• a truly mid-century Beni Ouarain rug. This beautiful rug was begun in 1953 and finished in 1955. Stored away between hosting guests, ... read more
    price:  1200€

  • Azilal rug, middle Atlas mountain region of Morocco. Undyed cream and brown wool in a checker pattern on a cotton weft, with ... read more
    price:  645€

  • sold - Mergoum - flatweave kilim rug from Southern Tunisia, Gouvernement Tataouine. Late 20th century. Vibrant combination of mainly vegetable dyed wool, ... read more
    price:  210€

  • a ca. 1970 Moroccan hanbel with a field striped in earth tones and pops of color in turquoise, tangerine and more. Minimal ... read more
    price:  435€