Lloyd Rowcroft

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE. Whether buying rugs from the Afghans in Central Asia in the 1980`s and 90`s or today from the Berbers in the mountains of Morocco the fresh bread and tea which accompanies all long negotiations is still the same -- Wonderful. I specialize in Moroccan rugs and textiles and as I live in the southern tip of Spain and Morocco is only a 35 minute ferry ride away, share my time between the two countries. Please see www.oldorientalcarpet.com for full information. Also Facebook as "Moroccan Carpets (Lloyd Rowcroft)"

  • . a very rare rug from the alpujarras mountain range in southern spain, dated 1870. This piece was initially thought to ... read more
    price:  euros 1450.

  • antique salor turkoman carpet which dates from the second half of the 19th century. The typical repeated gul throughout the centre panel ... read more
    price:  euroa 2250

  • antique kashkai rug from the Province of Fars in south west Persia. This piece is original and intact and has the extra ... read more
    price:  euros 1950.

  • old persian shah savan kilim dating from the first half of the last century and attributed to the Shah Savan of the ... read more
    price:  euros 1550

  • antique afshar rug from the region of kirman in southern persia. The squarish shape is always a major factor in identifying Afshar ... read more
    price:  euros 480

  • turkoman yamut tent bag. a really unusual bag face with rich colours. The use of the "drynak" gul as the secondary design ... read more
    price:  euros 385

  • antique anatolian docemalti rug from the southern region of Turkiyhe. The rug has warps and wefts of wool and a lustrous pile ... read more
    price:  Euros 1250.

  • moroccan berber rug -- an old example from the region of Mrirt which is a province of the western half of the ... read more
    price:  euros 650.

  • antique turkoman yamout bag face dating from the second half of the 19th century and woven by the Yamout in what is ... read more
    price:  euros 335.

  • antique silver rose water sprinkler from the Ottoman period of about 1850 in Constantinople. These delicate silver vessels were filled with rose ... read more
    price:  euros 685.

  • yemeni woman's embellished hat upon which a multitude of coins, charms, beads of amber and coral, amulets and other superstitious and unusual ... read more
    price:  euros 220.

  • central asian hat from kyrgyzstan - which are worn by men for ceremonial occasions. The top is made from felt which is ... read more
    price:  euros 135

  • turkoman saryk tent bag face (jalor) dating from the first half of the 20th century and woven by Saryks in the border ... read more
    price:  euros 135.

  • yamout turkoman animal trappings. a rare pair of trappings which are thought to be decorations for the knees of a camel on ... read more
    price:  euros 115 pair SOLD

  • baluch/belouch bag which has an extremely fine weave of the most lustrous wools. Although the design is similar to that found in ... read more
    price:  euros 650

  • berber kilim / horse blanket - which is an old example from the southern edge of the High Atlas Mountains. Although these ... read more
    price:  euros 425

  • berber kilim -- horse blanket Which is old, mellowed and has a lustrous sheen on all the shades of wools used in ... read more
    price:  euros 425.

  • antique quashkai rug -- Which has an immense depth of colours together with a silky lustrous sheen when wafted. The weaver has ... read more
    price:  euros 425 SOLD

  • rare old luri tribal rug. Although the Lurs are among the most ancient inhabitants of what is now Iran there is little ... read more
    price:  euros 1300.

  • very large moroccan beni ourain carpet, which i designed back in 2013 in close collaboration with the Los Angeles based owner. ... read more
    price:  USD 6,000

  • antique kurdish rug from the western Kurdish Mountain region of the Iran/Iraq border. a very similar example, with the same repeated floral ... read more
    price:  euros 2,250

  • old khorasan carpet which is fine and has an incredible depth of rich colours. The weave indicates that it was woven in ... read more
    price:  euros 2,800.

  • tabriz pictorial inscribed carpet acquired by the original owner in 1960 in the Hamburg Bonded Warehouses in Brooktorkai. It is exceptionally fine ... read more
    price:  euros 4,400 SOLD

  • antique pre - soviet caucasian rug from the region of Zakatal, a group of villages in north west Azerbaijan. The region is ... read more
    price:  euros 950

  • moroccan berber mixed technique rug known as a handira. It is a mixture of piled woven sections and bands of embroidered kilim ... read more
    price:  euros 875.

  • morocco berber rug which is old but in outstanding unblemished condition and is complete with its embroidered kilim ends. The pile is ... read more
    price:  euros 1150.

  • old and very fine morrocan berber tent bag from the region of Khemisset in the western Middle Atlas. This was probably owned ... read more
    price:  euros 390. SOLD

  • wonder if this wise old afghan rug dealer is still in chaman.......... turkoman storage sack which is very rare and dates from the ... read more
    price:  euros 1850.

  • moroccan arab kilim. a huge piece which would have been used as a communal blanket for sleeping at night and probably a ... read more
    price:  euros 650

  • moroccan high atlas horse cover which has very unusual designs and colours. It is from the Ait Tamassin Berbers in the northern ... read more
    price:  euros 580

  • kurdish kilim from the kurds of quchan which lies north of Meshed. Although Quchan is the main gathering point for the Kurdish ... read more
    price:  euros 535 SOLD

  • pair of early 20th century anatolian yastiks found in Konya and possibly originating in Kirsehir to the north west. ... read more
    price:  euros 85 the pair SOLD

  • kurdish kilim from the region of quchan which lies between the city of Meshed and extends north to the Persian border with ... read more
    price:  euros 965.

  • old fars kilim containing the typical designs woven by rural weavers of repeated flower heads, bushes and shrubs seen from the sides ... read more
    price:  euros 325. SOLD

  • old turkish village rug from the region of kayseri in eastern anatolia (asiatic turkey). The rug is in excellent condition with full ... read more
    price:  Euros 435. SOLD

  • gabbeh kilim - a simplistic and bold flat weave which will make a dramatic contribution to modern decor. It is in perfect ... read more
    price:  Euros 345.

  • berber handira (shawl or cape) from the high atlas. This rare, very fine cape is the work of the little known Ait ... read more
    price:  euros 545. SOLD

  • karadja rug which is very unusual. It is old but in perfect condition with full glossy pile and original ends and sides. ... read more
    price:  euros 565.

  • luri gabbeh rug dating from the 1970s but in excellent original condition. The warps and wefts are of hand spun wool and ... read more
    price:  euros 385. SOLD

  • old rug from mehraban in the hamadan region which is very tightly woven on fine cotton warps. The weave pattern is virtually ... read more
    price:  euros 285. SOLD

  • moroccan middle atlas double saddle bag from the region of Zemmour. published in "oriental rugs: an illustrated lexicon of motifs, materials and ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • baluch/belouch tent bag, called a "Ballisht" and woven by Taimani people in north west Afghanistan. This group and their weavings is well ... read more
    price:  euros 175.

  • old luri tribal rug from the Zagros Mountain region of southern Persia. The three medallions are surrounded by a random scattering ... read more
    price:  Euros 675.

  • rare berber moroccan horse cover which i found in a small village in the High Atlas. The owner was also the local ... read more
    price:  euros 285

  • moroccan high atlas berber carpet. This old carpet is from the region of Ait Ouaouzguite in the High Atlas mountains south of ... read more
    price:  euros 1,785.

  • antique caucasian kazak rug dating from the pre - Soviet era. It has a pleasing simplistic design of two medallions in the ... read more
    price:  euros 145.

  • antique ceramic turkish tiled panel which is the last large panel of these tiles we discovered in a derelict warehouse in Malaga ... read more
    price:  euros 3,600.

  • antique prayer rug from xinjiang, the north west annexed province of China and home to the Uighur Moslem people. The ... read more
    price:  Euros 400.