• turkoman dowry piece from a Wyoming estate sale. a bit bigger than a kitchen sink, as usual, 28 by 38 inches or ... read more
    price:  NFS

  • a "problem" heriz dating from pre-WW2 (previous owners thought 1920's but all that pink says 1930-1940 to me). i have washed it ... read more
    price:  $2500 OBO

  • a good, honest pre-WW2 Chinese rug about 3x5 (36 by 66 inches), medium to low pile all over, dirty, end erosion but ... read more
    price:  $225 OBO

  • rescue this rug so i don't chop it up into pillows! Offered is this tabriz - looking rug from a Cheyenne Wyoming ... read more
    price:  $1100 OBO