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Size : 95 x 117 cm, Central anatolia, Konya . 18.y.y
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Antique East Anatolian Yörük Rug Size.235x122cm
price:  Anatolianpicker
Central Anatolian Yatak in good condition ,140-110cm , 2nd quarter 20th century . Cool thing priced to sell...
price:  180 euro +post
Konya area Yastik, 2'1"x3'3" scattered areas of old repiling
price:  $850
village carpet from the Konya area (Beishehir) probably 17th century,the structure is similar to a Konya yellow ground; 157x101cm
price:  1750 €
Antique Soughteast Anatolian Yörük Rug Size. 330x100 cm
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Size : 120 x 138 cm , Central anatolia, Avanos . Family member ; He said that he inherited from the Armenian family.
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This yastik is prob. Western Anatolia, so far nothing like that has ever appeared. It is radiocarbon dated to the 17th c. ... read more
Small format prayer rug from Konya/Capadoccia, circa 1800-25. Very unusual village-woven collector piece. Bold scale archaic Tree of Life beneath the stepped ... read more
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18 or 19.thc Anatolian Turkish cabinet or window cover. Size=80x42 cm (2.8x1.5 feet)
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Large Centranatolian yastik in very good condition, with excellent colors, mid 19th
Size : 108 x 152 cm, Central anatolia, Cappadocia.
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Circa 1750s West Anatolian Bergama rug Keyhole-design rug with Ghirlandaio medallion and Bellini-type arches. See similar example: Parsons Todd Bergama Rug. There ... read more
price:  On Request
Size : 110 x 183 cm, Central anatolia, Konya (cihanbeyli). It has soft wool and is in very good condition.
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Small format prayer rug from Konya/Capadoccia, circa 1800-25. Very unusual village-woven collector piece. Bold scale archaic Tree of Life beneath the stepped ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique East Anatolian Yörük Rug Fragment
price:  Anatolianpicker
Anatolian Sivak Kilim. Wool on wool . 4.3x3.2 feet. 80-100 years old.
price:  por
18th c. Central Anatolian Konya rug. Mostly complete (3’-4” x 4’-2”). Clean and mounted on linen. Very rare design. Sublime color and
East Anatolian rug. See Hermann x plate 20 for a related piece with same border dated as 18th century. a related ... read more
price:  INQUIRE
Cappadocian rugfragment with an unreadable date. The piece looks like 18th century and the date can be guessed to 1791. Villagework with ... read more
Primitive pile Kurdish rug, East Anatolia. 19th century. All dyes natural. This type of rug is discussed in Hali ... read more
price:  INQUIRE
Antique yellow ground Konya rug, hand knotted wool, Central Turkey, 1st qtr 20thC, rose, blue, strong condition with no holes or repairs, ... read more
price:  $1100.00US
Anatolian Bergama Ghirlandaio design xix th.century Good conditions.please ask mail
price:  Por
#7297 Antique Sivas Turkish Silk Rug 4’2″ x 5’5″ Size 4’2″ x 5’5″ Age: Circa 1880
#7765 Oushak Weigerah Antique Turkish Rug 4’5″ x 6’5 (134 x 196 cm) Age: 4th 1/4 19th Century
price:  $4,500.00
#7503 Angora Oushak Antique Turkish Rug 5’11” x 9’8″ (176 x 298) Age: Circa 1900
price:  $6500
Interesting prayer rug. Size: 117 x 166 cm. Caucasian / Anatol rug.
price:  please ask
Kurdish Rug, Adiyaman or Gaziantep area, Late 19th century. Wonderful soft, plush wool and fine weave. Great colors and good ... read more
price:  POR
19th century Konya karapinar Tulu carpet. Size=156x100 cm
price:  ask
Antique Turkish Karapinar village rug of classic single medallion design. link Size: 5ft 6in x 4ft 1in (168x 125cm). 19th century. The rug has ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
Eastern Anatolian compartment rug with hooked medallions. 1st quarter of the 19th century. Bold design and color with distinctive apricot ... read more
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Size : 140x195cm, Central anatolia, Konya (cihanbeyli).
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Antique Manastir Turkish Rug 4’1” x 5’4” #7916 This antique Manastir rug measures 4’1” x 5’4”. This is one of the most archaic ... read more
anatolian konya cihanbeyli natural colors full pile condition 19th centruy please mor information
price:  POR
Sivas area shawl, 19th Century. This wonderfully fine shawl was probably woven by Armenians in a workshop in or around Sivas ... read more
price:  POR
East Anatolian rug with medallions. 1st half of the 19th century. Three serrated medallions on a blue field. Missing minor borders top ... read more
price:  Inquire
Antique Turkish Bergama 4’5” x 6’8” #7890 This circa 1880 Turkish Bergama measures 4’5” x 6’8” (137 x 207 cm). It is drawn ... read more
price:  1250
antique east anatolian 19th centruy natural colors please mor information
price:  ASK
Antique West Anatolian Dazkırı Rug
price:  Anatolianpicker
Hekri type frag. i particularly like the bird head versus Ram’s horn type assymetry in the bottom row. Related to ... read more
price:  Cheep . Or trade for Baluch, symmetric or knot.
Antique Anatolian Okruk Rug
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique east Anatolian Kurdish rug with interesting design and good natural colors but very rough condition. Particularly eye catching very colorful border. ... read more
Antique Kula Oriental Rug 3’11” x 6’1” #7944 This 18th century Kula measures 3’11” x 6’1”. It has a prayer field in a ... read more
Antique East Anatolian Savak Yastık
price:  Anatolianpicker
Kirsehir Yastik Face, Late 19th century. Wonderful shawl design. Tiny touches of fuchsin which apear as grey tones in the ... read more
price:  POR
Size : 60 x 90 cm, East anatolian yastik
price:  Ask
Sivas area yastik, madder red field with insect red highlights, 1'10"x2'10"
price:  $900
Karapinar yastik from around 1800, from a private collection, in very good condition, depicting a design that you can also find from ... read more
Alberto Levi Gallery presents... Like a Prayer: a Collection of Antique Anatolian Niche Design Rugs link
Size : 78 x 410 cm, West anatolia, Ushak.
price:  Ask
Rare, small 18th c. West Anatolian prayer rug. Complete and all original.
Yağcıbedir - small rug Northwest Anatolia, 19th century A very interesting colour pallet inclusive of pink and unusual orange. Otherwise, the classic use ... read more
price:  Inquire
Early 19th century Turkish village rug- karakacelli?- with wear, old repairs and also a lot of good pile. 6'6" x 8', lined ... read more
price:  very reasonable
Ottoman late periods Anatolian embroidered wood. 1850/1880 Size=80x42 cm
price:  250$
19 th Anatolian Karapınar purple and yellow ground checkered Tülü Size=108X78 cm
price:  290€
19 th Central Anatolian Mohair Karapınar Tulü Size=138x80 2'7x4'7 feet
price:  250€
Anatolian Sivas area sofra kilim Size= 205x130 cm white symbolizes purity and cleanliness.Woven using natural coffee-colored wool, the place represents two hands praying to ... read more
price:  ask
Unique Anatolian white ground pile carpet with an adopted kilim-like design. It is from the 19th century, possibly made by Turkmen ... read more
price:  INQUIRE
Konya yastik, good colors, good condition, 19thc
Central Anatolian Aksaray Size:117x100 cm
price:  On request
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