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Indian Kutch Memon Aba marriage dress breast panel (106 x 83cm) The Memon caste are muslim merchants who traditonlly inhabited Kutch on the ... read more
price:  GB£860/ $860
Italian antique cutwork and appied embroidery 50 x 27 cm // 1 ft 8" x 11" This exquisite antique small panel ... read more
price:  GB£120 / $155
Early east caucasian with flame design. Missing outer border. 4' x 3'1".
price:  por
This circa 1920 Khotan #8151 handmade wool Oriental rug measures 8’1” x 5’0”. It has a depiction of four urns. Two urns ... read more
This circa 1880 Agra #8155 handmade wool Oriental Rug measures 9’10” x 14’7”. i honestly cannot put a name on the background ... read more
Antique jaff bag face in good condition , 112 x 60 cm
Size: 370x276 cm Thickness: Medium (5-10mm) Oldness: 120+ (Antique) Pile - Warp: Wool on Cotton Node Density: about 120,000 knots per m² mail:
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Mid-19th Century Kazak Rug Size : 158x228 cm Please contact directly.
Antique Cacausian Mogan Kazak Rug Around 120.130 Years Old no old repairs inside All Colors Natural Size.210x120 Cm
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Mid 19th century Igdyr mafrash. 2'2" x 1'3" or 67x38cm. Contact me at or
price:  Please ask
Size ; 100 x 330 cm , Central anatolia,Mucur email me directly:
price:  Ask
Nice small format antique soumak. Circa 1910-1920. 5'8" x 4'6" or 173 x 138cm. Contact me at: or
price:  $550 shipped
Oldest of this type around. Large Kizyl Ayak Turkmen chuval, very old with a great weave, floppy handle, great spacing, and rich ... read more
price:  $500
Antique tribal oversize Shiraz Ghashghai carpet. Over 100 years old. 320x260cm. Wool on wool. Naturel dyes. worldwide shipping from Germany ... read more
price:  700 Euro
Bakhtiari runner with inscription. this piece disappeared while being shipped from nyc to upstate new york with fedex. if you see it ... read more
price:  STOLEN/ LOST : please contact if seen
Very good Akstafa prayer rug, size: 182 x 95cm.
price:  Please contact for further details.
Konya prayer rug, size: 120 x 98cm.
price:  Please contact for further details.
Early fragment of a Turkish yastik. Probably 1/3 of original. Good old natural colors. 19th c. 13” x 15”
Early Afshar rug with interesting design. Size: 147 x 112cm.
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Antique little northwest Persian bagface or mat (likely). Attractive ivory medallion surrounded by scattered herati elements. Some edge unraveling and a small ... read more
The remains of an early turkman ersari pile weaving with ikat design. Edge damage, areas of wear, few small holes. Needs a ... read more
Northwest Persian Kurdish Bagface offering at a sale price $295 includes us domestic shipping - some old moth nibbles but excellent kurdish ... read more
price:  $295 obo
West Anatolian Ushak Carpet circa 1890 size 305x360 cm
price:  On request
Persian Mahal Carpet circa 1900 size 272x366 cm
price:  On request
Antique Baluch rug,80x203cm
price:  por
Antique Cecim Kilim SIZE:140X105 cm.
price:  Ask Please
Antique Shiraz Bagface SIZE: 50x60 cm.
price:  Ask Please
Enigmatic double niched Baluch rug. This is the only example of the format that i have seen that is asymmetrically knotted. There ... read more
price:  POR
Large, virtually mint condition bag. a.d. 1000 - 1400. Escher-like stylized pelican motifs with warp stripes. Original tubular woven ... read more
price:  Inquire -
Qhasgai sofra size 175x115cm
price:  Por
Early little turkman weaving with uncommon design. Even low tight pile. Looks like symmetrical knots open right. Remnant original end flat weave. ... read more
Interesting small complete bag, probably Baluch although an unusual design. Overall good condition with decent even pile. Original back. Side selvages are ... read more
Jaf Kurd Bagface with an uncommon design feature. Notice the field design shift in the bottom third. Older weaving with natural colors ... read more
Bashir Turkmen with minakhani design, knotted circa 1885 antique, collectors item, 124 x 173 cm, id: K-4203 Vegetable dyes, the black knots ... read more
price:  CHF 1'400.-
Antique Anatolian Kilim. Some minor old repairs 4'8''x15'9''
price:  $2500
Hainan jacket This antique jacket was made and would have been worn for by a woman of Hainan China ...Home spun ... read more
price:  $125