Room size carpets

Exquisite Antique Persian Heriz rug, age: circa 1920. Size: 365x255cm / 12ft by 8’4ft beautiful earthy colors.' > link
price:  Please ask
10 x 13 great colors no dry rot needs work ends and few rips Turkish or Indian very floppy no pets
price:  Please ask
West Anatolian Ushak Carpet circa 1890 size 330x443 cm
Persian Serapi, c. 1900. 11'6" x 17'11" (350 x 545 cm). Good condition, some repairs by master weavers (see last three photos). There is ... read more
price:  6000
Persian Mahal Carpet circa 1900 size 272x366 cm
price:  On request
Antique Fine Ziegler & Co carpet 239 x 245cm / 7'10" x 8'0" in perfect condition
price:  GBP £17,500
Antique Persian Mashad Kashmar rug with zir-khaki calligraphy design, size is 9'6" x 12'6" ft. contact email:
price:  Please ask
Persian Serapi Carpet circa 1880 size 295x390 cm
Antique Tabriz region village rug of outstanding design with a small central medallion on a madder red ground. link 1900. Size: 6ft 0in x ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
Heriz - Antique Persian Size: 344x280 cm Thickness: Medium (5-10mm) Oldness: 80-100 (Antique) Pile - Warp: Wool on Cotton Node Density: about 100,000 knots per m² mail:
price:  Ask
Mid-19th Century Turkmen Chodor Main Carpet Size: 190x310 cm Please contact directly.
Bakhtiari palatial size 550x355 1930ish
price:  Ask
19th Century Persian Serapi Carpet Size : 300 x 413 cm
Late 19th Century Persian Heriz Carpet size 203x273 cm
Antique Turquoise Oushak carpet 324 x 315 / 10'8" x 10'4" available on link
price:  GBP £12,000
Antique Killer Heriz clean has wear but in a good condition 310x390
price:  SOLD
antique persian heriz serapi good condition SIZE:380x290 cm
price:  PLEASE ASK
Persian Serapi Carpet circa 1880 size 282x423 cm as found condition //
Full pile, original condition antique Ziegler & Co carpet 290 x 486cm / 9'6" x 16'0" larta at the Batterse Decorative fair January ... read more
price:  Please enquire
Oversize antique Heriz 370 x 576cm / 12'3" x 18'10" larta
price:  Please Enquire
Antique Oushak carpet 264 x 316cm / 8'8" x 10'4"
price:  GBP £9,600
Grass green antique Mahal carpet circa 1900 264 x 325cm / 8'8" x 10'8"
price:  GBP £11,800
Tabriz Persian, 20th century old, 300 x 400 cm, carpet id: BROW-1 Thick pile, in perfect condition, very finely knotted, indigo background.
price:  CHF 6'600.-
Antique Smyrna Oushak , 350 x 250. Price upon request
Joshagan Persian knotted circa 1920 Antique, 271 x 419 cm, id: P-5797 The knots are hand spun wool, the black knots are ... read more
Antique Ziegler & Co carpet, circa 1890. 385 x 540cm / 12'8" x 17'8" Please contact for more info, thank you.
price:  Please enquire
Heriz Persian knotted circa 1915 antique, 252 x 348 cm, id: P-5454 Allover design, the black knots are oxidized, the knots are hand ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Oushak rug approx 12x14 feet more pics upon request
price:  Por
Late of 19th Century Mahal Carpet Size : 310 x 435 cm
a Tabriz carpet with an 'Ardabil Carpet' medallion design, set against a blue foundation and complemented by red and yellow patterns on ... read more
price:  Please Ask
Serapi Heriz Persian knotted circa 1910, antique, collectors item, 238 x 326 cm, id: P-4020 Vegetable dyes, the black knots are oxidized, the ... read more
Heriz 402 x 295 cm
price:  1100 eur
Beautiful Ersari main with great age and in good condition. One small hole, otherwise medium to high pile. 10' x 6'8", Email ... read more
price:  por
Heriz carpet from north west Persia Age: circa 1900 Size: 9′.6″x6′.7″ (290×201 cm) This yellow ground north west Persian Heriz carpet shows a centralized pattern ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Spanish Carpet 716x307cm Circa 1920 There are small areas of old repair, as shown in the images, otherwise in very good ... read more
price:  POR
Serapi Heriz, knotted circa 1915 antique, collectors item, 244 x 315 cm, id: P-447 The black knots are oxidized, the knots are ... read more
Heriz Persian, knotted circa 1925, semi antique, 279 x 349 cm, ID:MMM-18 The black knots are oxidized, the knots are hand spun wool, ... read more
Old and beautiful, large and antique Tabriz carpet (332 cm. x 268 cm.) Overall good condition, some wear in places and few ... read more
price:  550€ + ship
Beautiful Bakshiash carpet 368 x 453cm / 12'1" x 14'10"
price:  Please enquire
Antique Oushak 309 x 403cm / 10'2" x 13'3" with gorgeous grass green background. Showing wear.
price:  Please enquire
Kirmanshah Persian knotted circa 1910 antique, collectors item. 386 x 286 cm, id: P-3870 The pile is uniformly short, allover Zille Sultan design, ... read more
Tianjin rug, beautiful 293 x 243 cm.
price:  SOLD
Carpet ID: RY-27 Description: Birdjend Persian, knotted circa 1925, 355 x 247 cm, id: MRY-27 The center medallion is green with red and indigo, the background ... read more
price:  CHF 3'000.-
Antique Malayer carpet 10'2" x 13'6" / 307 x 416cm evenly low pile.
price:  GBP £7,200
Serapi-Herriz Persian knotted circa 1918 antique, 314 x 256 cm, id: P-5400 The black knots are oxidized, the knots are hand spun ... read more
An attractive, modern, Heriz carpet. Good condition, with full pile. Size: 300cm x 270cm. Minor damage to side-selvage in one small, ... read more
price:  POA
Antique Handmade Turkish Oushak Rug, Circa 1920 Size: 403 cm by 332 cm
Lovely Antique Heriz Carpet, ca. 1900, 300 × 210 cm (9' 10" × 6' 10"),
price:  €2,990.00
Persian Tabriz Rug Circa 1925’s Size: 255x370 cm
price:  Ask please.
Heriz Circa 1900 Size: 12 x 9.1 ft 367 x 278 centimeters Inquiry e-mail: Also, you can ... read more
price:  Please Ask
gold wire break velvet ottoman bundle Size=60x46 cm
price:  SOLD
This Ningxia Rug #7654 measures 10’6” x 12’9” (323 x 393 cm). It has six foo lions cavorting among cloud symbols in ... read more
Late 19th century Serapi 9'3" x 12'3"
price:  Sold, thank you
Very fine, antique 'Serapi' Heriz carpet 9'3" x 11'10" / 291 x 363cm More information at link
price:  GBP £9,500
Antique oversize 1860 agra vase carpet. Old repairs but good state overall 550x450cm Price : around 30000eu More pictures and information on request +33611593013
price:  40 000
Heriz Persian, old, 336 x 240 cm, carpet id: P-5918 The black knots are oxidized, the knots are hand spun wool, used places.
price:  CHF 1'800.-
Heriz Persian, knotted circa 1915 antique, 215 x 315 cm, carpet id: P-4994 The black knots are oxidized, the knots are hand spun ... read more
price:  CHF 1'400.-
Antique Turkish Oushak hand knotted wool pile rug with geometric ornament design and central medallion, early 20th century. 11' 3" l x ... read more
price:  2500
Heriz Persian knotted circa 1912 antique. 378 x 264 cm carpet id: KI-1 The knots are hand spun wool, the black knots ... read more
price:  CHF 6'200.-
13' x 9'3" Ersari Main Carpet [080] An antique Ersari large main carpet. Blue and orange gols on a cherry red field ... read more
price:  POR
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