Antique cihanbeyli kurd Rug Central Eastern Turkey / Circa 1875 Size: 3' x 6'4" (approx.) Condition / Description: i spent a fortune restoring this little rug, even though it doesn't have a lot of restoration. i discovered it in a small bazaar in a mosque courtyard in Istanbul and bought it because i wanted to preserve it. Well times have changed, and i might not make the same decision today, but i'm glad that i did at the time. One end border is restoration. There are small amounts of restoration to the field, and parts of the sides are restored, as well as the selvedges. i made no changes to the rug and it retains it's completely unique and original character. It doesn't lie flat, either, and i like it that way, (stretching hurts the texture and shine of the wool, but that is just my opinion). It has beautiful soft silky wool and an exceptional purple ground field color. Also has the lovely abrashes of apricot and orange that are common to the region and period. The weave is very fine for a village rug.
price:  Sold...! ;-))