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Gabbeh Rug,Perfect Condition.
Men's coat (chapan), Central Asia, late 19th century, l: 140 cm; w: 208 cm. Adras, the mixed weave of silk and cotton ... read more
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Lakai suzani silk embroidery on ikat (detail). More info
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Early 20th century Kamseh bagface. Good colours, full pile, but missing the bottom outer border. link for more images and price or email ... read more
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An outstanding example of a man’s shawl from Sumba, approximately 40 to 50 years old. All the iconic creatures are here, horses, lobsters, ... read more
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Beautiful white border Baluch rug in a small format. 3'1" x 4'7" or 94 x 140cm. Please message me for more details ... read more
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Zig-zaggy diamond Baluch with fantastic blue
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Baluch bird bag with intriguing border, fine weave, saturated natural color.
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Early 19th Century Ningxia Rug, Size: 2’3ft x 2’3ft. E-mail:
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Jaf - Saddle Bag Size: 172x110 cm Thickness: Medium (5-10mm) Oldness: 80-100 (Antique) Pile - Warp: Wool on Cotton
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Kashkuli, Qashqa'i Khorjin, Mid-19th century. Excellent, fine weave. Fantastic colors. a couple areas of damage shown in the images. Bag face 64 ... read more
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excellent shahsevan sumac chanteh circa 1870 small bag size 20x21cm
Tabriz Persian, knotted circa 1905 antique, collectors item, 57 x 81 cm, id: K-4577 Prayer design, vegetable dyes, the knots are hand spun ... read more
price:  CHF 1'420.-
Antique Anatolian Kurdish rug Size:120*90 cm Please cuntacı
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Approximate size; 140x170 cm Old Kurdish Please email me directly:
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Antique Caucasian Avar Kilim 5'4''x20'4''. Excellent condition.
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Antique Caucasian Konagkend Kuba rug with green border background and indigo blue filed, size 4' x 5'10" ft. circa 19th century. email:
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Antique Fereghan Sarouk Rug 4’3″ x 6’5″ #5942 This circa 1880 Fereghan Sarouk Persian Oriental Rug Measures 4’3″ x 6’5″. It has a ... read more
Antique Fereghan Sarouk Persian Oriental Rug 4’7” x 6’8” #8157 This last quarter 19th century Fereghan Sarouk measures 4’7” x 6’8”. It has ... read more
Size :40x76 cm, East anatolia,Antep Please email me directly:
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Turkmenistan Ethnic Tribal Ceremonial Silver Belt Fine Gilded with Carnelian and Turquoise Great Condition. Size - ''96 cm x 8 cm'' - ... read more
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19th century pillar rug 2.07m by 0.97m Full pile rug, the white wool has corroded noticeably to the surrounding pile. Note the Mongolian ... read more
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Fragment of a Konya niche rug, early 19th century (possibly older?) Mounted on linen Contact or visit link for more images and price
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Large 19th century Afshar rug, with stunning graphic. The rug is low all over but useable. All colours good. 2.04m by 1.67m Contact, ... read more
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a decorative Afshar rug from the tribes of South Iran 187x150cm.Late 19th Century. More info:
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Tudouk workshop, ( Romanie ) 1910/1920, 200 x 125, in a perfect condition, decor Koula. Contact via WhatsApp : +33 (0) 614362146
The Afshars are a Turkic speaking tribe located in Iran near Kerman. Both nomadic people and settled in villages. Afshar rugs are squariesh with ... read more
Mina khani Baluch bagface, good condition, good colours, not faded, but different types of red. 64 x 66 cm. you can also ... read more
price:  € 145
Central - Asian Turkmen - Tekke Tribal Silver Cuff Bracelets Fine Gilded with Carnelian Good Condition. Size - ''9 cm x ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Central Anatolian Konya Rug Size:180x156 cm 5x6 ft please contac
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Antique west anatolian karakeçili rug Size:4.2x5.9 ft Please contac
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Heriz - Antique Persian Size: 344x280 cm Thickness: Medium (5-10mm) Oldness: 80-100 (Antique) Pile - Warp: Wool on Cotton Node Density: about 100,000 knots per m² mail:
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Manastir Kilim,7.3x5.2 ft,223x160 cm.
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Fine Shahsavan sumak opened bag. Rare and early. Check out the color and spacing. Please email:
Yuruk Turkish, knotted circa 1900 antique, 118 x 181 cm, id: K-4440 The black knots are oxidized, the knots are hand spun lamb ... read more
price:  CHF 870.-
This Karabaugh #7400 is dated 1870 and measures 2’11” x 5’4” (89 x 164 cm). This is a very early provable date ... read more