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very large beshir jollar animal TRAPPING,5'4"x1'7",19th century,excellent condition
price:  P.O.R.
Bidjar, Circa 1850 to 1875 all wool foundation- 4'-9" x 8'-8"
price:  $8800, or best offer
Yomud main, Circa 1890 all wool- 6' x 9'
price:  $10000, or best offer
Unusual Caucasian rug, probably a kazak. Good candidate for restoration.
price:  SOLD
a Beautiful 19th century velvet Ikat Hat, in a very nice condition, just few small cracks on the velvet, the colour is ... read more
price:  390 euros
Turkmen tentband (yolami) fragment, 240/38 cm, late 19th, nice example with strong graphic pile areas, excellent wool and dyes, three shades of ... read more
price:  SOLD
a Beautiful old pushton marraige dress in a very good condition, gold wired embroided on red velvet.
price:  sold
t1 European Applique' 19th Century 5"x 6'2" Wool felt with some background fading and bleeding blue in lower right corner of decorative
price:  $1150
t2 Small Chinese 2'5"x4'4" One of a pair in perfect stains 1930
price:  SOLD
4 ft x 6 ft bijar. good colors.three small holes, wear to field and some damage to sides and ends as shown. ... read more
price:  SOLD
a Beautiful Old uzbek Ikat chapan, in a very good condition, just a smal colour run, beautiful blue tourqois colour, doubled with ... read more
price:  SOLD
a Beautiful Old 19th century chyrpy in a very good condition, doubled with very fine dark green russ:an cotton.
price:  680 euros
a Turkmen Chodor coat, in a very good condition, just few small holes, embroided on felt
price:  SOLD
a silk lenght, Japan, Taisho (c.1920), cm 384x37. a cloth length, still with its original end finishes, made from silk of highest ... read more
price:  SOLD
a Fine Central Anatolian Bunyan Rug in mint condition, no repairs or issues, full pile. 4 x 6 ft. Early 20th Cen.
price:  $975
Rare Eagle-Group Torba,32''x ''(approximately 4'' missing from left to right),Persian Knotting,Open R.,Cotton Wefting,Ca.1800
price:  SOLD
a Very beautiful and rare Ikat fragment, 19th century, mint condition, the size is 290/37 cms.
price:  1180 euros
a Beautiful Old double face coushin (balisht) from swal valley pakistan in a very good condition, the size is 90/44cms.
price:  120 euros
a Tekke "wreck". This well warn small rug is most likely early19th century. It has interesting pattern details and colours.
price:  USD 250
old afshar (rare design) size:176x123
Super-Soft small Arab Baluch rug. All colors are natural and beautiful.
price:  SOLD
old daghestan caucasian rug size:250x155
Small Turkmen carpet Size 116x146
price:  P.O.R.
a Beautiful Old Lakai Tent band, a very rare complet piece, 7 meters exactly, no colour run and no holes, in a ... read more
price:  4900 euros
Yomut Chuval Size 120x07 cm Very good condition
price:  SOLD
very old marasali size:146x110.
a Beautiful old Balouch salt bag in a mint condition
price:  sold
ushak carpet 19th cen. ask more detail and information
price:  sold
bijar over 100 years 5x350 m excellent condition full pile
price:  SOLD
a Beautiful old 19th century Sofreh from Herat in a very good condition, size is 150/140 cms.
price:  390 Euros
futonji, Japan, Meiji (circa 1900), cm 142x124. Bedding cover, whose rich green colour was achieved by over-dyeing indigo with a yellow ... read more
price:  SOLD
Ersari Fragment Afghanistan 19th. century size: 1'4 x 2'8 (0.40 x 0.80) mounted
price:  $650
Baluchi Pusti Afghanistan Early 20th. century Size: 1'10 x 3'5 (0.55 x 1.05)
price:  $950
Very Large Navajo Rug size: 6'8 x 10'2 circa: 1930
price:  on request