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MAQAM was begun 40 years ago. Educated as an architect and urban designer, I was drawn to abstract, geometric patterns found in village and tribal weavings of the Near East and gravitated to early rugs of Anatolia and Turkmen tribal weavings. My thesis project in undergraduate school was a design for an International Air Transport facility for Kuwait City. And while in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, I became interested in medieval Islamic architecture. Much of my research and writings are devoted to relationships between Islamic art, architecture and carpet design. Many pieces from the collection have been published over the years in HALI, as well as in museum catalogues and related publications. Several are now in prominent private and museum collections around the world. We acquire and sell village and tribal pieces of a high standard for the connoisseur as well as the dedicated and serious beginning collector. Exceptional Japanese and Chinese textiles are also available. -- Dennis R. Dodds/MAQAM