Turkmen silver, vintage jewelry pendant, turkoman necklaces, handcrafted jewelry, ethnic tribal silver, antique silver Weight: 385 grams Heights: 38 cm (without robe) Length : ... read more
price:  O.R
Mid 19th Century Türkmen Tekke Ensi Rug Size.170x103 Cm
price:  Por
antique tekke turkoman weaving with yellow highlights in a+ condition
price:  CHEAP
Turkmen Yamud Asmalık (asmylyk) Size:108x66cm
price:  On request
Antique 1850 Tekke torba with two large distinctive Salor guls in great condition and all natural dyes. It is a collectable rare ... read more
price:  SOLD.
Rare 1850 Arabatchi torba. Seriously collectible rare Arabatchi piece. Its design is much more Arabatchi than Yomut, especially considering the motifs in ... read more
price:  SOLD.
Late 19th/Early 20th Ca Yomut Ensi.5'5"x4'8" Fine weave. No holes. Thick pile. Excellent condition. Shows signs of fading natural with use.
price:  $250
Vintage turkmen Kuchi handmade ethnic tribal traditional amulets talisman accessories Size: Height : 16 cm Length: 50 cm FAST worldwide shipping almost within 3 ... read more
price:  O.R
Antique 19th century Turkmen or Uzbek silk embroidery Moska. Beautiful silk embroidery and bird figured motif. One of the very rare white ... read more
price:  P.o.r
Original quality, un-touched, un-repaired Asmalyk rug! Origin: Asmalyk Circa:1880 Size: 4'4" x 2'4"
price:  $5500
Secound 19th Century Türkmen Ersari Rug Size.290x132 Cm
price:  Por
Ersari trapping - nice wool and design. Couple small darned areas otherwise even wear with mostly good pile.
Antique Turkmen Tekke Rug
price:  por
Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  por
large Turkmen Ersari Chuval Ikat design circa 1870,in good condation size158x100cm
Turkmen vintage handmade baby dress kaftan Size: Height : 45 cm Lenght : 35 cm Vintage Traditional Nomad child ceremonial dress & vest a ... read more
price:  O.R
Antique Yamut Main Rug
price:  por
Antique Yamut Ensi Rug
price:  por
Turkmen Ak Chuval. Size: 30" x 3" - 76 cm x 134 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
Ersari Fragmant size 120x140cm
price:  Por
An antique Tekke torba, 30x75 cm
price:  por
Antique Ersari Trapping
price:  por
Antique Yomud Engsi Ca 1900. Some fading consistent with age and use. In excellent condition for age. 5'5"x4'8"
price:  Ask please
Turkmen Juval with 6 Horizontal Bands of 2 kinds, 55.5 x 31.5 inches In good condition, with one small darned hole. No borders, only ... read more
price:  USD 1100.-
Central-Asia Ethnic Turkmen - Yomud antique wooden and silver whip and with old leather Great condition ! Circa 1900 Size - Lenght ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Grouping of Swat pillows , Uzbek suzani, vintage embroidery coat and Turkman necklace . Pls enquire got pricing .
price:  Poa
Antique Tekke Rug -- 40" x 43 1/2" -- All Natural dyes; Excellent Condition; Has one ... read more
price:  POR
Two antique Turkmen torbas
price:  please inquire
Rare, large and colorful Ersari Chuval circa 1875. Outstanding Ikat design. All natural colors including reds, three blues, green blue and a ... read more
price:  $900.00
Early 1900's Turkmen Beshir prayer rug. Measures circa 135cm x 72cm/ 4′ 5.1496″ x 2′ 4.3465″
price:  Please ask
Antique 19th century Kizil Ayak 9 gul chuval, all dyes natural, with traditional well developed chemche secondary gul, and an unusual elem. ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Antique Tekke Small Rug. 4th Quarter 19th Century. Small collectible piece. 15 central gul medallions sit on saturated brick red field framed ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Tekke Small Rug. Late 19th Century. Possible ceremonial or wedding piece. All saturated colors with old yellow, cochineal and madder throughout. ... read more
price:  POR
Turkmen Chuval, complete, perfect condition and great colors - used as a wall hanging. 120 x 70 Cms.
Ersari Turkoman rug 6'2" by 8'0" several worn spots, other areas of wear, but the rug is complete.Price does not include shipping.
price:  SOLD
Fine 19th Ca. Tekke with intriguing border! Very fine with signs of wear. No repairs or holes. 71"x42"
price:  $300
Old Turkmen Yamut Chuval
price:  por
a good 19th century Ersary Turkmen engsi in good overall condition - some minor repairs and slight wear in places - reflected ... read more
price:  Please Enquire
An Early Turkmen tent band fragment mounted on linen
price:  POR
Early saryk ensi rug with damage ,150 x 113 cm
Tekke Turkmen tent band fragment. Nice narrow one, 8.5"x75".
price:  $850
Super antique Tekke 6 gul with rare border pre 1850 Finely woven complete with original plain weave back size 120 x 45 Original selvedges ... read more
price:  Ask
Rare complete Yomut Yomud Turkoman khorjin, saddle bag in great condition with all natural dyes and soft wool. No holes, no stains, ... read more
price:  SOLD.
Kizyl Ayak Turkmen chuval, very old and much larger than most with a great weave, floppy handle, great spacing, and rich saturated ... read more
Nice Turcmen childs collar or bib ca 1900 great condition size 46 cm x 45 + tassels Very fine embroidery natural dyes ... read more
price:  $ 150 + shipping
Antique Turkmen Engsi Hatchlou, 180 x 165 Cms. Headings and sides intact and original. Curled leave pattern.
Antique Kizil Ayak Ersari Turkmen torba with 8 distinctive guls in great condition and all natural dyes with increadible wool quality. Seriously ... read more
price:  SOLD..
Yamud silk horse cover very fine quality and all are colors natural dyes.
price:  Por
a Very Fine Old Yomud Main Carpet. All natural dyes, no re-weaving, Rich colors. Some wear typical with a piece of this ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Impressive Beshir or Ersari chuval with Ikat design. Rare! Complete with one tiny hole. Big size and super decorative not on the ... read more
price:  Please ask
Central-Asia Double-sided Turkmen antique traditional baby bib Fine condition ! Circa - 1900 or earlier Size - Height : 36 cm - ... read more
price:  O.R
Yomud scissor or spindle bag embroidered in wool. Circa 1900 natural dyes and in excellent condition
price:  please enquire
Ersari tribe arabatchi main carpet in perfect condition. Fine knot and shiny wool for this piece. Tekke gol with main border boats design. Upon ... read more
price:  on request !
19. Century Turkmen Bag size 46x50 cm
price:  550$ inc. shipping
Yomud piece, not a bagface, probably a representation of the yurt (Knorr found similar weavings in the winter dwellings of Afghan Turmenthe ... read more
price:  € 95
Teke Asmalyk, early 20th century, 2-4 x 3-7 (.71 x 1.09), very good condition, clean, original tassels, fine weave, plus shipping.
price:  $750.00
Mid 19th century Tekke torba. An attractive weaving, sadly it had a moth problem in the past, hence now very reasonably priced. 49in ... read more
price:  Please ask
Woman’s yellow Chyrpy fragment cod. 0679. Silk embroidery on silk. Turkmen people. Central Asia. Early 19th. century. Cm. 42 x 81 (16.5 ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
early Ersari Beshir fragment
price:  USD 175
19th century Beshir library carpet, detail
price:  please inquire
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