Uzbek Pile 'Trapping' / Band, Central Asia, 19th c., 7" x 38" (excluding tassels) A rare (today) pile weaving from Central Asia, possibly/probably ... read more
Beautiful vintage Kantha from Murshidabad district of West Bengal India 1900 c. With very good class of needle embroidery of the ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Anatolian Kayseri pictorial silk rug with 'hunting' design.
price:  Please contact for further details
a beautiful antique Uzbek Nurata silk embroidered suzani / susani , dating to the last 19th Century. It is relatively large piece ... read more
price:  Reasonable Price
shahsevan Mafrash complete with embroidered animals.1880 circa good condation and all good colors
Fantastic Azerbaijani cicim mafrash end panel. (17” x 20”). 19th c. Never seen another.
Front of purse, Yao/Dao, Thailand, ca. 1950 Intricately embroidered cotton Condition: excellent Measurements: ca.16x18 cm
price:  70 USD
Men's Jacket, Myanmar, Akha, ca.1950 Indigo dyed cotton, applications and embroidery, decorative buttons, some wear and tear Condition: very good, wearable Measurements: length 74 cm, ... read more
price:  180 USD
Animal Band/Trapping, Tibet, circa 1900(or before?), 4.5" x 2'6" a rare and unusually nice animal trapping from Tibet. Good condition (one small stain, see ... read more
Jamdani Finest Muslin Cotton Saree,With Double Pallu,From Dhaka District of Bangladesh.North-East India.India.Jamdani was originally known as Dhakai named after the city of ... read more
price:  On Request
Suzani fragment cod. 0759. Silk embroidery on cotton. Early 19th. century or before.Size cm. 262 x 29 (103 x 11.5 inches). Very ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Lecture in Los Angeles: "The Tentmakers of Cairo, and Egyptian Tentmaker Appliqué in American Collections" with Prof. Samuel Bowker, Senior Lecturer in ... read more
This is one of my favorite pieces in the collection. A stunning woman's boro noragi - the inside reveals a mesmerizing construction of ... read more
price:  3200 USD
This is a striking antique Japanese fireman's jacket - hikeshi banten. The coat is made from multiple layers of cotton held together ... read more
price:  2800 USD
Antique brocade saree. 19c
price:  On Request
Central Asian weaving, most likely Kyrgyz Chavadan. Smooth shiny wool. Mounted on a brown cloth. 100 x 43 cm Condition as shown.
price:  POR
Phulkari From West (Pakistan)Punjab India Called As Vari-Da-Bagh.Rare Design Ghunghat.Floss Silk on Hand Spun Cotton khaddar.This bagh was gifted to the bride ... read more
price:  On Request
Manchester Print Labels for the Textiles,from Manchester England. For the Indian Market. This Textile mill label is an essential visual reminder of ... read more
price:  On Request
6th- 7th century silk warp-faced textile fragment in the 'International Style' depicting seated Central Asian or Iranian merchants within roundels ornamented with ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Uzbek Suzani Textile
price:  por
Tampan with unusual design: a single human like figure on a boat with above a dynamic atmosphere with spirals and animals (birds). ... read more
price:  $280 /€250
Gold and Silver threads on velvet 83x83cm
Uzbek - Lakai pouch and knife cover holder which hangs from a waist belt- both side silk cross stich embroidery- mid ... read more
price:  O.R.
Blanket, cotton, Ede people/ Central Vietnam, ca. 1950 Traditional handwoven rectangular cloth, two panels, handspun cotton, indigo blue, brownish red, off white, metall ... read more
price:  350 USD
Wall hanging, silk & cotton, Tai people, Sipsongpanna, China, 20th century Handwoven wall hanging, center area silk supplementary weft weaving, basic color ... read more
price:  180 USD
ottoman textile Size 60x110 cm
price:  Por
Pitambari Saree, Real Zari Silver threads with gold polish weaving on the silk,From Varanasi ,Uttar Pradesh, India. c.1900. Top condition.Its size 112cmX450cm(20191105_151148).
price:  On Request
Woman's Tie-dyed Ceremonial Veil, "Adrar" Antique Ida ou Nadif people (Berber Tribe) woman's tie-dyed ceremonial veil, "Adrar". Wool gauze weave tie-dyed with natural ... read more
Dalmatian Apron, Late 19th Century early 20th Century. Extremely fine weave. All natural colors. Excellent long tassels fully in ... read more
price:  POR
Ritual head cloth, embroidery, Yao/Dao, Vietnam, second half 20th century Very fine embroidery, red and off white cotton yarn on black rectangular cotton, ... read more
price:  240 USD
Antique piece of cloth, silk, brocade, Bengal, India, 19th century Handwoven brocade, series of a particular small form,green, yellow and grey, supplementary warp ... read more
price:  100 USD
Greek Islands (Bulgarian) Embroidery 2’0” x 4’3” #7882 This mid 19th century Greek Islands (Bulgarian) Embroidery measures 2’0” x 4’3” (61 x 131 ... read more
Antique 1830-40th century Indian double sided ( dorukha ) hand woven shawl on cream woollen pashmina, Magnificent masterpiece itself’ shawl is in ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Kashmir moon shawl, unusual design, colours & condition is excellent, No fade no holes” Size 6feets by 5,5feets
price:  On request
Kantha embroidery cotton, Bangla desh jamalpur district India,
price:  On request
Kantha embroidered cotton, Bangla desh faridpur district, India.
price:  On request
Kantha embroidered cotton Probably From East ( Bangla desh ) region India jaeessore district,
price:  On request
Folk Kantha Quilted and embroidered cotton, Probably From West Bengal (India) region, India.Its size is 31cmX33cm(20191102_151859).
price:  On Request
First half 19th century Kirsehir yastik. Oblong orientation of the design, as a cushion front, not a wall hanging. Refined and irregular ... read more
price:  $ 200
Phulkari From West(Pakistan)Punjab India Called As Wedding Thirma Bagh.Rare Design.Extremely Fine Phulkari.(DSL03360).
price:  On Request
Fragment of a bowl, of conical form with steep flaring walls, stepped down to a low foot, slip-painted, decorated in brown on ... read more
price:  POA
vintage silver handmade necklaces tie accessories, ethnic tribal ornaments accessories Size : 80 cm x 18 cm Fast shipping worldwide Thank you visiting for ... read more
price:  O.R
Muslin turban cloth tie-dyed in multiple colours in lahariya (wave) style, From Sekhawati District  Rajasthan. India. c.1900. Its size is near by 8 to ... read more
price:  On Request
Wonderful very long (50 ft) antique Yurt tent band. Late 1800s/ early 1900s. Size about 50 x 1 ft. Good used condition ... read more
price:  On request / Make offer
Zanskar Bokh Shawl From Tribal Area of Zanskar Ladakh India. It’s Pure Indigo Blue colour has been used and made by yaks ... read more
price:  On Request
Museum quality kantha from murshidabad district of west bengal India 1900 c.with finest figured work fine colour scheme the kantha is mint ... read more
price:  On request
Suzani Kapunuk. Cm 142x216. Early (or mid?) 20th century. Silk on cotton. Wonderful natural colors. Great workmanship. In good condition. Fully backed.
price:  please inquire
Rare Ceremonial Banjara Belt From Karnataka,South India. India.Embroidered on cotton. Banjara Belt is traditionally used by women. c.1900. Its size is
price:  On Request
a great Kerman embroidery in excellent condition. The piece is all wool. Spectacular color and best of its type. 8'4" x 2'11".
price:  por
An unusual embroidery of yak wool with an allover pattern reminiscent of a labyrinth. Four panels have been sewn together as a ... read more
price:  SOLD
Yomut Asmalyk, 4th quarter of the 19th Century. Wool felt applique. Wonderful graffic. Natural dyes. In very good condition ... read more
price:  POR
Beautiful West Timor (most likely Isana), Indonesia, three paneled, ikat blanket. This is woven from a combination of natural dyed home spun ... read more
price:  $400.USD
Phulkari From East(Punjab)India Called As Chaurasia Bagh.Rare Design.Floss Silk on Hand Spun Cotton khaddar Cloth.Mind Condition.Its size is 125cm x 240cm.(DSL03340).
price:  On Request
Antique Indian textile from Bengal,Balucha saree, 168x44inch
price:  On Request
Great Suzani!! i decided to call it "Milles Fleurs" and also "The two chicken Suzani". Cm 154x186 ca., embroidered area cm ... read more
price:  please inquire
Some images from Arts: Antique Rug & Textile Show, 2019. Enjoy!
Ghashgai Sartirana textiel show 2019 in Turin Italy
Vintage ralli quilt with delicate embroidery on backside. Please feel free to ask further information and photos.
price:  price on request
Vintage ralli quilt with delicate embroidery on backside. Please feel free to ask further information and photos. Size 121x200cm No.1443
price:  price on request
Vintage ralli quilt with delicate stitches. Please feel free to ask further information and photos. Size 106 x 180cm No.1167
price:  on request
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