South Persian Tribal

Antique Qashqaii Qasquli Rug Bagface Size.51x58 cm
price:  por
Antique Qashqaii Rug Size.130x90cm
price:  por
Caschgai Bag, 68 x 68 Price upon request
Qashqai bag face 65 x 60 cm
price:  P.o.r
Flatweave Qashqai chanteh all good colors,size 60x30cm
Antique south Persian rug, probably qashqai, with an uncommon design and very good condition for an older weaving. Very pretty range of ... read more
Khamseh bagface 1880 circa all good dyes and in good condition,size60x68cm
Khamseh, 140 x 110 cm.
price:  SOLD
Qashqai bag 1880 circa all good colors ,size 114with kilimx60cm
Antique Persian Khamseh bag face in very good condition. 30" x 26" 100% wool Cir:1900
price:  $1,450.00
Jaf bagface 1880 circa in perfect condition•••size63x71cm
Persian Khamseh runner 1880 circa in good condition 100% in wool with symmetrical knot,border and heads are original no repair.size 500x95cm
Qhasgai carpet size 260x163cm
price:  Por
Qhasgai gabbeh size 190x120cm
price:  Por
Exceptional Qashqai bagface very fine weave and great naturul colors,good design and colors.Size 2'5"*1'10".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 200.
a Qashqai tribe rug with a central medallion, a central field full of floral bouquets, even the borders are arranged with flowers. ... read more
price:  750 Euros
Qhasgai gabbeh size 215x143cm
price:  Por
Chamseh bagface , 19th ,in good condition. Outstanding design and colors
Wonderful and lively antique Shiraz rug with many birds and other animals. 5ft x 3ft 6in Beautiful colors in this piece! Freshly ... read more
price:  SOLD, thanks!
Antique Qashqaii Rug Bagface Size.76x80 cm
price:  por
Antique Qashqii Rug Bagface Size.80x83 cm
price:  Por
3481-Qashgai carpet 195x148
price:  p.o.r
sw Persian Sofreh, very good condition,size 120x105cm
Rare Qhasgai band size 157x30 cm
price:  Por
Qhasgai gabbeh 1940s or 1950s size 135x85cm
price:  Por
Persian Luri bag face, late 19th century, 1-9 x 1-11 (53 x 58), good condition, good pile, was hand washed, embroidery added, ... read more
price:  $250.00
Qashqai Chanteh circa 1880 all good dyes,size 25x44cm with Kilim
Antique small damaged Qashqai bag 1870 approximately size18x18cm
Antique South West Persian Khamseh Face Bag, ca. 1860-1880, 2'3" x 2'10" (27"x34" inch)
price:  Please ask
Sw persia bag ,probably from shahsavan groups that are living amoung them,Sumac technique,fresh came in after washing
price:  Please ask
Qashqai chanteh,30X29 cm,great condition
price:  Please ask
Antique Qashqai Rug Saddlebag
price:  por
Antique Qashqai mihrab rug with flowering plant and star-shaped blossom motifs on a midnight blue ground, probably Shekarlu tribe. ~1890-1900. 107x195cm (3'6"x6'4"). ... read more
price:  on request
Antique sherazi kilim.100% wool.fabulous design with colour full scheme.size 305×180 cm.Email for more info and pics.
price:  Please inquire
Antique Qashqai Verneh, Size: 230x150 cm 7.7x5 ft, Available for sale at my larta online net, please look at below link for ... read more
Beautiful Persian 1920-30s all-wool south-west Persian rug attributed to the Khamseh confederation The Khamseh confederation was formed toward the end of ... read more
price:  On request
Antique south Persian ivory ground rug with large boteh, probably qashqai, in need of minor restoration. Overall even low pile with scattered ... read more
price:  $595 or bo
4579-Qashgai kilim 260x160
price:  p.o.r
Kashkuli Qashqa'i Rug, Late 19th Century. Very fine weave. Beautiful floral motifs seemingly swaying back and forth in the main ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Khamse Rug size.240x150cm
price:  por
Qashqai bag face fine woven 50 x 60 cm
price:  P.o.r
Black ground very finely woven Qashqai rug with all good colors and nice design,Fragmently condition.Size 6'*4'8".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 250
Khamse/Qashqai fragment, about 170 murgh. Splendid colours and very supple. 175x144 cm 5' 9'' x 4' 9''
price:  Please request
Qashqai bagface with afshari border 1880 circa)size 50x52cm
Luri Kilim 140 x 75 cm
price:  P.o.r
Qashqai jajim 1880 circa 100% on wool with rich vegtable colors and very good condizioni-size 300x175cm
Khamseh rug to be offered next week along with ten other major South Persian tribal and Bidjar rugs from two private collections. ... read more
One of the finest Khamseh Khan rugs ever woven. 300kpsi, glorious wool and color, mint condition, to be offered next week along ... read more
ca.1900 Qashqai bagface With mix silk and wool wefts, size:56x63 cm https:// link
Antique Qashqai Shekarlou Rug, Size:240x170 cm https:// link
Qhasgai band all colors natural dyes size 105x5cm
price:  Por
Vintage colorful Qashqai gabeh,6'6"x 4'3", With excellent condition and good pile early twentieth century.
price:  On request
Antique Qashqai Rug size.220x145 cm
price:  por
Southwest Persian bagface with a repeat Jaf-like latch-hook diamond field and zig-zag kilim back
price:  $250
Antique Qashqai Rug Bagface Size.62x65 cm
price:  por
Stay at home and enjoy this lovely antique Southpersian Luri (Bakhtiary?) Gabbeh rug. Beautiful field color = undyed wool. Size: ca. 195x125cm ... read more
price:  850 Euro + shipping
Large Saddle blanket, for a camel, Shahsavan early 20th century. wide 155 Cm's 5 ft 2 inch. high 170 cm ... read more
Early south Persian Khamseh bagface. Unusually spacious field and border design drawing along with an extremely supple handle indicates good age to ... read more
price:  $125
Lori Rug, Late 19th Century. Wonderful plush, thick pile. Good colors with a wonderful green. Striking border. It ... read more
price:  POR
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