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  • Kyrgyz Basmayil c. 1900 5” x 9’9” “Basmayils were woven with various widths and lengths. They were used to secure loads on animals or as ... read more
    price:  $1500

  • Kyrgyz Bashtyk Early 20th Century 1'2" x 1'5" Storage bag
    price:  $500

  • Ersari Strap 5'8" x 4.5" Elmby: Antique Tukmen Carpets iv Plate 19
    price:  $400

  • Uzbek Napramach Early 20th Century 2'9" x 1'4"
    price:  $750

  • Uzbek Napramach Late 19th Century 4'4" x 1'3"
    price:  $600.

  • Gols and Guls ii: Exhibition of Turkmen and Related Carpets from the 17th to 19th Centuries Reuben, David M. London: David m. Reuben, 2001. 76 ... read more
    price:  $165US includes US Shipping. +$38 ROW

  • Gols and Guls: Exhibition of Turkmen Carpets from the 18th and 19th Centuries from the Collection of Dr. and Mrs. David m. ... read more
    price:  $125US includes US Shipping. +$38 ROW

  • [Rug Designs of the Turkmen and Their Neighbors] Alpabetisches Verzeichnis der mit Namen bekannten Muster in Teppichen der Turkmenen und deren Nachbarvölker. ... read more
    price:  $95+Shipping

  • Turkoman Tribal Rugs Loges, Werner Munich: Humanities Press, 1980. 204 pp. 117 color plates. 10.5 x 9.5 Hardback in dustjacket in Very Good condition. Minor ... read more
    price:  $125US+Shipping

  • The Old Textiles of Turkey [2 volumes] Haneda, Akira, Mitsukuni Yoshida and Heizo Tatsumura Kyoto: Korinsha, 1966-67. 218 pp. 100 color relief-halftone plates. 17 x ... read more
    price:  $1300US+Shipping

  • Through the Collector's Eye, Oriental Rugs from New England Private Collections Bailey, Julia and Mark Hopkins Providence: Rhode Island School of Design, 1991. 128 pp. ... read more
    price:  $40US+Shipping

  • Belouch Prayer Rugs Craycraft, Michael Point Reyes Station, ca: Adraskand, Inc. 1982. 93 pp. 40 color plates. 8.5 x 11 Paperback in New condition. Item ... read more
    price:  $35US + Shipping

  • a Collection of Rare Antique Persian Village and Tribal Rugs Hassan, Hamid Suliman Singapore: Hassan's Carpets, 1990. 122 pp. 121 color plates. 8 x 12 ... read more
    price:  $150US + Shipping

  • Samples of the Old Turkish Carpets and Kilims / Eski türk halilarindan ve kilimlerinden örnekler Turkish Islamic Arts Museum Istanbul: Sümerbank, 1961. 88 pp. 40 ... read more
    price:  $250US + Shipping

  • Woven Witness: Afghan War Rugs with the Afghan Freedom Quilt: Silenced Voices of the Afghan Diaspora Bonyhady, Tim and Nigel Lendon San Jose: San ... read more
    price:  $50US+Shipping

  • Textile Revival at Crossroads: Armenian Carpet and Needlework Exhibition Mouradyan, Tatev ed. Yerevan: Armenian Rugs Society, 2015. 90 pp. 56 color illustrations of needlework and ... read more
    price:  $55US+Shipping

  • Salt Bags: Iranian Tribal And Rural Weavings Tanavoli, Parviz Tehran: Nazar Publishing, 2016. 240 pp. 140 color plates. 8 x 10 Hardback in New condition. ... read more
    price:  $125US+Shipping

  • Rugs: Oriental and Occidental, Antique and Modern. a Handbook for Ready Reference Holt, Rosa Bell Chicago: a.c. McClurg & Co. 1901. 228 pp. 11 color ... read more
    price:  $150US + Shipping

  • Islamic Carpets McMullan, Joseph V. New York: Near Eastern Art Research Center, 1965. 387 pp. 106 color plates, 45 black and white. 9 x 12 ... read more
    price:  $250US + Shipping

  • The Carpet and the Connoisseur: The James f. Ballard Collection of Oriental Rugs Denny, Walter b. & Thomas j Farnham Saint Louis: Hali Publications ... read more
    price:  $50

  • Natural Dyes: Sources, Tradition, Technology and Science Cardon, Dominique London: Archetype Publications, 2007. 778 pp. 7 x 10 Hardback in As New condition. Item #books008420i isbn: ... read more
    price:  $180

  • Turkmen Carpets, a New Perspective: An Interdisciplinary Study based on Radiocarbon Dating, Dye, Mordant, and Technical Analyses, as well as Historical and ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • South Persian Rugs, Bags and Saddle Covers from the Collection of Paul r. Benjamin - See more at:' > link
    price:  $55 includes US shipping / $80 RoW

  • Book - Rugs of Rare Beauty from Midwestern Collections' > link
    price:  $60 includes US shipping / $85 ROW

  • Inclusively Baluch: From the Core to the Periphery of the Baluch Aesthetic - See more at:' > link
    price:  USA: $75 RoW: $100 includes shipping

  • gols and guls iii: a study of the Asymmetrically Knotted Yomuts and Pieces Attributed to the Ersari by David m. Reuben. Printed ... read more
    price:  $100 includes US Shipping +$38 ROW

  • Kurdish Rug Books:' > link
    price:  $20+

  • James Opie: tapis de tribus. Click here:' > link

  • Khans, Nomads and Needlework: Suzanis and Embroideries of Central Asia click here:' > link

  • central asian textiles and their contexts in the early middle ages. Click:' > link

  • Carpets from Islamic Lands: Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah. The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait click' > link

  • Weaving Heritage of Anatolia (2 Volumes)' > link

  • a World of Carpets and Textiles' > link

  • Oriental Rugs from Pacific Collections' > link

  • Oriental Rugs from Atlantic Collections' > link

  • icoc: Papers-Presentations 7th International Conference on Oriental Carpets' > link

  • Makedonski Narodni Nosii / The National Dresses of Macedonia' > link
    price:  $325.00

  • James Opie: tribal rugs of southern persia' > link

  • Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies vii: Selected Papers from icoc x, Washington 2003 and icoc xi, Istanbul 2007' > link
    price:  $95

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  • San Francisco Antique Rug and Textile Show

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  • Ersari fragment. Late 19th century. 4' x 1'10" Some selvage present on both sides.
    price:  SOLD

  • South Persian Luri Tasheh Early 20th c. 3'3" x 2'7" With kilim, soumak and pile weaving.
    price:  SOLD

  • South Persian Tasheh Early 20th c. 3'3" x 2'6" With kilim, soumak and pile weaving.
    price:  SOLD

  • Tsareva, Elena g.: thirty rug masterpieces from the collection of s.m. dudin One of the most important collections of Central Asian rugs ... read more
    price:  $75

  • Benardout: turkish rugs
    price:  $10

  • book beyond the west, extreme representations in oriental weaving Central Asian felts and War Rugs. Italian/English text.
    price:  $70