Caroline Stone

I have been buying textiles for many years and am now selling off part of my collection. I also have a shop in Seville. I have written two books on textiles: Embroideries of North Africa, Longman, 1985 and Sevilla y los mantones de Manila, Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, 2000, as well as a number of articles: see ARAMCO World and TRC, Leiden, among other websites. The textiles here will be mailed from Seville. Please contact me for any further information and for details of postage: Payment via PayPal

  • Dress length (2.5m) of silk printed with faux ikat bought in Uzbekistan (then in the ussr) c.1968. Unused and in original unmarked
    price:  £95

  • Indigo and white hand drawn batik robe from the Ge minority of the Miao people of sw China. Both the robe and ... read more
    price:  Reserved

  • Black silk satin skirt embroidered in a grape vine pattern (symbolizing fertility) worked in silver metal thread and silver sequins. The background ... read more
    price:  £250

  • Burmese tubular skirt, judging by the measurements a htamein, rather than a longyi. Woven in a fairly heavy and lustrous silk, imported ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Silk embroidered with silver metal sequins. a small section (55x63cm) almost certainly from a wedding garment. In Tunis, around the turn of ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Tajik young girl's cap with the traditional "tail" to hide the plait. The cap is heavily embroidered in stripes of cherry red, ... read more
    price:  £150

  • Uzbek napramach embroidered in tightly twisted silk on a plain cotton ground. The medallion design and the colours are very typical. It ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Burmese shawl, similar to those of the Naga, handwoven of cotton possibly with an admixture of hemp, as it is rather ... read more
    price:  £165

  • Phulkari from the Punjab embroidered in soft floss silk in shades of yellow, cream, pink and pale green with touches of violet, ... read more
    price:  £295

  • Support for a mosquito net to go round the top of the bed. This was an essential element in a woman's trousseau ... read more
    price:  £325

  • Lakai suzani embroidered in chain stitch (worked with a tambour hook) on a very traditional red cotton ground with the typical good ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Tobacco bag from Sindh. Applique, patchwork and embroidery on a cotton ground. Mid 20th century. Shows signs of wear (see photos), but ... read more
    price:  £85

  • i am really not sure what this is and would be delighted with any suggestions. The panel comes from the Saxon area ... read more
    price:  £350

  • Burmese tubular skirt, judging by the measurements a htamein, rather than a longyi. Woven in a fairly heavy and lustrous silk, imported ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Pashtun cushion cover from the Swat valley (Pakistan) embroidered in floss silk on handwoven cotton. The yellow ground and brilliant pink/red embroidery ... read more
    price:  £185

  • a sinh (traditional tubular skirt) hand woven in cotton and silk; the material is fairly soft. Bought in Phonsavan, Laos, it was ... read more
    price:  £195

  • Indigo dyed kasuri futon-ji, Japan c.1900. The futon cover is made of homespun, hand woven cotton in the traditional four strips, joined ... read more
    price:  £450

  • Ferghana ikat chapan, very early 20th century. Russian trade cloth cotton lining with striped interior binding and an external finish of blue ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Probably from Thrace, very beginning of the 20th c. Hand embroidered in silk on rather coarse handwoven linen. These panels were often ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Small Chinese purse, or probably perfume bag, silk on silk, hand embroidered with good luck symbols, mostly in Pekin knots, and finished ... read more
    price:  £140

  • a striking ikat chapan, Uzbekistan early 20th c. It is in good condition with a particularly attractive lining perhaps of Russian printed ... read more
    price:  RESERVED

  • Silk waistcoat with silk hand embroidery, English, c.1770-1790 - a typical design fashionable at the period. In very good condition. The slight ... read more
    price:  £500