Antique Turkmen Yamut Ensi Rug
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selling yomud ok bash $
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Early 19th Century Kizyl Ayak main carpet fragment with wear and damage.
price:  $200
Central-Asia a beautifull antique Turkmen silver tassel pendant with chain very fine handcrafted Good condition ! Circa - 1900 or earlier Size ... read more
price:  O.R
Yomud or Kizil Ayak? the knots are asymmetrical and since as a rule Yomud weaving is with symmetrical knots, this piece is ... read more
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Turkmenistan, Central Asia Mid. 19th Century Tekke Main Rug.It's in Good Condition 205 x 310 cm
price:  On Request
Turkmen yomud small size asmalyk, original condition. circa late 19th, size:30" x 15.5" -- 76 cm x 40 cm
price:  O.R.
antique Ersari | 270cm x 217cm without Kelims | good colors, some wear/kelim little damage. Overall a very decorative piece
price:  on request thx
Turkmen Ersary Ikat Torba fragment. amzing fine wool with little cotton, asymmetrical open to right. Circa 19th. size: 27" x 15" ... read more
price:  O.R.
Antique Yamud Turkmen rug 7' x 10', circa 1850-1880's,
price:  Please ask
Brightly colored antique Tekke Turkman small possibly ceremonial or wedding rug. All good colors with cochineal and madder throughout. Allover good medium ... read more
price:  $425.00
Early Turkman Yomud kilim Chuval or wall bag with the embroidered design woven in the soumac technique. All natural colors with blues ... read more
price:  Reasonable
Large 25 gul Wall Bag Turkman Kizil Ayak Chuval. All organic colors including a rose red madder, yellow and blues. Measures 4'8"x ... read more
price:  $475.00
Exemplary 19th century Turkmen torba trapping, excellent condition
price:  please inquire
Antique Türkmen Tekke Ensi Rug Size.170x103 Cm
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Antique Turkmen Asmalıyk
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Kizyl Ayak Ersari Turkmen carpet with the ‘tauk nuska’ ’ gul design, 150 x 260 cm.
Antique Turkmen Ensi circa 1900's , size: 120 x 165 cm. (there is a hole)
Non Turkmen Central Asian/Uzbek or Kazakh (?) "karshin" (bag face), 90 x 40 cm.
Emirati of Boukhara tribe ersari Afghan region. In good conditin; all complete with the 2 kilims/ends. Shiny wool and all natural dyes for this ... read more
price:  ask please!
Yomud chuval first half 19c Ask for more pics
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Antique Turkmen Ersari Trapping
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Turkmen Kizyl Ayak 19th Century main carpet fragment
price:  Sold
Antique Turkmen Tekke Chuval
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Ersari Beshir ikat torba, unusual and striking, around 1920, colours probably natural, washed, no bleeding, very good condition, rather soft wool and ... read more
price:  € 175
Turkmen Yomut Mafrash 19th Century
price:  $150
antique mid Amu Darya Ersari torba 105 x 47 cm (3ft 6" x 1ft 7") mid 19th century. All natural dyes. Condition: ... read more
price:  ON REQUEST
Antique Turkmen Ensi circa 1860's , size: 4'1 x 5'5"ft. 125 x 165 cm.
price:  Please ask
Antique Türkmen Ersari Chuval Rug Size.168x92 Cm
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Turkmen Ersari Yomut Salachak, saddle blanket. 1940 - 1950 In perfect condition. 110 x 97 Cm.
okbash yomut, great condition 1880/1870, wonderful natural colors, one very tiny irregularity at headend, no repairs 45x64cm 1.5x2.1ft without the tassels
price:  SOLD
Antique Yomut Chuval 50x105 cm 1.8x3.6 ft
Antique Turkomen Ersari Rug size 128x98 cm 4.3x3.3 ft
ca.1900 Antique Tekke Rug size 131x103 cm 4.4x3.5 ft
a Stunning and Fine Yomud Engsi, West Turkestan, Mid 19th century, 5'4" x 4'1". Exhibited in "Rugs from Private Collections in the ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
#7811 Antique Tekke Rug This 3rd quarter 19th century Tekke rug measures 3’7” x 5’0” (113 x 152 cm). It is very finely ... read more
price:  $750
Antique Turkmen Yamut Chuval
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Antique Turkmen Yamut Chuval
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Yomut Kilim with embroidered touches. 9' x 4'5". Please visit our website for more great woven art: link
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Early 19th century Turkmen Yomut chuval, most probably from Yomut Igdir subgroup. Great natural colors, no tears, holes or stains. Circa 1825. Measures ... read more
price:  $ 375 (or € eq)Free shipping.
ca 1850 ensi yomud turkoman, with great natural colors, one less than square inch repair, Original selvedges!, some minor foundation and low ... read more
price:  p.o.r.
Turkmen Ersari torba with silk highlights. Circa 1900-20. Number stain in the back as can be seen in the last photo. Size: ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Turkmen Beshir mina khani pile cuval detail. Cm 100x180 ca. Late 19th/early 20th c. Complete, full pile, huge size, very tight weave, ... read more
price:  Great summer price
Turkmen Yomud okbash. Circa 1900 or earlier. Natural colors. Good condition. Height: 56 cm x width: 33 cm (22" x 13"). Tassels: 46 ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Ersari-Beshir rug, 150 x 210 cm, 19th c, good condition, few repairs
1’6”x 5’6” Old Ersari Torba in good condition.
price:  sold
Yomut chuval with unusual interior main gol. Deeply saturated natural colors. Good condition. Very nice wool quality. Back fully attached and preserved. ... read more
price:  $ 375
Old Turkoman chuval face, 152 x 95 cm, some wear at top
price:  175 Euro + shipping
Antique Turkmen Ersari Trapping Rug
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Turkmen Yomud torba. Size: 13" x 44" - 33 cm x 112 cm.
price:  O.R.
Antique Turkmen Tekke Main Carpet
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a rare example of Turkmenistan Beshir Main Rug. It's in good condition but not a high pile. All original untouched.All sides are ... read more
price:  Sold Thanks
Turkoman Teke Asmalyk, early 20th century, 2-4 x 3-7 (.71 x 1.09), vert good condition, fine weave, 95% 0f tassles, rug is ... read more
price:  $850.00
Turkmen Small Kilim. Early 20th century. Some worn areas. Size: 37.5" x 47.5" - 96 cm x 124 cm.
price:  O.R.
Antique Turkmen Kızılayak Rug
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Second half of 19th Century Tekke Ensi.Of comparatively coarse weave, with a light palette and large, well-drawn designs, this door hanging by ... read more
price:  On Request
Tekke Turkmen Embroidered 'Talisman', Central Asia, late 19th c., 4" square Once part of a canopy used over the camel bearing a woman ... read more
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