the piece. Sellers are encouraged to post as many different collectible antique items as they like. This said, once you have listed a piece, for the respect of others posting, please do not post it again without waiting an appropriate amount of time, generally at least two months, and using a new image. Viewers respond negatively to seeing the same pieces posted over and over. If you would like your pieces to have maximum exposure at the front of the page, we ask that you please consider Featuring them. Only Subscribers may promote items available through another venue, such as an outside auction website. Likewise, if you are promoting an event or posting a general advertisement we ask that you either Feature your posting or post it as a subscriber. Rugrabbit reserves the right to remove or edit any posting or profile for any reason.

SEARCHING AND BROWSING Items are listed one after another chronologically as they are posted 48 to a page with Featured Items appearing before the general listings at the top of the first page. All listed items are searchable either by typing a KEYWORD into the search engine located on the right hand side of your screen or by selecting a category [BALUCH rugs:, KURDISH rugs:, TIBETAN rugs:, Central Asian) TURKMEN rugs:, etc.] from the center drop menu. Items from specific sellers are likewise searchable through the drop menu titled “Contributor by Name”. We are encouraging those who have the means to consider Subscribing to rugrabbit. We would like to reaffirm that the site is free to use and in no way are you required to donate nor does rugrabbit take a percentage of any sale that may occur or charge a commission or finder's fee. If, however, you have been successful as a seller, you have purchased something that you like, or just like what you see we ask you to consider Subscribing or making a donation in any amount great or small that you feel comfortable with. Subscriptions go towards offsetting our costs of maintaining the site. The subscription rate $29 a month ($348 per year). Sellers who subscribe in this amount or more will have their Subscription status noted with each of their posted items reflecting that they " Support rugrabbit." Additionally, these sellers will be placed on the Priority lists of sellers on the "Contributor by Name" drop menu and "Profiles" section. We would like to encourage regular viewers and buyers to also consider subscribing to the site. Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and needed to maintain the site and we would like to thank everyone who donates. Subscriptions and Donations may be paid by either following our link to Paypal or by check in US dollars, Euros, or Pound Sterling. Additionally, you can drop of payment with several of our friends in Istanbul, New York, San Francisco, London and several other European cities. For additional payment options please contact us at mail@rugrabbit.com

FEATURED ITEMS Featuring Items is another way to help us to defer the costs of rugrabbit’s maintenance and up-keep. Rugrabbit.com is a ‘Free Post’ site and as such you can always post your items for FREE. Featuring your item gives you maximum visibility and allows your item to be seen at the beginning of the listings on the first page. You may also use the Featured Items option to promote an event, for general announcements. The minimum purchase to list in the Featured Items section is $37, which will cover one item for 7 days.

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