• Yoruk weaving from s.e. Anatolia ,145-170 cm . Early 20th c.
    price:  220euro + post

  • Davaghin , Daghestan circa 1900 , 152-295 cm, mint no repairs .
    price:  ask

  • Late 19th century Avar kilim in mint condition ,no repairs . 149-499 cm .
    price:  on request

  • Karabagh rug ,circa 1900 , size 150 -192 cm , fine weave ,some cotton in the pile ,some old repairs . Happy
    price:  330 euro +post

  • Central Anatolian Yatak in good condition ,140-110cm , 2nd quarter 20th century . Cool thing priced to sell...
    price:  180 euro +post

  • Early 20 th c. Afshar rug, wool on wool , organic dyes nice green,fine weave , good condition . 190-127 cm . ... read more
    price:  250 euro +post

  • s.e . Anatolian kilim half ,4th quarter 19th c. in good shape 85-415 cm . If you contact me to huggle you ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Djulkhyr ,111 -226 cm ,you can love it or hate it but you can't ignore it as it has killer presence ...
    price:  POR

  • Bandirma Prayer rug ,circa 1900 , plenty cotton ,some corrosive green . Good condition . 137-187 cm
    price:  500 e + post

  • Complete fragment of a 4 by 10 Tekke main carpet mid 19th , cut and joined ... Beautiful old thing .
    price:  POR

  • Prayer Baloutch , sides are reduced but still retains its charm , the tree panels are quite pretty .
    price:  sold

  • Moroccan ,berber carpet 2 by 3 meters , full pile ,some corrosion , no condition issues .
    price:  sold

  • Afshar mat ,extremely fine weave ,good dyes , mint condition , 54-80 cm .
    price:  appropriate

  • Baloutch rug ,93-166 ,all natural dyes ,plenty corrosion ,low guard stripe missing otherwise full pile and no old repairs .
    price:  380 e + post

  • Beloutch rug , lovely ground colour ,corrosion , 96-170 cm .
    price:  sold

  • 19th century Afshar ,wool on wool ,340-180 cm ,glorious colour and wool quality, the central 1 row is seriously worn ,there ... read more
    price:  sold thanks

  • Tekke aina-gul chuwal 19th c. very fine compact weave,silk dyed with corrosive insect dye ,bleached corroded white .Despite the various losses full ... read more
    price:  sold thanks

  • Beautiful 19th c. Ersari trapping ,kejebe ,full pile, no ,repairs ,alas chopped sides ,great colour including beautiful green and yellow . 116-37
    price:  sold thanks

  • Caucasian saddle cover very fine weave natural dyes ,small problems to be taken care of ,otherwise complete,103-130 cm
    price:  sold thnx

  • Silk jajim kordjin 25-65 cm ,natural dyes perfect condition
    price:  sold thanks

  • Susani 19th c. ,complete and in good condition , 180-240cm .
    price:  sold

  • Central Anatolian kilim,woven in one piece ,mid 19th ,all dyes natural and abrashed,the light green hue is not sulphonic if you ... read more
    price:  inquire

  • Piled mafrash, rare ,possibly Karadagh area , early 20th,very primitive design,great shiny wool, all the dyes are organic,beautiful dark green and aubergine-brown,Full ... read more
    price:  pls inquire

  • Luri Khordjin , glossy wool ,black wefts ,78-130 cm .Good condition no repairs, made around 1900
    price:  720 e + post

  • Honest Persian tribal rug,98-201 cm,late 19th- 1900,sparkly abrashed organic dyes , full pile ,ready to find a new floor-home. The piece is ... read more
    price:  899 euro + post

  • Trompe l'oeil, anybody ? Rare flatweave 1900 or earlier, Shahsavan , ground out of hand spun cotton ,brocading in wool. 161-173 ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Caucasian kilim fragment, finest immaginable weave,,intense colour , 175-186 cm .It makes perfectly respectable 19th c kilims look boring.
    price:  POR