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Kazak Rug 19th Century size 110x195
price:  POR
Yomut Chuval Circa 1870 Size: 80x129 cm
price:  POR
Kuba Shirvan Rug Circa 1870 Size: 107x145 cm
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Primitive Anthropomorphic figure / Pakistan. Similar examples on Sothebys & Christies. More photos & details:
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Antique Kurdish Senneh Kelim (Sojae) Red Rose Pattern Size: 224 * 65 cm shipping will be done for free worldwide using DHL/FedEX
price:  $340+ free shipping
Beautiful Antique Hand-knotted Caucasian All-over Akstafa Runner Rug, 19th Century 205 × 97 cm (6' 8" × 3' 2")
price:  POR
Antique East Anatolian Yörük Rug
price:  $ 550 + Shipping
Large square Jaf Kurd bag, slightly unusual layout with a particularly good white s narrow border. 3'5"x2'10"
price:  on request
Ceremonial Very Fine Tie and Dye Work Abha (Costume), Tie and Dye Work on the Gajji-Silk From Kutch Region of Gujarat, India. c.1850-1875. Its ... read more
price:  On Request
19th century Kazak, possibly bordjalou. Some wear, repile and sides secured. Priced accordingly. Decorative and good for the floor. 280 by 120cm.
price:  £495 including shipping
Antique Qhasqai Rug in large size and good shape ! There is old repairs but done it nicely and doesnt need more repairs. ... read more
price:  Request
Antique Heriz Rug in unusual size , good colors and design! Size : 212x156cm / 6’11” by 5’1” Feel free to ask any question ... read more
price:  Ask please
Modern art well before the term was invented. Brilliant and skillful weaving by someone who didn't play by all the rug rules ... read more
price:  Please ask
Antique Anatolian Taspinar Rug Size 160x105
price:  Please ask
It is not easy to replicate the essence of this textile in the images that follow. Aymara textiles are often just ... read more
price:  Inquire
Antique 18th c. Shahsavan Rug Runner
price:  $ 3550 + Shipping
Antique Heriz Carpet size 270x360 cm excellent colors! Some slight wear!
price:  Pls ask
Kazak "pinwheel" caucasian antique rug. 1910-1920. 192cmx120 (6'4" x 3'11") Excellent condition, no repair, no repiling.
price:  POR
Antique Anatolian Mucur Prayer Rug Size.170x120 cm
price:  $ 2250 + Shipping
Antique Derbent rug ,118 x 92 cm
Swedish röllakan cushion kilim, size: 63*57 cm, This is a museum piece
price:  €8810 + shipping
Caucasian antique cuba cm 2,95 x 0,95 ( 9,10 -3,2 )mid 19th Century quality of the fine carpet with vegetable ... read more
price:  PLEASE ASK
Antique Verneh 1,40*2,10
price:  or
Shahsavan Eagle sumack mafrash end panel. Cm 44/49x57. Datable 1880/1890sh. Rare eagle pattern. Very fine and very very tight weave. White is ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Turban From Shekhawati District of Rajasthan.India.C.1900. Fine Cotton Mull-Mull. Royals Family Rajasthan India. Length is 8 miter.(DSL05240).
price:  On request
Azeri, or Shahsavan?, sumack mafrash end panel. Cm 42x50 ca. Datable end of 19th century. Great natural colors, see the deep green, ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Just another “boring” Jaf Kurd bag with diamonds spread allover? Better the diamonds in the front or the stripes in the back? Pile rug ... read more
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Small 17th c. West Anatolian Ushak mounted carpet frag. Jewel.
price:  Inexpensive.
Small yellow ground Konya Cappadocia mounted rug frag. 18th c.
price:  Inexpensive.
Central Asian Turkmen chuval with an ikat 'aq qaymaq' design. Great scale!
price:  SOLD
Antique Caucasian inspired long rug from Northwest Persia. Size: 265x108cm / 8‘7ft by 3‘6ft link
price:  500€ plus shipping or best offer
Early Anatolian kilim. This kilim is definitely an 18th century example if not earlier. Certain colors and weave characteristics indicate this. ... read more
price:  $1800
19th Century Senneh kilim. There are worn areas but in great condition given its age. Very well woven. 102 x 140 cm.
price:  PoR
Circa 1870 Talish rug. Former Jim Dixon collection. 3'7" x 8'2". Available.
price:  Please ask.
Tschelaberd Eagle Kazak 19th century Impertant Eagle Kazak of the Sunburst Type beautiful natural color Size: 212x125cm
price:  4900
Antique Baluch Rug
price:  $ 750 + Shipping