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Graphic images of fiber art from Africa - Kuba, Emboli and Pygmy. i have a number of other interesting ... read more
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Ancient Altiplano polychrome baskets. a.d. 600 - a.d. 1100. These finely made highland Andean baskets are far from common very ... read more
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Antique Causaian Lezgi Rug . Size;220x145cm
price:  $ 2800 +Shipping
Belouch with Ersari guls. 170 x 100 cm.
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Antique Baluch Saddle Bag, size 28"x29" Bag (or 59"inch long with the backing), very good original condition, professionally hand washed and cleaned, ... read more
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Antique Jaf Kurd Bag Face, size 3'1" x 3'6"ft. (94 x 107 cm.), professionally hand washed and cleaned, ca.1880s.
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not an antique but sometimes you just want a good looking sarouk carpet for the floor! oversized at 10'9" x 14'6
This circa 1900 oversized Armenian Carpet #8106 measures 5’2” x 12’4”. It has two reclining stags with huge antlers staring out at ... read more
Antique Zencan Carpet from Persia. Great example of Kurdish tribal weaving. Famous herati motif pattern. Circa 1900s. 62 x 230 cm. Wool ... read more
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Late 19th c. West Anatolian prayer rug (3’-9” x5’-8”). All original, including ragged sides and kilim ends.
Antique Bijar Kilim Bagface
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Antique Baluch Prayer Rug
price:  $ 350 + Shipping
Antique Khamse Rug Bagface
price:  $ 650 + Shipping
Africa! Central Africa. South East Congo. Kingdom of the Bakuba people, named also Bushong. This a raffia panel woven with palm thread. ... read more
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Extraordinary and whimsical Shahsavan long rug from the Moghan plain. Lenkoran design. Marvellous color. Reasonable condition with some obvious issues. Mid ... read more
Vintage Swedish Double Face Kilim, ca. 1950 230 × 166 cm (7' 6" × 5' 5"), Price for Extra eu citizens/UE Companies: €940.00
price:  €1,150.00
Nice Antique Dorokhsh Persian Carpet, ca. 1920 381 × 220 cm (12' 6" × 7' 2"), Price for Extra eu citizens/UE Companies: €980.00
price:  €1,200.00
Lovely Antique Persian Kerman Textile, 19th Century, 118 × 88 cm (3' 10" × 2' 10"), For Extra eu citizens/UE Companies: €1,900.00
price:  €2,320.00
Beautiful Antique Caucasian Derbend Rug, 1900-1920, 171 × 113 cm (5' 7" × 3' 8"), Price for Extra eu citizens/UE Companies: €1,844.00
price:  €2,250.00
Beautiful Antique Khila Caucasian Rug, ca. 1880 173 × 123 cm (5' 8" × 4' 0") Price For Extra eu citizens/UE Companies: €2,254.10
price:  €2,750.00
Great tribal character in this unusual Kurdish rug from the Transcaucasus with a Lenkoran-inspired pattern, last quarter 19c. Note the diverse range ... read more
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Beautifuu ivory Ground Dagestan Proyer Rug With all natur colors, good age and beautiful design, dated and Signed, As found Without and ... read more
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Ersari Engsi Turkmenistan around 1920 age and signs of wear Size: 190x127cm
price:  150 €
sold Balkan Kilim Rug size 4" x 1'.10".
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Antique Swedish Flemish weaving flamsk tapestry, Carriage Cushion Cover, early 20th c Size 3.3 x 1.6 Ft
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Antique Caukasian Alpan - Kuba 19th century Very good condition. Size: 145x90cm
price:  SOLD THX
Antique Tibetan Pictural Rug Size 2.9 x 1.8 Ft.
price:  POA
19th Century Sivrihisar Kilim Size: 75x300 cm
price:  POR
Ersari Cuval size 130x75
price:  POR
Bordjalou Rug Circa 1860s size 142x200
price:  SOLD
Northwest Persian Rug Circa 1800 Size: 90x335 cm
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Webinar: "Think Big! New Light on Textiles from Late Antique Egypt" Saturday, July 23, 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern ... read more
Georgeous 19th Century Uzbek Suzani Panel Silk embroidery on pale coffee coloured silk with age related variations in shade. Backed on cotton and fringed ... read more
Antique Sarough 539x320 cm good overall conditions! Beautiful colors, with nice unusual yellow medallion !
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summer sale continues this lovely antique Ersari carpet great size 280 x 240 cm natural dyes cleaned good condition half marked ... read more
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Mid - 3rd quarter 19th century Chodor main rug with beautiful colors, natural dyes. 7'3" x 10'8". Scattered repairs but generally ... read more
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