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Timuri large rug, Mid-19th Century. Harshang design scheme in deep, rich colors including the signature Timuri electric blue. It still ... read more
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Antique Bergama kilim,150x208 cm
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Late 19th Century West Anatolian Yüncü Heybe size 46x130 cm
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Schirwan Antique 19th century Wool on Wool with natural colors very good and almost intact condition. Size: 149x198cm
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New blog entry:Chicago 1926,a reconstruction. https:// link
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Zejwa Schirwan around 1880 Wool on Wool with natural colors Very good condition Size: 148x122 cm
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Late 19th Century finely woven tekke chuval / chuwal. 2'4" x 4' or 72 x 122cm. Great wool on this piece. One ... read more
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Antique Thomson River Salish basket, bundle coiled and sewn by hand, imbricated with cherry bark and grass, the weaver has placed the ... read more
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Antique Iroquois beaded needle case, hand sewn clear seed beads on black velvet, the white areas are clear seed beads on applique ... read more
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Gashgai kelim size 252 x 140 cm with beautiful colours.
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Extremely rare 18th c. Classical SaujBulagh Kurdish rug fragment (detail). Camel ground. There are only a few of these extant and this ... read more
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Size : 140 x 250 cm , Old kazakh .
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Antique Yomut chuval / chuwal. 2'5" x 3'8". This is full pile with the softest wool and good lustre. Really nice deep. ... read more
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Antique Caucasian Gence Rug
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Small Uzbek bag face. Really soft and thick wool, good dyes. 1'10" x 2ft or 56 x 61cm
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Antique Bakhshayeah carpet, very decorative Size:303×303cm P.o.R
Antique Avsar Rug Size.170x122cm
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Antique West Anatolian Cecim Size.190x127cm
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antique Ersari | beautiful size and thick wool, small moth damages
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Tunisian Silk Veil circa 1850 size 64x235 cm ,, Christopher Spring & Julie Hudson, North African Textiles, Ed. British Museum Press, London,
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Very Fine Embroidered  and Tie and dye Skirt (Parha) Length (Panel) From the Lohana Group Probably from the Diplo, Tharparkar Sindh Region ... read more
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Late 19th Century Baluch Rug size 85x88 cm
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Ganesh Sthapana Wall Hanging From Saurashtra Gujarat India.The Folk Art of Gujarat. Used by the Kathi Darbar Family.Its size is 56cm x 52cm.(DSL04330).
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Gorgeous sumak Antique Baluch bag/ chanteh. 11" x 11.5" or 28 x 29cm. This is one of more attractive pieces I've owned. ... read more
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Antique Baluch salt bag P.O.R
Large antique Jaf bag-face 1880 circa great colors size 112x66cm
Early minakhani border fragment from a late 18th century jufti knotted Khorosan or Herat rug. 2'0"x1'11"
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Kalam kari - Iran - xix century. Good condition with lining. 134 x90 cm
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Kurde Hamedan, circa 1920, good condition, 200 x 135. Price upon request
Oushak Turkish fragment early 18 century size:198x128cm 6'4"x4'2"
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Antique nw Persian Kurdish Kelleh 244 x 121 cm., ca. 1910, with 3 small spots with foundation visible and 3 tiny spots ... read more
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69cm x 128cm ottoman textile embroidery, some slits and tears, back with embroidery, for more info please ask
Big piece of the field of a beautiful Ziegler-Mahal carpet. Worn, with some colour run from something else around the edges. Professionally ... read more
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Antique Senneh rug,140x190 cm
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Circa 1900 Baluch Balisht bag has two parts silk on middle of tree. 90 x 45 cm
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