Farmand Gallery

We have been in businness for three generations. My grandfather was born in Caucaso during the period the Russian attacked Persia, he moved to Tabriz and fell in love with and married my grandmother who was born there. Tabriz is located in the center of the silk road. His business was passed on to my father from whom I gained my experience. My father's main slogan was "the cleverest thing is to be sincere". In order to understand carpets, I began in 1987 studying them to discover their secrets. The consequence of my studies and commerce can be seen in the beautiful unique and rare carpets seen on our website. Thank you for visiting our site and we welcome your personal visit at our location in Rome

  • Bakhtiari Saman cm 285 x 165 late 19th century. Beautiful piece in rare design with life tree. All natural colors and 100%
    price:  P.o.r.