soul mate

We are a couple of artists that are inspired of the magnific and various tribal cultural goods that has been left to all of us. We are profoundly convinced that every cultural good can find their soul mate!

  • Tree and Compartment Carpet fragment circa 1800 earlyer ? Size 340 cm x 240 cm
    price:  Por

  • Indonesian shoulder cloth ,Batik 89/87 cm i call it Batavia because of the design almost delft design with tulips and 8 dragon ... read more
    price:  Por

  • Früher Tekke Hauptteppich Fragment pre 1800 200 x 80 cm
    price:  1609€

  • Antique Arab Khamse circa 1900 super colours and very fine weaving .
    price:  1490 USD

  • Ghahestan/Kuhestan South Khorasan ; Ferdows Baluch pre 1900 Outstanding colour palette ; some old repairs Cotton warp ; ... read more
    price:  Por

  • Archaic Red Ground Diamond Lattice Chodor truly nomadic weaving ; Camelhair wefts , warp deeply depressed Colours are delicious; Apricot ... read more
    price:  NFS

  • First half 19th Century Karaman Provinz Central Anatolia Prayer Kilim amazing saturated dyes and archaic field drawing Size circa 170 cm x ... read more
    price:  Auction / no reserve

  • Rare Mid 19th century central Asian Kirghiz felted bag , wool embroidery chain Stich; backside flat woven Kilim camelhair collectible item size ... read more
    price:  Please ask

  • Antique Silk embroidery Union Indochinoise 19th Century
    price:  $2889

  • Probably 1927 c. Anatolian village from Sivas showing the Mausoleum Mevlana in Konya Grounded from Atatürk at 2. March 1927 Konya-Museum ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Afghanistan baluch mid 20thc Size 180 cm x 123 cm
    price:  $399

  • Existing decorative & Rare 19th century (1870-1890 ) Poland,Lithuania Belarus ~ East Europe tapestry Kilim Ref.: polish-Lithuanian commonwealth weaving size 340 ... read more
    price:  Please ask

  • 18th (+-) century Prayer Rug from central anatolia ritch saturated colours , a green it’s not easy to find.That Rug i found ... read more
    price:  Ask please

  • Small chimu textil fragment late period 14th century very attractive colours and technique size 23 cm x 12 cm
    price:  $333

  • 1880 Luri Qashqa’i Rug striped southwest Persian washed mothproof Size 243 x 157 cm
    price:  $2400

  • Antique Baluch circa 1890 wonderful condition and drawing 170 cm x 104 cm
    price:  $1300 plus shipping

  • Antique Baluch timuri 1860 ne Persian size 163 x 86 cm
    price:  $ 900

  • Early 20th Century Nagaland, Northeastern India Warrior shoulder cloth (blanket) Cotton, red wool or dyed dog’s hair, cowrie shells Size 151 cm x 100 ... read more
    price:  $2400

  • Antique Anatolian saddle cover rug 1850 - 1870 second half 19th Century properly Sivrihisar region province Eskişehir central Anatolian ... read more
    price:  Please ask

  • Highly decorative antique Kilim rug from Eastern Europa Second half 19th Century Size: 298 cm x 155 cm material: wool on cotton ... read more
    price:  Please ask

  • Early classic p- chodor Yomud main Rug fragment mid 18th Century -1790 Very pretty secondary guls , condition several holes not breaking ... read more
    price:  $4800

  • Unusual late 19th century striped Luri qashqai South West Persia Fars , Orginal ends and sides, no restoration been done Highlight: Kilim ... read more
    price:  $2400

  • 17th century Japan landscape painting fan Rinpa school please ask for more information
    price:  por

  • Antique ivory Shahsavan Verneh Moghan Region 1860-1880 Century very good condition material Information natural Dyes wool six panels of jajim Kilim stripes ... read more
    price:  1200,- Euro inklusive shipping

  • Antique Baluch rug with camelhair field arround 1900 some silk highlights size 156 cm x 85 cm
    price:  Please ask

  • Late Ottoman pouch Kese,1890-1913, Edirne,Metal and silk embroidery on linen size 24 cm x 18,5 cm ,very good condition
    price:  270 Euro inklusive shipping

  • 17th Century or earlyer China silk brocade Panel fragment with bats and clouds Orginal selvedges 80 cm x 60 cm
    price:  $por

  • Antique Persian ferdows Arab afshar baluch 178 cm x 110 cm
    price:  Please ask

  • Paracas pre-columbian chancay Jaguar head band fragment size circa 3 cm / 36 cm any question please ask
    price:  680€

  • Antique sofreh second half 19th century baluch Timuri Kilim West Afganistan Two panel 12 colors natural dye one ... read more
    price:  $1800

  • Antique art nouveau Krakow Polish Arras Wallhanging Kilim unique piece with papercut design materials wool on lienen size 242 cm x ... read more
    price:  $6000

  • 1850s Baluch Timuri prayer Rug rare typ and color palette sıze 170 cm x 148 cm
    price:  $980

  • More pictures for you !İtalyan Lampas brocade silk and gold bysos? 1580-1620 c? fragment with traces of sealing wax design from the ... read more
    price:  Por

  • Antique Rose Bijar Farang gol design 1900-1910 early 20th century wool on cotton Roomsize 460 cm x 360 cm mint ... read more
    price:  Por

  • 20th c Baluch Meshed district, northeast Iran 330 cm x 170 cm wool on wool please contact via
    price:  price on request

  • Antique Chinese floral silk embroidery Robe ivory ground woven with dragon medallion 19th century 1850-1870 Qing dynasty
    price:  $2800

  • 16th century Italian brocade silk,silver,gold and root amazing ikat weave size 80 cm x 30 cm please contact via
    price:  price on request

  • Antique Senneh rug northwest Persia with paisley leaves and buds & tendrill allover , very good condition for collection or flooring ... read more
    price:  $1759

  • Adding some pictures of that amazing baluch Beluch Kilim jused as sofreh Or ensi northeast Persia timuri bahurli circa 1866-1877 ... read more
    price:  sold

  • p Chodor Main Carpet fragment Turkmenistan around 1800 c
    price:  on hold

  • antique ne Persian beluch baluch timuri trapping rifle bag part? 70 cm x 12 cm
    price:  $250

  • Khasa Blanket woven from Fulani man ,Mali Or north Nigeria West 20th Century Africa 1950-1970s old example six panels flatwoven brocade ... read more
    price:  $700 plus shipping

  • Happy new year everyone! 2018 :-) please contact via

  • 1900 -1910 Afshari nomads west Persian poshti 100 x 70 cm moth damage good design borders Beluch designs ?
    price:  370 Euro inkl shipping

  • Small dated Kuba Seichur rare Design field and border size 90 cm x 70 cm original ends and sides Blue 4 ply ... read more
    price:  600 Euro including shipping

  • Antique double keyhole/shield 20th c 1900-1920 Baku Kuba shield rug East Caucasian, Azerbaijan border design region khanbaku village rug in mint condition ... read more
    price:  sold

  • antique Tibetan Khaden from the Labrang monastery Region (Gansu) Khampa Tibetans sleepingrug size 162 cm x 87 cm
    price:  Sold

  • 1662-1722 Kangxi period brocade silk gold size 62 cm x 74 cm please contact via
    price:  $19000