Alex Zadah

Flying the world in search of gems Throughout the centuries, Treasures of the East have been discovered in London museums and art galleries,originally brought here by wealthy families moving to London, bringing their treasures, heirlooms and heritage with them. Alex J. Zadah, third generation collector and dealer in fine textiles, Persian carpets and antiquities, recognised a demand from the public for these exclusive, hard-to-find antique textiles, and began to source and supply these beautiful accoutrements to clients in London. Trading in Mayfair and Marylebone at first, he soon expanded into North West London as well, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his clients, including a veritable Who’s Who of International Royalty and Celebrities. Within these collections, there are beautiful examples of fine European tapestries and exquisite central Persian carpets from the Safevid period, similar to exhibits at the British Museum, which houses the same styles. The finest of silk weavings from Isfhan can also be found. Isfhan which was the central and cultural capital of the Persian Empire of Shah Abbas in the 16th and 17th Century. Shiraz, renowned for its celebrated variety of vines, is also famous for the city of Persepolis and its palaces – once the capital of the Persian dynasties ruled by Cyrus the Great. A special, limited collection of these fabulous Eastern Treasures has been brought to you – directly from the Shiraz region, straight to our gallery in Marylebone. You have the opportunity to own a unique, lavish, hard-to-find piece of history. Call us on (+44) 020 7935 7125 to make an appointment to view these exquisite treasures.