Quite rare and powerful monastic Tibetan seat rug with a square central symbol that shrinks in five steps to the centre. a ... read more
price:  please ask
Horse blanket from Tibet. Nambu textile with embroidered thigma cross. Has some butter tea stains and should be washed. Around 1920, 122 ... read more
price:  250€ plus shipping
It’s wangden time! About 2’x6’ . Minor condition issues, restorable. Priced accordingly. Knot count?? How about square inches per knot, ... read more
price:  650$ or bo . Ask for photos.
The old Temple cushion in gyantse area, Tibet. Size 178*86cm. Welcome to consult!
The old Temple cushion in gyantse area, Tibet. Size 148*82cm. Welcome to consult!
Tibetan khaden, pre-1900, 2'5" by 4'6", three eccentric swastikas on an abrashed blue ground, some quality repiling in field
price:  POR
Tibet carpet size 160x83cm
price:  Por
Antique khotan seating square with a rare and interesting swastika design. Probably made for the tibetan market. 19th century. 54 x 61cm.
price:  P O R
Tibetan apron, antique; wonderful patina fine wool, natural dyes 70 cm x 74 cm
price:  250 €
Tibetan blanket, phulo tigma pattern first part 20th century 67 cm x 127 cm
price:  400 € (including shipping in Europe)
Beautiful Tibetan Khaden. Central Tibet around 1900, 150 x 85 cm, good condition, original ends, no restorations.
price:  please ask
Old Tibetan painting removed from the wooden panel of a damaged cabinet, distemper on cloth, circa 32 by 32 cm: a mandala ... read more
price:  Please ask!
SPecial Offer: Good circa late 19th/early 20th ce, Ningxia Tibetan Buddhist temple runner with two playful female “foo dogs” and pup, medallions, ... read more
price:  $300.USD
Tibet yak saddle rug, colorful checker board veins, very rare nice one. Wool warp and weft. Size 90*115*h90cm(35*45*35”)
price:  Sale
Tibet rug, red background ,Chinese geese fly south, full of lucky clouds veins. Wool warp and weft. Good age and condition . Size
price:  Sale
Tibet rug, yellow background with nice group flowers pattern, Lucky clouds in the four corner. Good age and condition. Size 160*88cm(62*34”). ... read more
price:  Sale
very rare checkerboard mat, truly nomadic piece made in 2 halves on a small narrow loom.. tibet 19th century
Antique Tibetan/Bon 'Kapala'; Brass; circa 1780 Rare example of Tibetan/Bon 'Kapala'. Extremely unusual in this size. Acquired from a ... read more
price:  Please enquire
Tibet rug, red background with three group flower pattern, around with Buddha hand veins. Good age and condition. Size 148*72cm(58*28”)
price:  Sale
Tibet rug, light camel background with Buddha eight treasures pattern. Size 153*82cm(60*32”). Good age and condition.
price:  Sale
Pair of Antique Tibetan Buddhist/Bon Phurba Thokcha Amulets. Passing through a village just north of Leh, in Ladakh, n India twenty ... read more
price:  SOLD Thank you
rare and most probably unique double dordje lama seat with 8 rainbowing conch shell adorning the corners. superb clear natural colors, beautiful ... read more
Antique Tibetan Buddhist Vajrapani Thokcha, 17th c Acquired from a private collection in a village a few miles north of Leh, ... read more
price:  Please enquire
Tibet rug, very rare color, wool warp and weft, going age and condition. Size 150*78cm(58*30”)
price:  Sale
Tibet rug, very nice red color , good age and condition. Size 125*70cm(49*27”)
price:  Sale
Antique Tibetan 'Melong'; brass and bronze; 18th c. 18th c Tibetan 'Melong' with Presence and evidence of much ritual use by ... read more
price:  SOLD THANK U
tibetan saddle rug with very unusual center panel design made of 4 lotus jewels, very good all natural colors uncludind 2 purples, ... read more
Tibet rug, group crane with lucky cloud pattern, around with Buddha eight treasure. Good age, size 90*90cm(35*35”
price:  Sale
Tibet rug, camel background with three group flowers pattern, around red color full flower selvage. Size 152*83cm(59*32”) wool warp and weft. Good
price:  Sale
ningxia antique 3 sitting mat for a buddhist temple. Condition all perfect. Great colors. Size is 188 x 66 cm. For more info ... read more
price:  ask please !
Rare Pair of Traveling Tibetan 18th Century Prayer Tables
price:  POR
1870 or older Tibet sitting square
price:  900€
Absolutely unusual and rare Tibetan rug, khaden size (178 by 80 cm), genuine, old, complete, perfect condition, no repairs; it looks like ... read more
price:  Please ask!
This hat was brought back from Tibet by a nurse who was in Tibet as part of a medical relief team sometime ... read more
price:  475.00
The size of this Tibet Tibet wool carpet is 166*73 cm the price is just $300 including shipping fee.
Here is a thick Tibetan sitting mat (around 125 years old) with brilliant, all natural colors. The piece has shiny wool and ... read more
Tibetan seating square with an aubergine ground. 2'0"x2'0". https:// link
price:  $700
antique tibetan rug cm 1.75 x 0,76 around 1900
price:  please ask
Antique Tibetan 8 Eye Dzi Bead
price:  850.00
Antique Tibetan Dzi Bead The mystical Dzi beads are implements of ancient Tibetan and other Asian cultures for several hundreds of thousands of ... read more
price:  1200.00
Antique Tibetan woven bowl container. This woven Tibetan container was used to hold a pair of wooden tea bowls. There is a removable ... read more
price:  POR
Unusual Tibetan (Mongolian?) seat cover with Stupa-motif. Wool on wool, natural colors, very thin weft. Slightly tapering left side. Perfect original condition. ... read more
price:  € 60 plus shipping
Antique Tibetan Bronze Talisman in leather case. This antique Tibetan talisman depicts a bronze Buddha which is also displayed in a hand ... read more
price:  POR
Antique larger than average Tibetan checkerboard rug. Circa 1900. Good condition with just a very small spot of repair to the border. ... read more
price:  POA
antique Tibet / Chinese sitting-meditation rug. Size: 61 x 183 cm. Some low pile.
price:  please ask
Tsuktruk, Sitting rug from Central Tibet, ca. 1920, 79 x 66 cm. Good condition, some open parts at both ends
price:  please ask
Tibetan rug, orange color with Buddha eight treasures pattern. Wool warp and weft. Size 145*73cm(56*28”)
price:  Sale
Tibetan Khaden- pre-1900, 27 by 54 inches, classic design in shades of indigo. some re-weaves
price:  $500
Mask, Middle Hills, Nepal. Wood, 9″ (22.8 cm) high by 6″ (15.2 cm). Early 20th century. a Middle Hills mask with several ... read more
price:  On request
Tiger skin grain stall in Tibet during the republic of China period. The size is 160*87cm, welcome to consult.
Tibet carpet size 5x2'3 ft
price:  Por
Rare 18th Century Tibetan Buddhist Painted Altar Cabinet
price:  6500.00
19th Century Sino Tibetan Seated Buddha Bronze Buddha from Sino Tibetan tradition. Wonderful details on the robe with inscription on back. Buddha sits ... read more
price:  3500.00
for those who really appreciate tibetan weaving culture...a truly nomadic saddle top , thick brown undyed abrashed pile with yak wool warps..complete ... read more
price:  sold
Tibet blue double dragon and phoenix carpet, early 20th century, size 156x90cm, welcome to consult.
Antique Tibetan sitting/meditation rug. Fair condition due to age, nice colors and design.
price:  POR
Tibetan Tiger rug, circa 1930, 2'10" x 5'6". See Mimi Lipton for similar. In excellent pile with mild discolouration and a few ... read more
price:  Please enquire
“Khaden”, Central (?) Tibet, late 19th century (circa 1880?), 2' 3" x 4' 7" The world Tibetan rugs commands a small but very ... read more
Tibetan mat with an unusual very refined design. Very good pile around the perimeter of the mat and reduced pile in the ... read more
price:  POR
Tibetan rug, size 111*78cm . Flower medallion in blue color.
price:  Please ask
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