furoshiki cloth, Japan, early Showa (circa 1930), cm 95x96. The focus in this gift wrapping cloth is on the two confronting dragons, floating in a pale blue sky amid a plethora of clouds. And sandwiched between a dark brown earth and a golden upper-sky. The style of design for dragons and clouds is, for Japanese works of art, surprisingly ‘angular’ – yet muscular - and very much in the ‘Art Deco’ fashion wavelength, one would dare to say… while, embroidered with a golden thread at bottom third, is a row of sexy ‘curvilinear’ phoenixes disguised in the shape of leaves. And all this makes sense, as put together, the dragon and phoenix is the symbol of ultimate yin and yang. The dragon is symbol of male vigour and fertility, and the phoenix symbolizes yin splendour and female beauty. They represent a fruitful marriage blessed with a great deal of success and prosperity as well as many offsprings. So this furoshiki was possibly wrapping a gift presented for a marriage. Very good condition for this intriguing cloth, whose ‘aerial’ flair is enhanced by the very fine silk ‘crepe’ used to wove it.
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