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PATRICK POULER - EARLY ORIENTAL RUGS AND TEXTILES. A private gallery specializing in the rare and esoteric. Patrick Pouler is an Architect and Architectural Historian and once serious collector and “recovered” academic, but is now a committed Oriental Rug Dealer located in Traverse City, Michigan. Recent exclusive consultant for two of the formost private collections in the world. For over 30 years he has "focused" on the finest and rarest classical, village and tribal rugs and fragments that he considers to have true artistic and historical merit. Please email:

  • Jaff Kurdish bagface with a very impressive white border. Unusual and pretty.
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  • Early 19th century Shahsavan sumak bagface. Rare type. Please email:

  • Fragment of an Armenian Karabagh rug. Mid 19th c. or earlier. Full pile! One of the best of the type. Email:

  • Very rare Shahsavan sumak bagface. Early 19th c. All cotton whites. Stunning! Please email:

  • Early Kordi Khorassan rug frag. 13" x 54". The entire field of a narrow rug. Early 19th c. Very thin and fine. ... read more

  • Northwest Persian rug fragment (14" x 40"). 18th c. Mounted on linen. Crazy color. Email:

  • 18th c. Central Anatolian Karaman sleeping rug fragment. Super high, lustrous full pile. Clean. 43"x 58". Mind blowing, saturated color! Email:

  • Classic 1850 nwp Karaja large rug fragment. (Detail) 40 x 80". 3/4 original. Perhaps the best drawn and colored example i have ... read more

  • Late 18th c. Caucasian Kazak rug (detail) 3.5 x 7.5 ft. Complete and all original. Email:

  • 18th c. Classic Caucasian long rug (detail) with Dragon border. Email:

  • Fine Shahsavan sumak opened bag. Rare and early. Check out the color and spacing. Please email:

  • c. 1850 small Shirvan Prayer rug. (Detail) Ex Dixon collection. Please email:

  • Large 17th c. Safavid carpet fragment (detail). Please email:

  • Dragons! Mid 19th c. Caucasian sumak rug (about 5 x 7ft). Detail. Decent condition. Please email for more information.

  • Small 18th c. Anatolian Mudjar prayer rug. Conserved, mounted and ready to display on your wall. Please email me directly:

  • Exceptional very fine early Persian Senneh saddle cover. Circa 1840 or older. True collector piece! Please email:

  • Fine Caucasian or Armenian mafrash panel or kilim fragment. c. 1850-70. Great, multiple clear greens including lime. Please email:

  • Rare striped East Anatolian rug fragment > 18th c. Good pile. Mounted. Please email:

  • Extremely rare Persian Herat rug fragment. (Detail). Circa 1600. Mounted on linen. Super fine. Please email me:
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  • 18th c. Anatolian Konya area complete one piece banded kilim. (Detail). Conserved and professionally mounted on linen. Stunning!

  • Azeri cicim mafrash end panel (17” x 20”). Mid 19th c. Pretty cool and beautiful, i think. Back is neat too! Very ... read more

  • 18th c. Northwest Persian carpet fragment with Afshan design. Good pile. Mounted.
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  • Early 17th c. Large Ushak carpet fragment. (Detail). 115 x 265cm. Mounted expertly on linen. Best color and drawing. Could be 16th ... read more

  • Early Arabatchi or Chordor carpet fragment. Alas....
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  • Mid 19th c. Fine Shahsavan pile bagface with very silky and lustrous wool and excellent color range. a realistic candidate for restoration.
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  • Southwest Persian white ground yastik sized small rug. New to the market from the bazaar. Mid 19th c. or older. All natural ... read more
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  • Circa 1800 Konya Karapinar. Rare and fine. Mostly good pile. One of the best.
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  • Memling gul design Caucasian Moghan rug (4x8ft) circa 1870. Decent condition with brown corrosion. Please email:

  • Circa 1870 Persian Kurdish long rug with a bold and very playful design. Nearly full silky pile with clear saturated color.
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  • Armenian kilim fragment. Early 19th c. Fine and beautiful. Cleaned, conserved and professionally mounted on linen.

  • Large 17th c. Persian Safavid palmette carpet fragment. Assembled together pieces. (7 x 8ft rectangle with borders all around). Speaks for itself.

  • a Mughal cut and voided velvet textile panel fragment (detail). 17th c.

  • Delightful Persian Jaff Kurdish pile bagface (of course). Good condition. Circa 1870-80.

  • Small Afshar complete bag with small, rare "flaming botehs" and fancy enclosures. All original. Circa 1880.
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  • Fresh from Cappadocia. Whimsical and impressive Anatolian Yastik. Mid 19th c. i have not seen anything related.
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  • Early 19th c. Shahsavan ?? sumak bagface (22" x 20"). Perhaps the very finest sumak weave i have ever seen. Beautiful compartment ... read more

  • 1870-80 Baluch. Uncommon Baluch rug with a distinctive Memling gul lattice. Turkish knotted. Splendid color with true camel. Good condition. All original.
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  • Shimmering Baluch balisht. Circa 1870.

  • Circa 1800 fine Central Anatolian kilim panel fragment. Sublime color. Please email:

  • 18th c. West Anatolian prayer rug (4x5ft). Very rare type. Only seen one other in Vakiflar museum. Excellent wool quailty and color. ... read more

  • 17th c. Safavid rug fragment. Two “book matched” pieces mirror each other. 22”x 54”. Good condition. Mounted. How often are these for ... read more

  • Rare, fine, thin, colorful and beautiful Timuri Baluch bagface. Circa 1870.

  • 16th c. Anatolian Star Ushak rug fragment. (Detail) Please email me directly:
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  • Circa 1700 Central Anatolian rug. 4'-9" x 7'-6". Mounted on linen.

  • Small 18th c. central Anatolian kilim fragment. Conserved and mounted on linen. Great color! Please email me directly:

  • Circa 1800 East Anatolian Kurdish rug fragment. Conserved and mounted on linen. Good pile! Please email:

  • Classical Caucasian Dragon rug border fragment. 17th c.(7.5" x 42"). Please email:
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  • Early Caucasian Avar rug. (Detail) c. 1800. Mounted. Please email me:
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