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Borchalu Kazak rug, 19th century. Archaic trees inside medallions. There is a headless human figure at the bottom of the rug. Some ... read more
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Turkman Yomud Chuval Circa 1850 size 80x123 cm
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Antique Caucasian Sewan Kazak Rug Size:235x163 cm.
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From Sonny Berntssons collection: No 216 Central Anatolia Sivrihisar minder yastik (pillow to sit on) fragment. Circa mid 19th cent. 55 x 97 cm ... read more
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From Sonny Berntssons collection: No 31 Erzerum prayer rug fragment East Anatolia. 97 x 169 cm, circa 1875. Two holes and some wear in centre ... read more
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Baluch rug with serrated ashik-like tile design and a leaf border. Several blues, nice color in general. Goat hair side selvedge. 3'6"x6'3"
price:  $450
Antique Caucasian Kazak Rug - Ca.1900's (177x118cm) E-mail:
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Beautiful 19th Century Shirvan Rug (170x110cm) E-mail:
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tuduk prayer rug romania cm 1.67 x 1,30 1930 circa natural colors
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This circa 1925 Persian Laver Kerman antique Oriental rug measures 11’6” x 15’10”. This is a very interesting rug. It has a ... read more
Antique beluch rug in good condition , 124 x 82 cm
Gashgai bagface in quite good condition, great colors
Early kazak rug with damage , 165 x 124 cm
Kütahya kilim, mounted, 18th c or earlier
Antique Anatolian Mucur Rug size:166x121 cm.
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Antique Anatolian Konya Karaman Camel Hair Rug size:110x100 cm.
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Antique Anatolian Konya Rug size:137x100 cm.
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Fine Quality Ghordes Prayer Rug Circa 1870 size 128x178 cm
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Antique Dazkiri Kilim from western Anatolia, late 19th century. size 208cm x 134cm
Caucasian sumak rug
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Antique Persian Kurdish Rug Circa 1870.80 Size.190x125 Cm
From Sonny Berntssons collection: No 03 Kilim fragment from a double bag. South Anatolia Hatay province. 67 x 80 cm Mid 19th cent. ... read more
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Antique, skinny Kurdish runner. It has a great deep blue field. 2'9" x 13'5" or 84 x 409cm Please contact me at: or
Early 1900s Yomut felt bokche in great condition. 1'10" x 2'0" Please contact me at: or
price:  $220, domestic shipping included.
Old and very fine Timuri Baluch chanteh face. Dark colors, silk, and an intriguing piece. 1'7" x 1'9". Please contact me at: ... read more
price:  $140, domestic shipping included.
Poshti Tabriz Ahmad Shah 80x65
price:  Sold
Konya Anatolian, knotted circa 1870 antique, collectors item, 321 x 114 cm, id: K-5390 The black knots are oxidized. The knots, the warp ... read more
price:  On request
Konya Ladik Anatolian, knotted circa 1890 antique, collectors item, 129 x 98 cm, id: K-3148 In good condition, thick pile, soft, the edges ... read more
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Khamseh size 9'5" x 6'. Beautiful design in good condition.
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Antique, fine and colorful Farahan carpet (368 cm. x 194 cm.) This is a beautiful piece, with an unusual main border. Overall ... read more
1930s Wool Mohair Anatolian Karapınar Tulü Size=140x78cm
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Antique Manastır Rug
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Anatolian Turkish Karapınar Tülü Mohair and Wool Size=175x107cm
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This antique Japanese Ohenro-gi pilgim jacket is woven with white cotton. All the stamps and text has been writen at the back ... read more
price:  225 Euros
Antique Kesa monks robe from Japan. Dated 1888, Meiji period. This kesa is made of an ivory silk background with green, terracotta ... read more