I am Baluch collector, living in the centre of Europe. I sell some Baluch pieces out of my collection as I try to focus my collection more on symmetric knotted Baluch rugs. For those who are interestend to see a part of my collection, they can visit my internetsite under: Hope you will enjoy.

  • Baluch rug, Timuri (?); 90 x 165 cm (3`0" x 5`5"); Beautiful example of Baluch rug composition with a dazzling main filed ... read more
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  • Baluch rug; size 117 x 188 cm (3`10" x 6`1"); In a vertical row four big, precisely drawn Salor Güls are allocated ... read more
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  • Book : Orientteppiche; Aus den Zelten, Häusern und Werkstätten Asiens Author: John Thompson in German from 1990 (?) 176 pages about 110 colour pictures good condition
    price:  USD 30.- plus shipping

  • Book: Musée d`Ethnographie du Vietnam Exhibition catalogue from 1997 about handcraft and textiles from Vietnam "natives" like Hoa, Khmer, Cham etc. in French about 120 pages ... read more
    price:  USD 40.- plus shipping

  • Book: Alte und Antike Chinesische Knüpfkunst from P.Bausback from 1980. 77 color plates in German bonding is brocken means with some lose pages, but complete
    price:  USD 10.- plus shipping

  • Baluch ; North ouest Afghanistan; end 19th c.; 150 x 90 cm (4`11” x 2`11”) ; very good condition; original sides and ... read more
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  • Baluch complete big Balisht (Grain bag?); Afghanistan region; beginning of 20th c.; fading purple is maybe an indicator of its age; 65 ... read more
    price:  USD 80.- plus shipping

  • Baluch (prayer rug?); end 19th c.; study piece with a for me unusual border, low pile, unfortunately with heavy, ugly running blue ... read more
    price:  USD 50.- plus shipping

  • Afshar rug; around 1875; well known design known from Afshar bags, never seen a rug with it; i bought this Afshar direct ... read more
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  • Baluch rug; around 1900; 90 x 163 cm (3`0” x 5`4”), according d.h.g. Wegner motif in main filed is named ... read more
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  • Baluch Kelim, maybe part of a rug or the back of a khorjin set, around 1900; 87 x 166 cm (2`10” x ... read more
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  • Baluch small carpet; around 1900; 126/9 x 211 cm (4`2” x 7`11”); natural colours with shining “Baluch-blue”, some abrashed areas and foldes ... read more
    price:  USD 190.-incl. shipping

  • Baluch rug; study piece; 104 x 183 cm (3`5“ x 6`0“); between 1870 and 1900; diagonal shrub design known from Taimani or ... read more
    price:  USD 190.- including shipping

  • Baluch rug; beginning 20th c.; 154 x 84 cm (5`1” x 2`9”); nice and seldom flower / snow flake design. d.h.g. Wegner ... read more
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  • Baluch Timuri, a so called Sangtshuli; about 1880; 105 x 186cm (3`5”x 6`1”) rare seen main border (not found comparable border in ... read more
    price:  USD 390.- incl. shipping

  • South Persian Tribal (probably Afshar) bag front; around 1880; 81 x 73 cm ( 2`8” x 2`5” ); ... read more
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  • Baluch rug; last q 19th.c.; 107x172cm (3`6" x 5`8"); Azadi names this type "Maadan" (plate 35 & 36) because of its corner ... read more
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  • Baluch prayer rug; 86 x 156 cm (2`10“ x 5`2“); around 1900; fragment; apart from condition a very interesting study piece; main ... read more
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  • Baluch prayer rug; after 1875; 88 x 122 cm (2`11” x 4`0”); Dochtar-i-Ghazi because of its main border or Timuri because ... read more
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  • Baluch Kilim main carpet; end of 19th c.; made in two lines; many different horizontal stripe designs; small sumac border;Kilim is in ... read more
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  • Baluch double bag; end of 19th c.; 65 c 166 cm (2`2” x 5`5”), front sides in perfect condition with glossy wool ... read more
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  • Baluch white ground Prayer rug; beginning 20th c.; 98 x 166 cm (3`3” x 5`5”); one says that Baluch prayer rugs with ... read more
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  • Baluch rug; first Quarter 20th c.; 96 x 148cm (3`2” x 4`10”); Arab-Baluch from Ferdows region; well know design precisely described from ... read more
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  • Kurdish bag face; fragment; late 19th c.; 50cm x 60cm; some moth damage, ends and sides not fixed
    price:  USD 95.- incl. shipping

  • Baluch bag front; q1 20th c.; 58 x 61 cm; fair condition; sides are restored; nice colors, soft handle
    price:  USD 140.- incl. shipping

  • Baluch trapping; probably Timuri; around 1900; very good condition, very precisely knotted with a clear motive you find as main border in ... read more
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  • Baluch long rug runner; 118 x 393 cm (3`11“ x 12`11“); after 1920 (?) earlier example from a rare size for Baluch ... read more
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  • Baluch Main carpet; after 1900; 289 x 170 cm (9`9”x 5`7”) with 20cm (8“) flat woven Kelim on each end, original in ... read more
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  • Baluch Timuri-Prayer; second half 19th.c.; 82 x 121 cm; beautiful wool and exceptional colours; apart from corroded black and terrible overused stripe ... read more

  • Baluch, double bag, first half 20th c.; 110 x 49 cm;
    price:  $ 150.- incl. shipping