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Antique Baluch Prayer Rug
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Antique Anatolian Kilim Fragment Size.250x95cm
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An exceptional antique Persian Zoroastrian silk embroidered on silk ground, dating to the 19th century. Made up of bands of polychrome silk ... read more
price:  On Request
Antique Anatolian Kilim Part Size.345x85 cm
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a lovely Qashqai kilim with a great range of natural dyed colours and unusual design and border. (k1910379), 194x152 cms. You can ... read more
price:  895 Euros
very rare and exceptional fragment of a chinese ming-qing transitional imperial and technic based on ming era palace carpet. the ... read more
Konya area Yastik, 2'1"x3'3" scattered areas of old repiling
price:  $850
dated afshar sumac bag 1885 i like the back more than the front a wild tribal piece size 54 x 44 ... read more
price:  Ask
i will be selling this wonderful caucasian textile ,and this yomud asmalyk , and many other rugs just as good , ... read more
Bagface.. 10''x1'3''.
price:  best offer
Serapi Heriz Persian, antique, 382 x 300 (cm) 12' 6" x 9' 10" carpet id: P-1286 In good condition, the black ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Avsar Rug Bagface
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a torba or bag woven by women from the Yomut tribe of Turkmenistan used to store household items and hung on the ... read more
price:  275 Euros, the kitten is priceless!
White ground Persian Kurdish bagface with good pile. Circa 1870-80.
This antique saddlebag was very tightly woven by a Qashqai master weaver with natural dyes. In mint condition. Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool Size: ... read more
Baluch balisht - even low pile on camel ground field. ‘As found’ and would benefit from a bath.
Suzani in nim format. In good condition. Darker backing cloth. Subtle colours and design.
price:  Please ask
Sweet little Gendge prayer rug. Lovely teal colour. Edges need securing. 150 by 82cm
price:  Please ask, inexpensive
South-east Anatolian Adana Kilim Size:310x156cm / 10'10"x5'1
price:  On Request
This yastik is prob. Western Anatolia, so far nothing like that has ever appeared. It is radiocarbon dated to the 17th c. ... read more
This is a large room size antique Sarouk. It dates from around the 1920's-30's. It measures 14'7" x 9' 5". It is in very good ... read more
price:  PLEASE ASK
Antique Yomut flatwoven bag with original back. 2'5" x 3'10". Tight weave.
price:  $300, domestic shipping included
a great Kuba rug fragment. Cm 75x122 ca. 3rd/4th q 19th c. Mostly rotten, few parts survived, this one in good cond.
price:  price lowered
Antique Türkmen Tekke Chuval
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Antique Turkmen Tekke Chuval Fragment
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Antique Turkmen Tekke Chuval
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Antique Turkmen Yamut Chuval
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Small format prayer rug from Konya/Capadoccia, circa 1800-25. Very unusual village-woven collector piece. Bold scale archaic Tree of Life beneath the stepped ... read more
price:  SOLD
Caucasian 1860s Zeikhur sumakh Complex small-pattern repeat of octagons, eight-pointed stars, palmettes, rosettes and many abstract animals is arranged symmetrically around the ... read more
price:  On Request
Antique Timuri Baluch bag face. Dark colors and a few oxidized ones but still an intriguing piece. 1'7" x 1'9" Cheers
price:  $140, domestic shipping included
a lovely Anatolian kilim fragment
price:  pls inquire
c.1890 jaf BAG....approx. 2.7 x 2.2, with overall wear.....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred.... Thanks to r.r. for providing this site.....Please ask....Sincerely, Ed
price:  POR
Antique Turkmen Yamut Chuval
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Kirman Rug Bagface Size.52x52 cm
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Siraz Saddle Bag Rug Size.180x54cm
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Antique Caucasian Sirvan Kilim
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Moroccan kelim. 20 th.C 70-80 years old??.It has not been under the sun for making it look older. Size:220 cm x 105cm Small ... read more
price:  reasonable
Ageless textile wreck. Cm 76x246. Early 19th c or even earlier, so, well over 200 years old. Eastern Anatolia kilim strip fragment. ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Big Central Anatolian hurc/bag face. Cm 102x138. end 19th century. Heavily embroidered. Wool and clearly visible cotton. Wonderful natural saturated colors. Condition ... read more
price:  pls inquire
An Exceptional Antique 19th century Uzbek Adras Ikat hanging from Bokhara / Bukhara region. It is from the older period of Central ... read more
price:  On Request
Saryk (Chuval?) Fragment, 87 cm. x 74 cm. 3 rd. qtr. 19 th. century. The purple-red ground is probably of cochineal origin. The ... read more
price:  on request
Antique Baluch bag face. Wonderful shiny wool and good colors. No repairs. 2'0" x 2'10"
price:  $320, domestic shipping included
Beautiful Baluchistan double bag with quite the stripe back. Great palette.
price:  It’s alright
Large , fine, glowing, good condition Jaf bagface
price:  Pretty good
wonderful super fine 19th century turkoman chuwal, one square inch repiling, wonderful natural colors, not washed yet, silky feeling wool 126x75cm 4.2x2.5ft ON ebay now
price:  ON EBAY now groen7groen
c. 1820-40 nwp Kurdish rug with a Memling gul and serrated leaf design. (39” x 95”) Mostly decent pile. 14 distinct colors ... read more
Qashqai kilim fragment. Cm 43x75. At least end 19th c. Very very fine weaving. Super natural saturated colors. a real small jewel.
price:  pls inquire
Small Persian kilim, 73x66cm, all natural colours, beautiful forget me not blue, goat warps, mint condition, gently washed.
price:  € 170.-
Antique navajo saddle blanket.Size 142×73 cm.Contact for more info and pics.
price:  Please enquire
Large Centranatolian yastik in very good condition, with excellent colors, mid 19th
a heavily damaged tentband, poss. Teke perfectly mounted on linen
Tekke Joval, 117 x 75 cm, 19th century (No.29006), excellent condition
price:  on request
Baluch saddle bag face,Iran. Late 19th century. 23" x 30" (inches) Good pile, soft wool and glowing
price:  Please ask
Colourful Afshar rug with lovely kilim ends. In very original condition, slightly low pile through the middle of the rug but no ... read more
price:  GBP £1000 + ship
s.e . Anatolian kilim half ,4th quarter 19th c. in good shape 85-415 cm . If you contact me to huggle you ... read more
price:  240 euro + post
Antique Jaf Cecim Saddlebag Size.156x73cm
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Shahsavan Rug Mafrass
price:  Anatolianpicker
Lakai cross stitch silk embroideries. One is 48 cm (18.8") one is 55 cm (21.6") long with 7.5 cm width (2.9").
price:  P.O.R.
Scare Caucasian kuba small bagface. Circa 1880.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Chintz Kalamkari Wood Block And Hand-Drawn, Mordant- And Resist-Dyed Khadi Cotton, From Gujarat Western Part of India. India. C.1850-1900. Exported to the South-East ... read more
price:  On Request
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