Islamic Art

Lajvardina tile fragment. Cm 14x19. Stone paste molded, overglaze painted and gilded. Ilkhanid period, 13th-14th century. Kashan, Iran. Lajvardina, a term that references ... read more
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Central anatolia, Sivas. El hac (Haci mehmet). Ottoman copper. If i cannot answer your inquiries, it is because they have not reached me. Due to a ... read more
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Rare, antique, decorative, persian (Kashan?) pottery bowl (diameter: 22,5 cm / 8,9 inches.) From the ancient eastern world... See pics for condition -no ... read more
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Qajar Vase 1850-60 28cm
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antique silver rose water sprinkler from the Ottoman period of about 1850 in Constantinople. These delicate silver vessels were filled with rose ... read more
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Ottoman sini .. Muhammet alemdar Hicri 1181 (1767)
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Islamic calligraphy. Nishapur bowl, 10th century. Nastiliq calligraphic work on paper. Sassanian Glass bottle 5th century. Nishapur Ceramic bowl. North ... read more
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Size : 23 cm , Anatolian / Sivas (Armenian/ soup bowl). 1800s
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Armenian from Sivas Region, Copper plate. Circa 1800s
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Nishapur Calligraphic Ceramic Bowl, ca. 9th-10th Century Diameter: 8” // 30.5 cm Height: 2 3/8” // 6 cm Diameter Base: 3 1/2” // 9 ... read more
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Size : 45 x 40 x 80 cm Central anatolia, Cappadocia (Avanos). Old chest .
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Circa 1828 Old anatolian copper.
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Central anatolia , Cappadocia (Gelveri). Old chest .. All natural dyes
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Seljuk Turkish Bronze Mortar, 12th Century bce, Height 5 3/4” / 14.6 cm Width (rim) 6 3/4” / 17.1 cm Opening 5 1/4” / ... read more
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Size; 45x48x96 cm. Central anatolia, Cappadocia... Armenian old chest ...
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Size ; 45x45x95 cm Central anatolia,Cappadocia (Gelveri). Wooden ...
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West anatolia , Kutahya. Ottoman cini ...
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i am selling my collection of early ethnographic, archeological and historical material which i have acquired over 50 years. Please contact me ... read more
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i am selling my collection of early ethnographic, archeological and historical material which i have acquired over 50 years. Please contact me ... read more
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Jade green, thick walled Sassanian glass bottle. Ancient Near East/Central Asia, Sassanid Empire. Probably 5th century a.d. Size: 3.25 ... read more
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Old dibek ... Circa 1092 (1680)...
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Mamluk style Syrian bowl with very beautiful detail inlaid with silver . Brass and copper with great surface patination.
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Central anatolia, Cappadocia (Gelveri). Size: 50x75cm wood carving art, The embroidered painting made by the Armenian master...
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Handwoven Aleppo jacket The dimensions are in the pictures.
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Qajar tile depicts Mose with Hebrew inscribed “10 commandments” 39x27 / 35x24 Jewish Persian art
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islamic, great seljuk empire . Sultan Tughril i Beg Muhammad, ah 429-455 / ad 1038-1063. av Dinar (Gold Coin ) Dated ... read more
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ancient islamic a lot of 15 Early Islamic ae fals copper coins Early Abbasid, mongol, saffarid and etc
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Ottoman qalamdan, Bronze, inscribed, 11.5" l x 3" h, 18th/early 19th c. a super example.
Southern Balkans. The triangle of Northern Greece, Western Turkey and Southern Bulgaria. This old jar or ewer is a great piece of ... read more
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Central anatolia, Cappadocia (gelveri). Old chest . height : 42 cm length : 82 cm Depth : 37 cm
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Antique Anatolian large size drop spindle. Size 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm and 39 cm long.
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An antique Ottoman divination or health cup. Cm 18.
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19th century South Persian basket. Wool wrapped reeds. Complete and in good condition. This is an old one with ... read more
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Copper alloy plate with turquoise colored enamel and Islamic script. Turkestan, 17/18th century. Size: 4.5 inches in diameter.
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Nishapur Bowl: Large early Islamic Central Asian, Persian polychrome pottery bowl decorated with lively composition of animals - Circa 9/10th ce. Large ... read more
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Size : 15 x 40 (cm), Central anatolia, cappadocia . Ca 1600s Came out of the Greek house In Greek mythology, there is always an ... read more
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Pr 19th c polychrome Ottoman shelves .
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a Mughal Deccan bronze calligraphic bowl, India, Golconda or Bidar, 16th century of squat round bowl form, an engraved Arabic calligraphic around ... read more
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antique ceramic turkish tiled panel which is the last large panel of these tiles we discovered in a derelict warehouse in Malaga ... read more
price:  euros 3,600.
Antique Anatolian Wood Pack Animal Band Weaving Comb & Knife. It is all hand carved and great workmanship. It also has a ... read more
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a court scene in an interior, Safavid Persia, probably Mashhad, late 16th century. Gouache heightened with gold on paper, a young prince sits ... read more
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Nishapur Ceramic bowl. North East Iran, 10th century. Size: 8 x 2.5 inches (20.5cm x 6cm) Stylized bird design in center ... read more
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Sothwest of Persia- glass beaded Camel headwear. 19th cent.
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Antique persian / Turkoman stirrup. Pure metal.
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Ottoman copper coffee tray 19th century diameter 32 cm
price:  200 euro
Ottoman period Greek door from cappadocia Size =182*82 cm
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Iliasov, d., et al. ‘Net blaga v bogatstve…’ Glazurovannaia keramika Tashkentskogo oazisa ix-xii vekov. [‘There is no Blessing in Wealth…’ Glazed Ceramics ... read more
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a fragment of cuerda seca pottery tile, decorated with four identical interlocking decorative inscriptions in square Kufic, لا إله إلا الله , ... read more
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Ab extremely rare mamluk silver inlaid calligraphic brass candlestick an extremely rare islamic early mamluk calligraphic brass & silver inlaid brass candlestick, ... read more
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Brass old yazd persian size:26x13-cm please ask
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Fabulous Fez belt, early 19th century, 240cm, 7.9ft long, excluding tassels
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Greek Anatolian inscribed and dated (1754) tinned copper plate. d = 25 cms Great condition.Inscription = "Hajji Yani"
a tinned copper & brass serving plate made by garabed aslanian. Gaziantep. late 19th/early 20th c. Great condition. maker's mark in Armenian &
Islamic love story book, circa 17/18 century. Antique, collector's item, museum standard,Size: 23 x 15 (cm) 9" x 6" Carpet id: ab-1 ... read more
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Iznik Plate; Ottoman Empire; Circa 1600; 10'' in diameter; a detailed article on these magnificent pieces of art can be found ... read more
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Qajar period (ca.1830-40) papier-mache lacquered Qalamdan
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Early Ottoman tankard, with lid. Hammered, tinned, copper. 9" h. 17th/18th c.
Old Bowl from Persia / Afghanistan. Size: in diamter: 22,5 cm. High: 9,5 cm. Good condition.
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Ottoman Armenian Gold Plating Silver Sahlep Set!! Over 150 years old and really in great conditions!!Made by Ottoman Armenian Artist matat GAZAROSYAN The set ... read more
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