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Through years of experience and effort, Hagop Manoyan has emerged as one of the most active and respected dealers and restorers in the antique rug industry. He has built his business on a solid foundation of skill, learning, professionalism, and impeccable taste.

Discriminating collectors around the world have come to rely on his ability to advise and aid them on their acquisitions. He is known for providing his clients with the best in quality and condition at the most reasonable prices. Hagop offers a varied range of carpets and textiles, specializing above all in Caucasian, Anatolian, Persian, Turkmen, Belutch, and European rugs, along with tribal bags, kilims, soumaks, and other flatweaves.

With the invaluable assistance of his wife Kozet, Hagop participates in antique and trade shows all over the United States and Europe. His office-gallery is located in mid-town Manhattan, where he would be happy to meet with you, share his knowledge, and answer any questions you may have. Please visit our website

  • a pair of William Morris design carpets, 30 years old, 25'x10' each, good condition. Contact
    price:  On request, contact

  • Soumak flatwoven rug from eastern Caucasus,Kuba district,west coast of the Caspian Sea Age: circa 1850 Size: 6′.9″x3′.9″ (206×114 cm) This very unusual Kuba Bidjow Soumak ... read more
    price:  contact

  • Shirvan rug from eastern Caucasus,west coast of the Caspian Sea Age: circa 1875 Size: 5′.3″x3′.3″ (160×99 cm) The royal blue field shows a small lozenge ... read more

  • Fachralo prayer Kazak rug from southwest Caucasus Age: circa 1870 Size: 4′.9″x3′.9″ (145×114 cm)
    price:  POR

  • Heriz carpet from north west Persia Age: circa 1900 Size: 9′.6″x6′.7″ (290×201 cm) This yellow ground north west Persian Heriz carpet shows a centralized pattern ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Karagashli rug 4' 10" x 3' 3" (147 x 99 cm)

  • Fedex lost this rug.There is a reward for letting me know the whereabouts Tel: 917-2823190 email:

  • Fedex lost this runner.There is a reward for letting me know the whereabouts Tel: 917-2823190 email:

  • Andrea Coen,rest in piece my friend

  • Trans Caucasian fragment? Wool pile on an all silk foundation,extremely fine weave. 18x10 cm

  • Shahsavan piled bag, Persia,circa 1880, good condition, 2'2."x1'.11"(0.66x0.58cm)

  • Pair of Veramin saddlebags from North Persia in perfect original condition.The size is 2´.0"x3´.11", great colors, rare design,circa 1890,original backing and soft

  • Shahsavan piled bag with stripes,circa 1870,1´.8"x1´.8",good colors,minor repairs.