Kilims and Flatweaves

Antique Anatolian Kilim Fragment Size.250x95cm
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Anatolian Kilim Part Size.345x85 cm
price:  Anatolianpicker
a lovely Qashqai kilim with a great range of natural dyed colours and unusual design and border. (k1910379), 194x152 cms. You can ... read more
price:  895 Euros
dated afshar sumac bag 1885 i like the back more than the front a wild tribal piece size 54 x 44 ... read more
price:  Ask
South-east Anatolian Adana Kilim Size:310x156cm / 10'10"x5'1
price:  On Request
Caucasian 1860s Zeikhur sumakh Complex small-pattern repeat of octagons, eight-pointed stars, palmettes, rosettes and many abstract animals is arranged symmetrically around the ... read more
price:  On Request
a lovely Anatolian kilim fragment
price:  pls inquire
Antique Caucasian Sirvan Kilim
price:  Anatolianpicker
Moroccan kelim. 20 th.C 70-80 years old??.It has not been under the sun for making it look older. Size:220 cm x 105cm Small ... read more
price:  reasonable
Ageless textile wreck. Cm 76x246. Early 19th c or even earlier, so, well over 200 years old. Eastern Anatolia kilim strip fragment. ... read more
price:  pls inquire
c. 1820-40 nwp Kurdish rug with a Memling gul and serrated leaf design. (39” x 95”) Mostly decent pile. 14 distinct colors ... read more
Qashqai kilim fragment. Cm 43x75. At least end 19th c. Very very fine weaving. Super natural saturated colors. a real small jewel.
price:  pls inquire
Small Persian kilim, 73x66cm, all natural colours, beautiful forget me not blue, goat warps, mint condition, gently washed.
price:  € 170.-
Colourful Afshar rug with lovely kilim ends. In very original condition, slightly low pile through the middle of the rug but no ... read more
price:  GBP £1000 + ship
s.e . Anatolian kilim half ,4th quarter 19th c. in good shape 85-415 cm . If you contact me to huggle you ... read more
price:  240 euro + post
Antique Jaf Cecim Saddlebag Size.156x73cm
price:  Anatolianpicker
Size : 133 x 355 cm, Central anatolia, Cappadocia kilim
price:  Ask
Zehur sumach very cute,all colors natural dyes size 160x93cm
price:  Por
18th century Central Anatolian, Karapinar, Kilim Frag. 80x182cm. Probably a prototype of the well known "Baklava" or "Sunburst" kilims made by Turkmen nomads ... read more
price:  on request
Colors! This kilim strip is a marvel of colors and graphics. East Anatolia, probably Reyhanli tribal group kilim strip. Cm 77x289. Mid ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Antique Anatolian Hotamıs Kilim size.410x162cm
price:  Anatolianpicker
Anatolian Sivak Kilim. Wool on wool . 4.3x3.2 feet. 80-100 years old.
price:  por
Over 110 years old. Anatolian Konya kilim. Wool on wool . 3.9x2.9 feet.
price:  por
Antique Sought East Anatolian Kilim Fragment
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique East Anatolian Kilim
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique East Anatolian Kilim Fragment
price:  Anatolianpicker
Size : 150 x 205 cm , West anatolia...
price:  Ask
Antique Caucasian Borjalı cradle Sumak
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Caucasian Borjalı Kilim cradle
price:  Anatolianpicker
Central Anatolia, Sivas area cicim. Cm 140x205. 1st half 20th century. Cord color back with embroidered pattern filled with kind of Sevan ... read more
price:  sale price
Collectable Manastir Kilim.Avaible On Request.Please feel free to contact for more information. Thanks
price:  Reasonable
Anatolian Prayer kilim, Probably Aksaray, mid 19thc, full of symbolic design
Large Yomud kilim 450x245cm Most likely first half of the 20th century or earlier Some wear owed to advance age and
price:  Inquire
Daghestani Soumak, Mid-19th century, possibly earlier. This wonderful old Caucasian soumak was made pre-1870s before chemical dyes were introduced into the ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Qashqaii Kilim Size.256x150cm
price:  Anatolianpicker
a two row Anatolian Kilim, nice condition, 380 x 162 cm
Anatolian kilim fragment ,190 x 150 cm
Anatolian hotamıs kilim fragment. 400 x 130 cm
Central Anatolian Karapınar Rug,Natural Wool Size:302x135 cm
price:  250€
Central Anatolian Konya Karapınar Striped kilim Size= 210x98 cm
price:  350$
Afshar sumak, sumack, Wool on wool, some cotton. ca; 1900. ca; 140 cm x 110 cm. Cleaned and washed. Price including worldwide transport. ... read more
price:  695 Gbp.
Yellow ground Cappadocia striped rug In the beginning of the 19th century was made. Size=407x150 cm
price:  ask
Antique Sivas Kilim . Over 150 years old. It is natural dye. The original rug is as it has never been ... read more
price:  POR
Anatolian Taurus Mt. Turkmen sofreh natural brown wool, camel hair mixed weave Circa 1900s size: 54 " x 41" -- 138 cm ... read more
price:  OR
Central Anatolia Dobag era kilim. Cm 140x205. Best wool, best colors, best weaving. Fantastic yellow, green, madder red, etc..... 16th century rug ... read more
price:  € 999+ ship
Antique Shirvan Kilim Rug 2’9” x 3’4” #8029 This end of the 19th century Shirvan Kilim rug measures 2’9” x 3’4”. It has ... read more
price:  $300
Qhasgai kilim very fine quality size 260x130 cm
price:  Por
Central anatolia, Cappadocia kilim
price:  Ask
Antique Anatolian Mut Cecim
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Anatolian Karapınar Kilim
price:  Anatolianpicker
1880 Stepanakert Verneh with soumack combined. 330 x 175 Cm's. Well restored. Was a horizontal wall hanging for years. Natural colors. Ask ... read more
Antique Turkish kilim from the Obruk region with a classic prayer design. link Size: 6ft 8in x 4ft 9in (204 x 144cm). ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
Antique Shirvan Kilim Oriental Rug 5’2” x 8’7” #8013 This late 19th century Caucasian Shirvan Kilim Oriental Rug measures 5’2” x 8’7”. It ... read more
price:  $3500
Central Anatolian Aksaray Kilim fragment Size.278x60 Cm
price:  Por
Size : 90 x 110 cm, Central anatolia, Cappadocia.
price:  Ask
Haleppo Kilim 135x200cm.No repair all original.
price:  por
Second 19th Century Anatolian Kilim fragment Size.215x75 Cm
price:  Por
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