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Rare and beautiful antique nw Persian Qashqai inspired Khalaj salt bag. W40 x h47 cm. Superb colors and graphics. For some thoughts on Khalaj weavings ... read more
price:  POA
Torba or bag woven by women from the Yomut tribe of Turkmenistan used to store household items and hung on the wall ... read more
price:  360 EUROS
Antique Senneh saddle rug. Good condition, the fabric is thin, tautly woven and in good pile (see detail), with original sides, good ... read more
price:  Affordable
Shahsevan soumac bagface circa 1870 all good natural colors. woven with silver thread in the center,very good condition,size 54x62cm
Antique Luri bag, late 19th Century. 110 x 64 cm. incl kelim back. Published: "Seltene und antike Teppiche, Kelims, Flachgewebe und Textilien" Rippon Boswell ... read more
price:  SOLD thx!
Antique nomadic east persian saltbag (namakdan) from the baluch tribe. The kilim / sumakh bag is from ~ 1920. In the middle ... read more
price:  95 Euro
Antique Persian bagface. 21" x 23". i would say Qashqai due to the ivory warps and red-brown wefts. I've only seen ... read more
price:  Sold
Small Baluch Bag/Chanteh with nice saturated colors and design - 17" x 16" - 43 x 41 cm
price:  on request
complete Luri Bakhtiyari small khorjin circa good condition,size 45x24cm
Baluch Bagface with Stars in Tile pattern - 27" x 27" - 69 x 69 cm
price:  on request
Antique Baluch Saddle bag face, ca.1870s, size is (1'9" x 1'8" ft) (53 x 52 cm.)
price:  Please ask
19th century turkmen tentband fragment, likely Yomut. 11" x 1'3"
price:  Sold, thanks!
Two 19th century Turkmen tentband fragments from the same tentband, possibly mid 19th. 10"x 21" and 10" x 16". Nice green
price:  Sold, thanks!
Jomuth tent stap. 9 inch 46 feet. 22 cm x 14 metres. good condition.
price:  $ 450,00 plus shipping
Small Baluch Bag/Chanteh with kilim back - 14" x 14" - 36 x 37 cm.
price:  on request
Qashqai Bagface Circa 1870’s Size: 50x70 cm
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Saryk Schemle Gül torba, in excellent condition from a european collection, with lots of silk knots in white, yellow, green and blue. ... read more
19th Century Anatolian Sivas Yastik size 60x90 cm. There is a problem with my rugrabbit Account. Please send me private mail
price:  On Request
Beautiful Varamin bag Circa 1880 all good colors a and perfect contidion size 34x37cm
Armenian? bagface, super soft and shiny wool, very finely woven, a darling
Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  por
Yomud Chuval Circa 1870’s Size: 80x130 cm
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Antique Anatolian Kilim Chuval
price:  por
Konya yastik, in very good condition, complete with back. Interesting drawing, shiny wool like silk,a pleasure to look at.
Size: 45x80 cm. Persian Afshar / Bag face Panel If you do not get an answer when you ask directly, my alternative ... read more
price:  Ask
Pre- Columbian quiver bag, Peru, Early Seguas culture, Dept of Araquipa, circa 0-300 ad, dimensions, 9 x 20 inches interlocking discontinuous warp ... read more
price:  POR
a Dynamic Antique small kurdish Saltbag, circa 1920,a wonderful range of colors with an original back, in excellent condition, size 9" by
price:  $220 +shipping
Beluch fragment band size 47x7cm
price:  Por
qashqai bag face with wonderful natural colours. The backside is not matching. and can easily be removed.60 x 54 cm.
price:  € 195
Yomud torba, the bright red is synthetic, the torba has a few small holes for hanging. 41 x 86 cm.
price:  € 125
Beautiful complete Luri Bakhtiyari Gabbeh khorjin circa good condition size 65x35
Shahsevan sumak bag face 32x31cm
price:  Por
Antique Avsar Rug Bag Face
price:  por
Sumack Shahsavan Mogan mafrash side panel. Cm 42x96 ca. Very rare. 4th quarter 19th century, but some say it's much older.... Really ... read more
price:  collectors'item. But it!
Shahsevan chanteh 1880 circa with two techniques kilim and sumak in very good condition•••size 25x20cm
Belüç Bagface size: 80x68
price:  Ask Please
Belüç Bagface size: 73x77
price:  Ask Please
Yomud Chuval Circa 1870’s Size: 80x129 cm
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Turkman Yomud Chuval Circa 1850 size 115x80 cm. There is a problem with my account. Please send private mail
price:  POR
Qashqa'i saddle bag face, 19th century. Five to seven deeply saturated colors. Deep green in the central crab medallion with a slightly ... read more
price:  POR
Turkman tent band, early 20th century, cm 546x5,5 ca., good condition, lovely piece ref tb31/82806 see more pics here: https:// link 160€ + ... read more
price:  € 160 + UPS
excellent quality and perfect condition shahsevan tent bend with animal and human motives circa 1880 all good natural dyes 100%in cotton•••size 5,70x8cm
Turkman Tekke Torba Circa 1850 size 115x40 cm. There is a problem with my account. Please send private mail
price:  POR
Afshari or Bakhtiari sumack mafrash side panel. Cm 30x55 ca. Probably 1890 if not earlier. This bag travelled a lot in the ... read more
price:  320+UPS
Beautiful Liri Bakhtiyari chanteh circa 1890 all good natural colors and very good condition 33x44cm
Chuval - about 49” x 27”. Evenly low with some old repairs.
Early 20th Century Heriz Bag Size: 50x106 cm
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Shirvan Bagface Circa 1870 size 50x45 cm There is a problem with my account. Please send private mail
price:  por
Khamseh Bagface Circa 1870 Size: 52x65 cm
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Malatya Chuval 80x98 cm i can't reach the messages from the site. Send it directly, please
price:  please ask
mafrash side panel-- splendid colors-shahsavan or kurd,. 35 inches wide and about 17 inches high ( 89 cm x 44 cm). ... read more
complete Luri Bakhtiyari khorjin circa 1900.all good natural colos and good condition size 85x40cm
Shahsavan bag face size 40x43cm
price:  Por
Luri bag, beautiful back side, very good condition, some slight traces of use as a bag, good colours,open at one side. ... read more
price:  € 155
Two extremely rare Azeri Verneh horse cover fragments. Cm 36x43 and 39x44. Datable to third quarter of 19th century, but, could be ... read more
price:  330€ each + UPS
Afshar saltbag (Namakdan) circa 1900,very good condition,size 55x55cm
Late 19th century cochineal Tekke chuval, published in Turkmen Carpets a New Perspective Volume 1, Plate 68. Laboratory analysis verifies cochineal use. ... read more
price:  $180, domestic shipping included.
Early 1900s Yomut felt bokche. In great condition minus a few red runs near the border. 1'10" x 2'0".
price:  $275, domestic shipping included
a striking Luri bag from the 19th century for you. You will enjoy looking at it.
a Dynamic Antique Qashqai bagface, circa 1920 from s.w. Persia, a wonderful range of colors with unique bird designs, soft lustrous wool, ... read more
price:  $350 USD+ shipping
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