war kimono, Japan, Showa (circa 1940-1945), cm 129x128. To be precise, this is a ‘juban’, that is one of those silk robes worn by Japanese men as underkimono. It is interesting for the reason that it depicts war-related motifs such as planes, destroyers and tanks with the Japanese flag used only during war times. It is not unusual to find such propaganda motifs on boy’s kimonos (in a way to try justify with children war as ‘business as usual’ affair) from the same era, more seldom to get a men’s robe on the subject. It should be also noted that this juban is made of synthetic silk (rayon), as natural silk was at that time necessary for the construction of parachutes. Condition is ok, with still vibrant colours and no major faults. Only, on the external fabric there are a few very tiny holes scattered. Somewhat bizarre and intriguing at same time.
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