• Antique,Handmade,Caucasian,Shirvan Rug, has some professional old repairs, Circa 1900,Size 151 Cm by 103 Cm

  • Antique Old Used Persian Handmade Heriz Rug,Ca 1950,Size:335 Cm by 238 Cm,Available

  • Antique,Old,Used,persian,Handmade,Heriz,wool,rug,Attractive Design,Low pile,Clean,Soft,Size:315 Cm by 240 Cm,Size:10.3 ft by 7.8 ft,Ca:1920

  • Antique,Old,Used,Handmade Karabagh Rug. So Attractive Design,Clean,Ca:1920 Size:500 Cm by 313 Cm

  • All in natural,very soft and Clean,Antique Chinese Ningxia Rug,Good pile,some old minor in visible repairs,Ca:1920 Size:9.3ft by 6.6ft Size:280cm by 198cm

  • Antique Handmade Persian Heriz Rug,Ca:1920,All in natural,good pile,Soft,Clean,Size:9.5ft by 7.3ft-287 cm by 220 cm

  • Antique Handmade Turkish Oushak Wool Rug,Ca:1920, very good condition,Soft,good pile just somewhere pile it is little bit low,Size:13.2 ft by 11.2 ... read more

  • Antique Handmade Shirvan Kazak Wool Rug,ca:1920,all in natural,good pile.Soft,Attractive Design,Size:5.9 ft by 4.4 ft,174 cm by 131 cm

  • Antique Handmade Persian Karaja Rug,all in natural,some old repairs,Low pile,ca:1920,size:6.3 ft by 4.9 ft,190 cm by 144 cm

  • Antique Handmade Tibetan rug, all in natural, one old repairs,good Pile,Clean,Soft,more than 100 years Old,Size:4.8 ft by 2.7 ft,Size:141cm by 78cm

  • Antique Handmade caucasian Shirvan Rug,some synthetic dyesl,low pile,Attractive Design,Around 100 years Old,Size:6 by 4.6 Ft

  • Antique Used Handmade Caucasian Yerevan Kazak Style,Old, Wool&Cotton,Size:6.6 By 4.5 Ft,All in natural,Very Soft condition, Beautiful colours,Around 80 years Old,

  • Antique Handmade Persian Bakhshayesh Rug,All in natural,good pile,soft and good Condition,lovely design,Clean,Wool&Cotton,Around 100 years old Size:288cm by 168cm

  • Antique Handmade Chinese Art Deco Rug, Attractive Design,All in natural,Low pile,Clean,Around 80 Years Old Size:260cm by 186cm

  • Antique Handmade Persian Heris Rug,Somewhere is professional Repaired,all in natural,Clean,Low pile,Around 100 years old,Size:224cm by 159cm

  • Antique Handmade Persian Heris Rug,Eagle design,pile it is good but some place is low,Some Professional Old repair,all in natural,Clean,Around 100 years old,Size:193cm ... read more

  • Antique Handmade Persian Heris Serapi Rug,all in natural,some old repairs,Clean,Attractive Design,Low pile,More than 100 years Old,Size:303cm by 235cm
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  • Antique handmade Turkish Oushak Rug,all in natural,low pile,Some professional Old repairs,Clean,soft,more than 100 years old,Size:252cm by 194cm
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  • Antique handmade Rare Indian Agra rug,full cotton,lovely design and colours,good pile,All in natural,somewhere is old repaired, Around 80 years old,Summer Rug,Size:220cm by 137cm

  • Antique handmade Persian Kurdish Runner,All in natural,very Attractive design,Clean,low pile Vegetable colours,More than 100 years old Size:289cm by 117cm

  • Antique Handmade Chines Wall Hanging Rug,Attractive design,All in natural,Good pile,Around 80 Years Old Size:115cm by 59cm
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  • Antique handmade Persian Afshar rug,wool&cotton,so cute,amazing design,All in natural, Worn in places,Tow places is old repair,up 80 years old Size:171cm by 141cm

  • Beautiful antique small Fereghan carpet,Very good condition,absolutely original condition. Mid 19th century, Classic country house 'Look'. Size:150cm by 101cm
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  • Antique bijar rug,around 90 years old,cutoff,size:530cm by 327cm

  • Good Dorokhsh ivory field kelleh, north east Persia, last quarter 19th century, 12ft. 5in. x 5ft. 2in. 3.78m. x 1.58m. Overall even ... read more

  • Good Kurdish long rug woven on a wool foundation, Bijar area north west Persia,last quarter 19th ,century,8ft.2in.x4ft.1in.2.49cm.x1.25cm.overall wear with corrosion to Browns,losses ... read more

  • Antique Persian heris rug,somewhere small repaired,around100 years old,size:295cm by 209cm
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  • Antique Mishan malayer rug,around 100 years old,size:203cm by 138cm
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  • Antique caucasian Runner,around 20th century,size:267cm by 115cm
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  • 19th Century Old Caucasian kazak runner, some places is professional repaired, size 261cm by 102cm,8 feet 6.756 inches by 3 feet 4.157 inches
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