• Rare 19th century Uzbek suzani
    price:  1850$

  • Rare Old Persian Kalamakar
    price:  790

  • Rare 19th century Uzbek Suzani.
    price:  1900

  • Turkoman karakalpak head dress embroidered 19th century in beautiful condition
    price:  195$

  • Beautiful Pair of Uzbek lakai embroidery in beautiful condition, very nice fresh colors , size is 60/36cm
    price:  590$

  • Exceptional Antique indian shawl embroidered rare red color
    price:  900

  • 19th century Indian shawl, condition isn’t very good, have holes and repairs size 300/120cms
    price:  580$

  • Exceptional 19th century green French Paialey shawl, very rare green center ans fine weaving
    price:  900

  • a very nice 19th century karakalpak chawdoor.
    price:  780$

  • An exceptional 19th century sweet valley shawl, very fine embroidery
    price:  1800

  • Rare 19th century Turkoman Chawdoor..... Ikat on both sides
    price:  POR

  • An exceptional 19th century suzani......
    price:  POR

  • An exceptional 19th century Indian shawl.....
    price:  Por

  • Exceptional antique Uzbek suzani on yellow Ikat.....
    price:  POR

  • An exceptional Azara Chawdoor from Afghanistan
    price:  390$

  • Exceptional 19th century Uzbek Lakai in great condition size is 55/58cm
    price:  POR

  • Exceptional Indian 19 th century shawl.....
    price:  POR

  • Exceptional 1850s French woven shawl from Lyon, doubles with blue silk cotton fabric Size more than 3 meters long
    price:  590€

  • Exceptional hand embroidered Indian shawl, in great condition, very fresh colors, size 190/190 cm
    price:  950€

  • Exceptional Persian Kalamkar, size 270/130 cms , backed with nice old silk fabric
    price:  950$

  • Exceptional Indian shawl, kani embroidery, 19ty century in very good condition apart few small holes in the center, around 3 meters long, ... read more
    price:  2200

  • Exceptional Indian Kani embroidery shawl, 19th century's great condition, very fineness work and beautiful colors
    price:  POR

  • Exceptional Indian Kani shawl, hand embroidered in very good condition, nice colors and rare white center
    price:  POR

  • Rare French woven shawl in great condition 1850s
    price:  450 euros

  • Beautiful rare Uzbek chapan in great condition
    price:  por

  • Very fine Indian Kani shawl, exceptional condition, beautiful colors, rare design..... More than 3 meters long
    price:  POR rugrabbit note: Please remember not to post images sideways. Thanks!

  • Rare Indian shawl in great condition, hand embroidered pieced shawl, More than 2 meters long, rare double color center Tree of life ... read more
    price:  1850 euros

  • Rare 19th century embroidery from Morroco Rabat, very good condition, double sided, size is 270/200 cm Exceptional piece
    price:  1500 euros

  • Live auction a rare beautiful Indian Shawl link
    price:  AUCTION

  • Unique indian Shawl, in Mint condition, fresh colors rare design..... Beautiful piece
    price:  sold

  • 19th century, Dorokha shawl...... Exceptional pattern, rare white color, very fine embroidery.....
    price:  sold

  • Very rare indian hand embroidered shawl size 130/130 cms
    price:  Sold

  • Unique indian shawl..... 180/180cm
    price:  Sold

  • Beautiful Persian hand embroidered shawl 19th c, great condition, very fine embroidery Nice colors, size is 250/115 cms, signed with a rare rising ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Rare hand embroidered Indian shawl 19th century beautiful condition
    price:  Sold

  • Unique indian embroidered shawl in great condition rare colors and very fine work, size ia about 190 by 190 cms
    price:  Sold

  • Exceptional indian pieced shawl in beautiful condition big size about 180/180 cms, very nice nice colours
    price:  Sold

  • Beautiful 19th century antique uzbek horse cover doubled with very rare yellow ikat, the condition is normal for its age the velvet ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Exceptional French woven shawl, in great condition, Rare green center, Lovely fresh colors, more than 3 meters long, great condition, apart small
    price:  1450 usd

  • Nice old Ubzbek suzani, embroidery on yellow ikat very rare piece, some color run in some area and few small holes, size ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Beautiful Old White Kirman embroidery very good condition, apart few small repairs. Very nice piece
    price:  Sold

  • Beautiful Old Persian Kalamkar in very good condition, apart two small stains, very nice colors, the size is 220/125 cms.
    price:  590 euros

  • Beautiful Old Persian Kalamkar in very good condition, very nice colors, the size is 130/90 cms.
    price:  390 Euros

  • Exceptional Persian Kalamkar, Block Print and Hand painted, apart two few small repare, great condition, size is around 3 meters long. Rare Piece
    price:  POR

  • Beautiful 19th Century Indian Paisley shawl Fragment, Great condition, nice colours and very fnie embroidery, the size is 1st 270 cm and ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Beautiful French Woven shawl in very good condition apart few small holes, long size more than 3 meters, very fine weaving and ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Exceptional Unique Indian Pieced Shawl in great condition, Rare Purple color and very nice designe, signed shawl, very colourfull piece, size is ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Beautiful Indian Kalamkar Probably Moghol, big size 350/180, great condition apart few very small repare, rare Piece
    price:  SOLD