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Kanduri shrine Applique cloth Wall Hanging.It is Presented by Pilgrims as on offering on the grave of the Muslim Prince Sara Masoud ... read more
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Antique Sivas Zareh Penyamin nice velvety wool that must be touched. It looks a lot like a French court scene similar to ... read more
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Kilim, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, half 20th. century, 327 cm x 130 cm (10'10" x 4'4")
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Rare Gossamer Quality Cloth-like finely woven early 19th. Cent. Tekke Striped Chuval with alternating pile and flat-woven areas. Pile consisting of red and ... read more
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anatolian usak fragment 115x030
price:  150 USD
anatolian usak fragment size 115x070
price:  250 USD
Anatolian Prayer Rug , Probably Ghiordes , Copious and charming use of white cotton makes for a subtle but sophisticated graphic quality. (size ... read more
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South Caucasian Verneh, Good natural colors including two reds and a double-dyed green. Good varied drawing, certainly not a cookie-cutter rendition ... read more
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Afshar, with high pile and wonderful colors. Size: 190 x 140 cm.
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Armenian Kazak 5'3" x 7'10" a great old Kazak presumably of Armenian origin with a date of 188(?) Nicely stacked octagons. Areas ... read more
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The ‘skyscraper’ khaden, Tibet, early 20th century, cm 155x80. Tibetan rugs in so-called ‘tsuk-truk’ technique (woven in narrow stripes - then joined ... read more
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Southwest Central Anatolian Kilim.
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Qashkai kilim fragment size 275x122
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yamut chuval size: 127 x 76 cm
Tappiserie. Abouson-France. Circa 1900. Size: 300 x 180 cm. Excellent Condition!
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pretty and smoll shirwan with chici design 147x097
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Super Veramin Bagface with a pair of chuval guls. Nice format, great condition. 41"x17" (105x44cm)
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1163 Shahsavan bag (0.54x0.19m) about 1900, narural colourd.perfact condition.
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this is a rare old leather belt with conch inlay made by the lisu people of southwest china near the myangmar border ... read more
rare and nice drawn tiger skin design rug. the white and brown is undyed wool. this is not a tibetan weaving but ... read more
Mystery bag face! Warps: ivory and dark brown wool mixed together, Z2S Wefts: z2s wool, light brown, 1 shoot Knots: Asymmetrical open to the ... read more
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shasavan panel size: 99 x 65 cm
price:  P.O.R
Tappiserie-Fragment. Circa 1900. 80 x 63 cm.
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Unusual Tibetan piled panel with dragon heads and inscription. a very pretty item with soft shiney wool, about 1x2 ft. Probobly first ... read more
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Aimag Belutsch, Taschenfront, Afgahnistan, um 1910
price:  100 €
Weramin, Sumak Taschenfront, um 1880
price:  180 €
Jaff-bagface, ca. 1900.
price:  120 €
Double wing Anatolian kilim size: 3.45x1.65 cm
price:  1500 usd.dollars
North West Of Persia Bidjar Area Halvaii Villag wool on cotton base all most in mint condition. size at 218cmx145cm,circa 1900. all natural colors & need ... read more
North West Of Persia Kelar-dasht Area. wool on wool Pile. there are some minor damages as shown and about 20sqcm place been worn out at ... read more
antique mudjur rug, red mihrab 170x125 cm
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antique mudjur prayer rug, green mihrab very low pile 160x116
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Early 20th Century Phulkari from Swat Valley,Supereb fine work done,Silk on cotton,Very nice desigen and excellent condition.E.mail for more info.
price:  Sold.
Early 20th Century,Phulkari from the valley of Swat.Very beautiful desigen with good colours.E.mail for more Info.
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Book: " The Arts and Crafts of the Swat Valley" by Johannes Kalter. Subtitle: Living Traditions in the ... read more
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Rare North African(?) embroidery fragment, silk on home-spun wool foundation, 19th.Cent., 36''( including original fringe) x 11''.
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