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The gallery is dedicated to the appreciation of antique textiles and carpets as works of art.

We mount regular thematic exhibitions. In past years these have included:

'Front/Back: A Collection of Exquisite Small Persian Tribal Weavings'
'Carpets from China and it's Neighboring Regions' and

At shows such as the HALI Fair in London and Caskey Lee's in California and New York we presented selections of highly graphic, village and tribal rugs featured in our 'Minimal' exhibition.
We are regular exhibitors at ARTS, Antique Rug & Textile Show in San Francisco.

At our Milan gallery space clients are offered the use of an extensive library, as well as restoration and conservation services.

Alberto Levi was Chairman of the much praised 9th International Conference on Oriental Carpets, Milan & Florence, 23-29 September 1999.

Alberto Levi Gallery - Via San Maurilio, 24 - 20123 Milano, Italy - Tel. +390289011553 - Fax +390272015118 | P.I.12063940154

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