Kilims and Flatweaves

Shahsevan sumac bagface circa 1870 all good natural colors. woven with silver thread in the center,very good condition,size 54x62cm
Myth to Art: Anatolian Kilims An immersive book on Anatolian kilims with new perspectives on the history and the perception of kilim imagery. Reviewed ... read more
Dragon-Zille Khurjin Caucasian knotted circa in 1924 semi antique, collector's item, 132 x 51 (cm) 4' 4" x 1' 8" carpet ... read more
price:  On request
Dragon-Zille Khurjin Caucasian knotted circa in 1924 semi-antique, collector's item. 145 x 58 (cm) 4' 9" x 1' 11" carpet id: ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Konya Kilim Size 80x410 cm
price:  please ask
Rare design Anatolian kilim fragment. 18th c. Conserved and mounted on linen.
Northwest Of Persia Kurdish small double bag, warp face Jajim weave with saturated natural colors. Circa 1900 - size : 33" x ... read more
price:  O.R
Swedish röllakan kilim, size: 107*59 cm, this is a museum piece
price:  €3810 + shipping
Konya Taurus mountains Anatolian Turkmen shoulder kilim bag. Sumak and extra weft weave Mid-19th or earlier, size, 19" x 19" - 48 ... read more
price:  O.R
Antique Afyon Kilim Mount on Fabric Size 65x83 cm
price:  please ask
Early 19th Century Central Anatolian Konya Hotamıs Kilim incide some area old repair Size 440x100 Cm
price:  Por
Caucasus silk jajim fragment circa 19th century size: 35" x 35" - 89 cm x 89 cm
price:  O.R
Antique little soumak panel, presumably shahsavan, with an uncommon and attractive border. Clearly in very rough condition with edge unraveling, numerous spots ... read more
price:  $395 or bo
Senna complete kilim 19th century with classic, subtle colors, missing a fraction at one end. Very little wear with a curtain rod ... read more
price:  $450
Shahsevan kilim mafrash panel 1880 circa, All colors are saturated and natural,good condition 66x46cm
Antique Persian Kilim size 334cm 150 cm
a very Finely Woven Afshar Soumak Chanteh(personal Bag),wonderful use of colors,Complete back,excellent condition,circa 1920 or earlier,size 1'5" ×1'7".
price:  $270 usd+shipping
Antique Sought East Anatolian Kilim
Antique Sought East Anatolian Kilim Part
Antique Helvacı Kilim Mount on Fabric Size 100x260 cm
price:  750$
Antique Afshar Khorjin end xix th.century in very, very good condition with all the kilim at the end. natural Dyes, all wool. Size ... read more
price:  please enquire!
Antique Veramin Kilim Saltbag Face
Antique veramin salt bag in good condition 57 x 50 cm
Swedish röllakan cushion kilim, size: 48*42 cm, this is a museum piece
price:  €6810 + shipping
Caucasus minimalist Kilim bedding bag side panel, there is fading on red.. size : 40" x 18" - 102 cm x 46 ... read more
price:  O.R
rare & beautiful antique shahsavan kelim mafrash panel, nw Persian Tribal, last quarter of the 19th century, and in excellent condition. The ... read more
price:  330 EUR
Antique West Anatolian Bergama Kilim
Very fine Shahsevan sumak mafrash panel 1880 circa, All colors are saturated and natural,perfect condition 50x41cm
Beautiful Antique Turkish Aydin Kilim, ca. 1900, 202 × 130 cm (6' 7" × 4' 3")
price:  POR
Dragon Sumak 2,65*3,75
price:  or
Circa 1800 Central Anatolian Kelim. It has realy deep colour
price:  Please Ask
Size: 160x360 West anatolia,Aydin
price:  Ask
Saddle bag Soumak Caucasian woven circa in 1895 antique, collector's item, 45 x 21 (cm) 1' 6" x 8" carpet id: ... read more
price:  CHF 1'200.-
Baktiar saddle bag Persian knotted circa in 1900 antique, collector's item, 79 x 46 (cm) 2' 7" x 1' 6" carpet ... read more
price:  On request
Namakdar Baktiar Persian knotted circa in 1924, semi antique, collector's item, 49 x 62 cm carpet id: A-1044 Woven with soumak technique, ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Mina Khani Baluch rug from an old German estate. Beautiful large flatwoven kilim ends. Age: 19th century. Some corrosion of black. ... read more
Antique Shirvan Kilim runner from Caucasus. Timeless masterpiece with a striking color and motif combo. 74 x 292 cm. Circa 1880s. There ... read more
price:  PoR
Circa 1800 Anatolian Kilim panel fragment. Exceptional color range. Fine weave. Mounted expertly on linen,
Namakdar Shahsavan Persian woven circa in 1922 antique, collector's item, 46 x 49 cm Woven with soumak technique on cotton, in perfect ... read more
price:  CHF 450.-
Antique tiny complete kelim bag. Shahsavan? Charming little object. Reasonably good condition with good natural colors. One corner sewn down, other loose. ... read more
price:  $150 or bo
Haml, rare kilim made by woman of Berber people in south Tunisia. early 20th century. 155 x 280 Cm's. Book: Paul ... read more
Norwegian kilim, pictorial design, white color is silk, size: 54*22 cm, this is a museum piece
price:  €2110 + shipping
Size:70×160 cm, Central anatolia, Cappadocia. Fragment
price:  Ask
Beautiful Shahsavan kilim front panel (92x54cm) datable at the beginning of the 20th century with soft wool. Outstanding colors combination with the ... read more
price:  Not expensive
Caucasian Sumak Circa 1870 Size:50x55 Cm
price:  POR
Size: 60x120 cm, Central anatolia, Cappadocia. Primitive rug.
price:  Ask
Obruk Kilim, 1st quarter of the 19th century. This kilim was woven as a single piece. It has a few ... read more
price:  POR
Aksaray Kilim, First quarter of the 19th century or so. Fantastic graphics and colors. Excellent condition. 82 x 384
price:  POR
Anatolian Aksaray Kelim Circa 1870 size 155x445
price:  Por
Namakdar-Shahsavan Persian circa 1922 antique, collector's item, 39 x 20 (cm) 1' 3" x 8" carpet id: A-1035 Woven with Soumak technique ... read more
price:  CHF 280.-
a beautiful Sangchuli Baluch from N.E.Persia great colors and design,some use of green.size 4'11" ×2'11" good condition, full pile missing kilim on ... read more
price:  Please Inquire
Fine 18th c. Central Anatolian kilim fragment. Mounted to the highest standard. Dramatic, clear, saturated color.
price:  Reasonable.
18th c. Central Anatolian kilim fragment. Professionally mounted on linen.
Swedish röllakan pillow kilim, size: 101*46cm, This is a museum piece
price:  €9510 + shipping
Size: 48x100cm, Old manastir fragment .
price:  Ask
Antique Reyhanli Cicim / Zilli Kilim only naturel dyes From the Hatay area
price:  Sold
Antıque Anatolıan Kilim size: 365x150 cm.
price:  Ask Please
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