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Based in Stroud England with facilities in London * Carpets * Textiles • Works of Art • Antiques + Bespoke new carpets made to very best practices using hand spun wool / natural dyes.

Published articles:

  • a tiny but rare Seychour bagface only 34 x 31 cm or 14 " x 12" Traces of blue soumak finish a ... read more
    price:  £220 GBP US$310

  • Uzbek Shakhrisabz fine cross-stitch embroidery fragment • late 19th cent or circa 1900 The fragments consists of two joined pieces. This rare ... read more
    price:  RESERVED

  • Egyptian Assuit silvered metal wrapped shawl on gauze. size approx 210 cm / 7ft x 54 cm / 1ft 8". made by ... read more
    price:  170 GBP / $220

  • Persian Isfahan fine block print finished in Kamamkari approx 110cm / 3ft 6" square with original bound edge finish. • circa 1860 ... read more
    price:  £175 / $225

  • Fed up with old bags ? Haute Couture Evening dress by the house of Renarde constructed from quasi Saffavid Lyon silk circa ... read more
    price:  700 GBP / $900

  • West African Arkilla tent divide fragment from Timbuktu Mali. . Made out of six vertical panels the fragment now 210 x 140 ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Turkish Ottoman silk chain stitch embroidery handing on a fine yellow wool ground. Lined with glazed cotton late 19th cent • 195 ... read more
    price:  $850

  • Turkmen Yomut or Tekke silk shawl with supplementary weft pattern detail in silk woven in two parts. Best of type example now ... read more
    price:  $1000

  • American Pennsylvania double weave wool cloth ( pair ) Size 213 x 90 cm • Imperial size 7ft x 3ft
    price:  SOLD

  • Indian Mughal velvet small fragment from the border of a ' Summer carpet ' circa 1600. Additional research and provenance information available ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Khotan East Turkistan Tarim cotton lace veil trimmed with gilt / silk brocade. There is another in my collection. Various precious trims are ... read more
    price:  US$400

  • Uzbekistan lady's hat of silk/gilt brocade. The rear hanging portion would have accommodated a pigtail. From the lining late 19th cent / ... read more
    price:  $300

  • Pair of Indian Agra ' Roorkhee ' campaign chair straps, late 19th cent. 72 x 6 cm An Anglo Indian product. Named in honour of ... read more
    price:  SOLD