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Artistic Orientals-Oriental Rugs
Hi my name is Kia and i own and operate an Oriental Rug Gallery in the Boston area. i buy and sell all types of interesting rugs from Hamadans to........ I'm always ...
Active Since January, 7, 2011.
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Active Since November, 14, 2009.
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A Lirange
My goal is to re-distribute my family's collection of interesting, unique and sometimes 'well used' rugs back to the collectors community, so others can enjoy them too!
Active Since January, 6, 2020.
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A. Davoodzadeh & Son
Our address is : 25 w. 31st Street , Suite 902 , ny , ny 10001 You can view our inventory online at: Please feel free to contact us with any ...
Active Since August, 17, 2016.
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Tribal Arts
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Aaron Nejad
i passionately pursue antique and decorative rugs, carpets and textiles in the uk and around Europe. Visit my website or call in at my showroom by appointment.
Active Since April, 28, 2009.
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Active Since October, 21, 2009.
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Abbas Carpet

Active Since February, 8, 2011.
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Abbasi Nomad Art
I'm Reza Abbasi, graduated in carpet university , collecting / curating colle tions - specialist in nomads and tribal rugs located in Tehran carpet bazar: Inside the dead end,in front of the quds ...
Active Since May, 10, 2019.
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Abdol Marashi
Located in usa
Active Since September, 10, 2018.
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Abdullah Siddique
Location: Pakistan
Active Since November, 24, 2014.
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Abhaya Asian Antiques
i am an American expat living in Hong Kong since 1987, selling authentic and reasonably priced Asian Antiques, Textiles and Ethnographica. i have a varied and eclectic selection of Buddhist Art, Beads, ...
Active Since January, 23, 2015.
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My name is Gary Shepherd, i have been a rug dealer for over 15 years. i now Hand spin, use Natural dyes and weave my own rugs with hand selected fleeces. ...
Active Since January, 30, 2009.
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Adem Solak
kalİfİye HALİCİLİK Adem SOLAK Adress Tacirler Sok No 28 grand bazaar İstanbul/TURKEY
Active Since March, 6, 2007.
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Adil Besim
The first address for Orienal-rugs in Austria located in the heart of Vienna for over 60 years.

The Adil Besim team offers competence and Oriental-carpet know-how in tasteful living, designer carpets and ...
Active Since July, 27, 2010.
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Adnan Aydin
Kücükayasofya Cad. No: 5/b 34400 Sultanahmet - İstanbul
Active Since February, 24, 2013.
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Adrian Bottomley: Whistling Arrow
Welcome to our distinctive collection of hand knotted Tibetan wool rugs all personally sourced on the ground during our extensive travels in the Tibetan regions of the Himalaya. i regularly visit remote ...
Active Since April, 17, 2014.
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Afghanistan Bazaar
We have various Carpets of Turkmen, Bukhara, Afghanistan Baluch, & Taimani Antique. Semi antique and new carpets & kilims,accessories are also available. Address Muasashino-shi Gotenyama i-7-8 Kichjojihaim 102 Tokyo 180-0005 Japan
Active Since December, 5, 2011.
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Aghalarpour Effi ----- Honolulu Hawaii
Aloha to all my friends and colleagues around the world. i Have been in the business of selling antique rugs, textiles, and tapestries for over 30 years now. Although my business has ...
Active Since May, 6, 2011.
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Ahmad Jawad
Specialized in antique, decorative and tribal rugs since 1927. You can visit our website:
Active Since November, 19, 2013.
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Ahmet Sari
Sultanhan Hali Ltd. 68190 Sultanhani /Aksaray -Turkey
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Akbag Istanbul Art Advisory Services
Based in Istanbul, i specialize in providing collectors (both novice and experienced) with access to one-of-a-kind, handwoven, fine textiles from Turkey, Central Asia, and the Middle East.
Active Since September, 11, 2014.
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mehmet kurusan yollu.bİnbİrdİrek mahallesİ klodfarer caddesİ no:27/a alİbey İŞhani sultanahmet/ İstanbul turkey
Active Since July, 9, 2007.
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Akrep Oriental Rug Society
Boundless Beauty

An exhibition in Gothenburg with antique rugs from the Caucasus.

A splendour of colours and pattern in the winter darkness.

An unique possibility to view textile art handicraft from ancient times.

The exhibition is ...
Active Since August, 23, 2010.
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Alberto Boralevi
Alberto Boralevi, an architect and dealer, stems from a family of art dealers that have been in the antique carpet and textile business in Venice and Florence since the beginning of the ...
Active Since February, 18, 2007.
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Alex Gorden
This is a fake account set up by Shahram aka Sean Abed who was removed from this website for repeatedly listing fake pieces. Caveat emptor!
Active Since October, 29, 2014.
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Alex Zadah
Flying the world in search of gems Throughout the centuries, Treasures of the East have been discovered in London museums and art galleries,originally brought here by wealthy families moving to London, bringing their ...
Active Since April, 27, 2009.
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Alexander Bakker
I'm a collector with a wide ranging taste. After enjoying the rugs, some for years, some for months, some for weeks, i sell them on. In daily life i am the owner ...
Active Since October, 4, 2017.
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Alexander Jowett (Atelier Nomade)
Alexander Jowett of Atelier Nomade is an artist and designer dealing in North African textiles along with collecting natural dyed weavings worldwide.
Active Since January, 17, 2019.
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Ali Murat Unlu
Costa Mesa,CA
Active Since May, 7, 2007.
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Alimohammadian Carpets
Alimohammadian carpets, 195,Bazaar Abass Abad,Tehran,Iran,
Active Since June, 7, 2007.
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Allan Arthur, Cyber Rug Center
Long time Atlanta usa dealer, has moved to florida, see me at the Rinningers Antique Center in Mount Dora, selling antique rugs and antique textiles, and tribal arts sice 1988, as Allan ...
Active Since October, 18, 2010.
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Alrug offers a comprehensive handpicked selection of authentic handmade Persian rugs & Oriental rugs, carpets and kilims for sale for your home and office's decorating needs. We offer high-quality hand-knotted Persian rugs ...
Active Since August, 4, 2014.
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Amin Mortazavi
This is a very rare antique Asmalyk of the turkoman Yomud nomads. It is in an impressingly good condition. Finely handknotted around 1875. Beautiful,charming tribal artefact that for sure is the pride ...
Active Since March, 9, 2009.
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Amin Motamedi
Amin Motamedi Brooktorkai 15 20457 Hamburg Located in the Hafen City Area (Freihafen) for more than 20 years.
Active Since October, 22, 2008.
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Amir Oskouei
Amir Textiles and Rugs
Active Since August, 29, 2015.
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Amsterdam Antique Rugs
Rugs and Carpets - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Active Since June, 9, 2009.
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Anatolia Art
antique rugs – adress: VIA farini 49/a parma -italy
Active Since June, 29, 2012.
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oriental rug,kilim,textile lover since childhood time.i grow up with them and always loved old and antique pieces.i love colours.i collect and deal with them for many years.i love and respect all kinds ...
Active Since March, 17, 2010.
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Anavian : Missing Suzani
missing SUZANI

This suzani with a Tree of Life design disappeared from a dhl package on route to New York from New Mexico. If you have any information please contact Dany or ...
Active Since March, 2, 2008.
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Ancient Art Gallery
Dealing in ancient islamic & contemporary Art's Gemstone , Silver , Islamic & Foreign Coins . Throughout the last century the gallery has been at the centre of every major collection assembled within ...
Active Since September, 19, 2012.
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Andre Touchette
Collector of vintage and antique flatweaves
Active Since January, 27, 2016.
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Andreas Hegenbart
As heir of Heinz Hegenbart I´m selling some rugs of his collection. Heinz Hegenbart is known for his publications “Seltene Webtaschen aus dem Orient/Rare oriental woven bags” and “Anatolische Dorfteppiche ...
Active Since April, 2, 2010.
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Andrew Maltz

Active Since November, 29, 2009.
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Andy Dailey
I'm a collector of Balkan kilims and carpets and eager to learn as much as possible.
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Perfectly made handwoven vintage rugs from Turkey. Free worldwide shipping!
Active Since May, 29, 2017.
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Anneli Westlin
i enjoy mainly turkmen and other tribal rugs. i have exhibited some of my rugs last year, and it was great fun. Please visit my web site! i am selling occasionally to ...
Active Since May, 21, 2012.
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Annie Boehm
New to rugrabbit as a seller but i have been selling on ebay as Girl_Adorned for 7 years. a name you can trust! Take a look at all of our glowing ...
Active Since August, 29, 2017.
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Anti-Atlas Antique Rugs
Grew up in a family with long carpet weaving traditions. Deeply influenced by the elegance of the Berber rug and textile. Specialisation in Anti-Atlas (Ait Ouaouzguite) Berber Rugs.
Active Since April, 11, 2016.
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Antikaci Hasan
i have been trading antique and vintage products since 1985. 59 years old. i have stores in Germany and Turkey and international experience in antique business. I am happy to offer you the best ...
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Active Since August, 17, 2008.
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Antique Persian Rug Club - Ali Tork
We specialize in antique & vintage Persian Rugs, Kilims, Bags, Nomadic Wraps, Saddlebag, Saltbag and etc. which cover the very old days of Persian Rug industries back more than 3000 years ago. This ...
Active Since October, 21, 2012.
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Antiques & Jewerly
Jewelry, World Coins, Stones, metals, Decorative items, Vintage items & souvenirs. Plus Auction.
Active Since February, 5, 2015.
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