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Persian Khamseh runner 1880 circa in in good condition 100% in wool with symmetrical knot,border and heads are original no repair.size 500x95cm
Same Baluch. Pictures look really faded out on my ipad screen on the other listing. Colors still not accurate. This has a ... read more
a small Khorasan MinaKhani Baluch rug of some merit. 32"x 64" Good condition. Cherry red and light blue highlights. c. 1880.
Sewan Kasak, 219 x 127 cm,
Antique 1880 Caucasian Shirvan Saddle bag panel mafrash kilim rug 1'4"x3'7" 40x110cm Condition as seen at pictures, a lot of wear. Wonderful colors!
price:  $400
Dupatta Handwoven fuchsia silk with zari (Real Silver) from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh , India. c.1900. Good condition. Its size 127cmX228cm(DSC05993).
price:  On Request
Anatolian Kilim, 475 x 152 cm (187" x 60")
price:  1500 € (1650 US$)
Antique Malayer carpet. 380x300 cm very good condition.
Antique Farahan rug P.O.R
Antuique pure silk Kashan rug. perfect condition P.O.R
Fragment from the top panel of a tunic depicting a hunting scene up the side and a row of owls (?) across ... read more
price:  Ask
Hundred years old bijar kilim In perfect condition
206 x 136 cm Oriental carpet knotted in the district of the Chahar Mahal-va-Bachtiary (Maybe a Qoum) In very good condition. Fine knot. Warm regards ... read more
price:  ask please!
Melas Prayer rug . the largest Melas Prayer rug i have seen . 45 in x 80 in ... read more
price:  $1100 and it can be yours
Kurdish Jaf 1880 circa with beautiful natural colors and good condition wool on wool size55x108cm
antique kuba bird rug - dated 1891- 37 x 115 inches - rarely found design - some condition issues but nothing major ... read more
price:  ASK
Shirvan-?, Caucasian carpet, large, size-320-150 cm
Another camel field “tree of life” Baluch prayer rug with impressive stately drawing and mostly excellent pile. Superb color and wool, of ... read more
Uncommon Baluch rug with a distinctive Memling gul lattice. Splendid color with true camel. Good condition. c. 1870.
old kuba runner - 3 x 9 ft - dated 1891 - great price
price:  ask
Real camel field Baluch prayer rug in very good condition. Brown corrosion. Original selvedges. c. 1870-80.
Antique Anatolian Konya Krapınar Rug Fragment size.180x120cm
price:  por
Antique Shahsavan Rug Runner size.340x107cm
price:  por
Persian Afshari xix th.Century perfect conditions cm 123x155cm
price:  ask please
Small Vintage Banjara Purse - well used.
price:  POR
Kazak Bordjalo xix th.Century good conditions cm130x180cm
price:  ask please
Antique Ersari rug, 284x234cm, glowing, saturated colours, with beautifully drawn and unusually simple secondary gols. Lots of lazy lines, goat hair warps. ... read more
price:  € 480.-
Antique Persian jaff Bag face Size.96x65 Cm
price:  450 dollar inclg shp
Kilim Uzbekistan, 360 x 140 Cm.
Kazak, Fachralo, great colors, original borders, 90 x 155 Cms. Interesting figures on the rust-brown field. Shamdan-Mashaal border, Zoroastrian symbols. Literature: see Battenberg ... read more
price:  ask
Tibetan rug, size 146*80cm. Brown color , medallion flowers . Good age.
price:  Please ask
Woman’s Tunic (Chola or Gajj),From Thano Bula Khan , Sindh Region Of Pakistan. India. This were traditionally used mainly by Burfati Group ... read more
price:  On Request
Chinese Ningxia rug, size 100*56cm. Complete one, good age.
price:  Please ask
Malatya Kurdish hanging. Late 19th Century. Long tassels wrapped in naturally dyed wool ending in beautifully colored tufts. Great ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Caucasian Mafrash Rug All Colours Natural Circa 1880-90 Size.120x60 Cm
price:  Por
Azeri, Shirwan? Shahsavan? sumack bag face. Cm 44x48. Well antique. Wrecked but with great aura, character, colors.
price:  Please inquire
Shahsavan saddlebag. Bijar area. Persia. 19th. century. Cm. 64 x 56 ( 25 x 22 inches). Perfect condition. Stunningly rich array of ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
beautiful antique mahal rug measuring 10' 4" x 13' 7" great yellow wide border indigo field solid rug very floppy no dry ... read more
price:  Sold thanks
for the collector of formal persian rugs - if there are any left - a 52 x 76 inch kashan or maybe ... read more
price:  $2000
Antique Chinese Monochrome Peking Glass Bowl Chinese large monochrome peking glass bowl in a pale green color similar to jadeite. The rim flares ... read more
price:  3000.00
Antique Japanese Tenmoku Ware Handled Vessel
price:  650.00
Antique Japanese Small Kiri Tansu Unusual Japanese Kiri (paulownia) tansu with 8 drawers and a lift away panel opening to a shelved interior ... read more
price:  950.00
Top collectable bag from Shahsavan region, extremely rare and bold, lovely and unique piece. All colors are natural, very rare design.
price:  POR
Extremely gorgeous and colorful reverse sumac Shahsavan end panel, complete border. If you are looking for colors don't miss this absolutely lovely
price:  POR
This is a very rare, cute and antique Sumac Heybeh from Shahsavan, very tight and fine weave, beautiful natural colors, and interesting ... read more
price:  POR
Timuri Baluch Bag Face. Larger Than Usual Size, 2-8 x 3-0 ft. Second Half 19th Century.
price:  On Request
Signed & Dated 1905 Karabagh Kelleh condition is not that good but Massive size
price:  POR
Singed Heriz Rug, Beautiful colours size is 325 x 228 cm
price:  POR
Mantle (iscayo) Aymara indian, Bolivia, alpaca wool, 18th/19th century, some small areas of restoration/reweaving, 40 x 44 inches. This is a strikingly ... read more
price:  POR
Amish quilt with bars patterning, Lancaster County, pa, circa 1900, 73 x 78 inches, wool front, cotton lining on back. The quilting ... read more
price:  POR
Kebezhe-chest for dry products, wood, carving, painting, Kazakhstan, xix century
Nice old Moroccan with s a softer than usual color palette. 7'9" x 5'. This one looks like it has good age, ... read more
price:  por
China patou Carpet size 113x62cm
price:  Por
Large Antique Turkman Ersari Chuval, circa 1875. Outstanding Ikat design and all natural colors including three blues, green/blue and a brilliant yellow. ... read more
price:  $1,700
a Taimani Baluch with great presence and age. Ask for more details. Please visit our website for more rare woven art: link
price:  por
#7585 Fereghan Sarouk Antique Rug This circa 1890 Fereghan Sarouk Persian Oriental Rug measures 4’1” x 6’8” (125 x 207 cm). It ... read more
price:  $6500
#7579 Antique Peking Chinese Rug This circa 1930 Peking Chinese Oriental Rug measures 9’2” x 11’9” (280 x 362 cm). This is ... read more
price:  $5500
No.CL064 * Tibetan "Single Dragon" Prayer Mat-Rug ,Late 19th Century. wool/wool. Origin: Tibet Shape: Rectangle. Size: 50x85cm(1'6"x2'9"). Background Color: Blues
#7574 Antique Art Deco Chinese Peking Rug This circa 1930 Peking weave Art Deco Chinese Oriental rug measures 4’1” x 7’0” (124 x ... read more
No.R163 * Chinese Antique "Deer + Crane" Temple Rug, Age: Late 19th Century.Size: 180x198cm (5'11"x6'6").Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan. Shape:Square. Background Color: Blues.
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