Specializing mainly in esoteric tribal pieces and collectable rugs. In addition to his rug activities Shiv works as a university instructor in mathematics. He has been a presence in the New York and international rug scene for over a decade and has lectured at several Oriental rug societies about his theories of spatial articulation in tribal and classical rugs and carpets. Shiv is one with the universe. He is the missing pile of one million worn Baluchies.

  • The brocaded part of opened Bakhtiary bag posted earlier, which somehow did not upload. Write to for further details
    price:  OPR

  • Opened Bakhtiary bag with beautiful brocaded square pieces on the back.
    price:  On request

  • Backhtiary Bagface
    price:  On request

  • Details from an old two panel Verneh with lovely details. Write to
    price:  On request

  • Season’s greetings

  • Old Yomud Juval with bit of a folky weave but gorgeous colour (Deep purple, no Pink Floyd)…a hole showing beautiful warps.
    price:  O request

  • 0.4732 Yomud Ensi Fragment in three pieces with two compositions in the field. Would def benefit from wash to enhance color …or keep ... read more
    price:  OPR

  • Detail of enigmatic south Persian bagface , with Kilim back. a bit frayed around the edges, I’m afraid. Write for further details.
    price:  On request

  • Quashquai long rug with lots of sweet details.
    price:  On request

  • Quashquai rug with Gul Farangi style composition but also delightful, classic animal motifs. Sparkly cotton whites. Has its own distinct charm. Finely ... read more
    price:  OR

  • Pretty fabulous south Persian small rug. Great Wall hanging. Early piece.
    price:  Serious enquiries.

  • Veramin Torba, nineteenth century. Great condition. Write to for further details, if of interest.
    price:  On request

  • Calling friends of East Anatolian weavings…A well mounted on linen, complete but fragmentary old Yuruk. Actual colors a bit softer… Write to ... read more
    price:  On request

  • Yomud Asmalyk, late nineteenth century. Great condition. Sporadic cotton wefts. Great condition. Write to for further details.
    price:  On request

  • Shahsavan Large Fragment…ask for further images if interested.
    price:  Ask

  • Veramin torba in great condition. Lovely colours.
    price:  On request

  • Enigmatic Turkoman main carpet fragment
    price:  On request

  • Ersari group Ensi in pretty good condition. Floor worthy for those who want to put rugs there. Hard to get colours right on ... read more
    price:  It’s alright

  • Likely mid nineteenth century Yomud Juval fragment…cut and in middle
    price:  Ok

  • Rare Turkoman main fragment
    price:  On request

  • Old Arabatchi Juval fragment with cotton wefts, some silk highlights
    price:  Commensurate with character, age and rarity

  • Large Yastik sized Tuareg wall hanging with back shown here
    price:  $250+shipping

  • About half of an old Kuba rug on blue ground with a forest green back or fore forest green ground Kufic border.
    price:  On request

  • Old small Kuba fragment on red ground with massive Kufic border…
    price:  On request

  • 2/3 probably, Shah Sewan possibly. Fragment definitely. Beautiful and lot of interesting details.
    price:  On request

  • Old Six Gul Tekke Torba with lots of character but some issues here and there.
    price:  On request

  • Large ‘Ersari’ group Ensi with interesting details. Kilim ends and brocaded weave intact.
    price:  On request

  • Small Chinese mat. Loss to top and bottom border. Low. Cheap (?). Trade for Baluch or turkoman fragment, with at least two ... read more
    price:  Low low low

  • Anatolian fragment approx 3x4(feet)....with about eight holes and lot of heart. Some spots. Needs conservation. Not criticism.
    price:  555.55

  • Classic s or swp bagface. a view from the back. Full pile.

  • Old Arabatchi Juval Fragment with pretty fantastic colour
    price:  On request

  • It was the time for the Big Archetypal. Chodor Main Carpet Fragment. Likely Third Quarter Nineteenth Century. Cool Thing. Cotton wefts. ... read more
    price:  On Request OR trade for Baluch

  • Really Loooong old Malian (Peul/Fulani) flatweave, wool and cotton. Not without (minor?) assorted condition issues but beautiful. Not my area but gotta ... read more
    price:  TBD

  • Small Sweet Bergama. 19th century. Isn’t there one similar to this in a Henry the Eighth portrait?
    price:  Cheapish

  • Happy International Photography Day ( Lookin’ at you Ross). The rug in that house must be an antique.
    price:  $225, local pick up only

  • Happy Left Handers day. Baluch, so called.
    price:  On Request.

  • Happy International Elephant Day. Shahsavan, likely. Long rug.
    price:  On request

  • Happy International Cat Day. Eagle Gul. a Fragment.
    price:  On request

  • Three Tekkes for today....A fragment of an early main carpet, likely ca 1800. Full pile . Great green.
    price:  OPR

  • Three Tekkes for today....Tekke Torba ...beautiful wool and drawing . Choose any of 8 combinations ( a la rush)
    price:  On hold

  • Three Tekkes for today....A medium fine Tekke mat. Chose any one of eight combinations
    price:  On request.

  • Beautiful Baluchistan double bag with quite the stripe back. Great palette.
    price:  It’s alright

  • Large , fine, glowing, good condition Jaf bagface
    price:  Pretty good

  • Very rare Tibetan Damru decoration on purple ground
    price:  Mucho Dinero ....or trade for Baluch

  • Hekri type frag. i particularly like the bird head versus Ram’s horn type assymetry in the bottom row. Related to ... read more
    price:  Cheep . Or trade for Baluch, symmetric or knot.

  • Shahsavan ? North west Persian? Intriguing long rug. Cool animal motifs. Great condition by my standards and by age, of course.
    price:  On request. Or trade for Baluchis.

  • Small unusual format Kurd of some rare subgroup bagface with pastel tonality, mostly
    price:  Way less than a stimulus check and lot more stimulating

  • Enigmatic old Kazak with Ensi references. Ask for more pics, if interested
    price:  OR