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Khamseh Bag Face Circa 1870 Size : 65x52 cm
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Pre-Columbian coca bag with stylized birds in central band. a.d. 1000 - a.d.1400. Complete and in very good condition. ... read more
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Central anatolia, Konya . Size : 140x170 cm
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prayer rug, afghan, 100 x 128 Cm.
price:  350,00 plus shipping
Amazing Persian Baluch Antique Rug n°:12644283, ca. 1900, 168 × 90 cm (5' 6" × 2' 11")
price:  €1,850.00
Beautiful Antique Caucasian Small Shirvan Rug, ca. 1900, 174 × 127 cm (5' 8" × 4' 2"),
price:  POR
Lovely Antique Turkish Ushak (Oushak) Carpet, ca. 1920, 440 × 355 cm (14' 5" × 11' 7"),
price:  €1,990.00
Exceptional antique Bakhtiari kilim with two panels brought together. Vegetable dye & natural colors. 125 x 200 cm. End of the 19th ... read more
price:  PoR
Kuba Shirvan Dated: 1288 Circa 1871 Size: 113x342 cm
price:  POR
Circa 1950's high quality men's large size velvet vest from Afghanistan.Very finely hand crafted work done in high quality golden antique thread. ... read more
price:  $200
Antique Caucasian Akstafa Rug. Size.256x120 cm
price:  $ 3400 + Shipping
Melayer Rug Size : 103x147 cm
price:  Ask Please
Antique Caucasian Leshgi rug late 19th century a professionally repaired spot,see pictures, Size: 173x103cm
price:  350€
Second 19th West Anatolian Kula Rug Size 190x120 Cm
price:  $480 inclg shp
Tribal "Jumlo" wedding dress from Indus Kohistan valley of Pakistan. The dress is completely hand embroidered with pure silk threads. The dress is in ... read more
price:  $495
Antique Caucasian Sevan Rug Size 170x240 cm
price:  Please ask
Moghan Kazak Rug - Dated 1292=1875 size 130x250
price:  POR
Battered but beautiful South Persian small main carpet. Beautiful colors and magical drawing. Last quarter of the 19th century.
price:  POR
Very Rare Folk Embroidery Kantha British Soldier And Hunter king Very Fine embroidered cotton Kantha Probably from Jessore Region of ... read more
price:  On Request
Antique Caucasian Kuba Seichur rug late 19th century, good condition Size: 150x110cm
price:  Please ASK
Caucasian Cloudband Rug Circa 1860 Size: 133x227
price:  POR
Caucasuian Bedding bag both side kilim panel. Size : 80" x 40" - 203 cm x 102 cm
price:  O.R
Saf Kotan Size : 90x405 cm
price:  Ask Please
Antik China’s rug ca 1920-1930 ind excellent condition 164x98 Sold
price:  300
Antik Persian Bidjar 94x72 in good condition . Sold
price:  200
Single wefted Baluch Bagface with Mina-khani design and silky wool pile - floppy soft handle - great colors - old piece!
price:  on hold
Fine Bidjar Rug with great colors on wool foundation and good condition - no repairs - 4'4 x 7'4
price:  on request
Baluch Bagface with Mina-khani design - fine weave with two thin wefts yet floppy soft handle - has some small old repairs ... read more
price:  on request
Early Anatolian yastik - about 20” x 23”, in ‘as found’ well worn condition
Beautiful Antique Turkmen Bukhara Antique Carpet, 1900-1920 333 × 225 cm (10' 11" × 7' 4")
price:  POR
Lovely Antique Persian Neyriz Rug, 1880-1900, 310 × 162 cm (10' 2" × 5' 3")
price:  POR
Fabulous Germantown saddle blanket (Navajo) in near perfect condition, 25 in x 39 in, circa 1890-1900
price:  $3500 obo
Lovely Antique Caucasian Seychour (Zeikhur) Rug, 1880-1900, 190 × 127 cm (6' 2" × 4' 2")
price:  POR
west anatolian. melas prayer rug cm 1,28 x 1,00 19th century excellent condition
price:  PLEase ask
Antique Nort West Rug
price:  price: $ 1200 + shipping
Size:100×160 cm, Central anatolia, Konya/Ladik.
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