Frank Martin Diehr


  • Jaff Kurd bag face, joyous, colourful piece, good dyes, good wool, good condition, full pile, ca. 1900.
    price:  €350, plus shipping at cost.

  • Baluch (Timuri) Balisht. Complete, very low pile, brown corrosion, all good dyes. Decent collector's piece. a few similar balishts have been published. ... read more
    price:  Sold, thank you!

  • Baluch rug literature: Bausback: "Alte Knüpfarbeiten der Belutschen" €14; Azadi: "Carpets in the Baluch Tradition" €28 (€40 combined), plus shipping at cost. ... read more
    price:  €14/€28 (€40) plus p&p

  • Excellent Shahsavan mafrash end panel, good condition (minor repair and wear), rare and with good graphics,dyes and age. Ca. 53 ... read more
    price:  sold