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Antique small Baluch rug with oversized turkman type guls and an unusual delicate border. Beautiful all natural colors and an attractive supple ... read more
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jaf bagface 1880 circa,all good and in good condition size 85x55cm
Antique Senneh Rug with unusual madelion. Perfect colors and good shape. Collectible piece! Circa 1900 Size : 190x135cm / 6’2” x 4’5” ... read more
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Kurdish bag size 35x30cm
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Antique Turkish Kilim Bag ca. 1900s, size: 22" x 77" long (56 x 196 cm.)
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8’x11’ 1920’s German Tetek rug with a little bit of wear.
price:  1,500.00
Unique Armenian saddlebag dated 1928 in good condition. Once again, despite my pics being vertical in my camera roll, RugRabbit has this ... read more
price:  250.00
Antique Shahsavan mafrash. Complete with what appear to be original (similar period) leather handles and straps. Beautiful piece. 2'2" x 3'7" or ... read more
price:  $400, domestic shipping included
Wonderful old Baluch bag and nice aubergine. Soft wool and good dyes. Floppy handle. 1'3" x 1'6"
price:  $100, domestic shipping included
Interesting antique checkered Ersari torba. 1'1" x 3'1". Soft wool and a few scattered moth bites. Cheers.
price:  $165, domestic shipping included
Sivas Gürün Shawl, Late 19th century. 107 x 87 cm
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late 18th century Karachov. 146 x 250 Cm's. Worn, flat pole, old repairs, borders intact. Prayer rug with two orientations/directions. Dualistic - ... read more
Size:140x360cm, East anatolia, Reyhanli tribe .
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Persian pile bag face in good condition .75 x 68 cm
Antique qasgai saddle bag ,88 x 46 cm
a lovely small antique chinese Pao Tao pictorial rug, size: 118x67cm / 3'9ft by 2'2ft
Beshir fragment, very nice design
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West Anatolian Ghiordes Prayer Rug circa 1750 size 120x156 cm
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Superb Yomud Chuval in great condition with beautiful dyes
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Nice natural dyes Tekke 12 Gul torba from the 19th century…inexpensive!
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Very good collectible Kecimuhsine jijim prayer rug with multicolored brocaded botehs in diagonal rows on an ivory ground. 19th century. Broad ascending ... read more
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Ushak Tulu, probably early 20th century. Great array of colors. a couple of holes and some selvedge wear but still ... read more
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Very beautiful Qhalem qhari size 100x100cm
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a very extraordinary Bidjar carpet size 205x130cm
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Beautiful Uzbek Bokhara Suzani - wonderful colors and embroidery details! - 19th c. - 5'6 x 8'3 - 170 x 255 cm.
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Size:111x310 cm, Central anatolia, Cappadocia (Gelveri).
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a very nice carpet l think bidjar size 435x300cm
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Qhasgia gabbeh some regions not full pile size 250x140cm
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Caucasian Shirvan kilim. 114 x 90 cm
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Shyrdak, Ouzbek felt, 20th c., Northern Afghanistan, probably Lakay as a similar example is shown with lakay tribes in wonderful book of ... read more
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around 1860 baluch northwest persia with fabulous natural colors, great fineness, some tiny repairs, 77x76cm 2.6x2.5ft
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Antique Malatya Petek Kelim Kilim from east anatolia. Rare motifs. Naturel dyes 300cm x 155cm About 130 to 150 years old shipping from ... read more
price:  1000 Euro
Beautiful 19th century Central Asian Uzbek Buckhara Region Suzani fragment. Excellent chain stitches and natural dye colours. Perfect condition. It is already ... read more
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Antique Yamut Asmalik ,120 x 68 cm
Antique Ersari yastik in good condition , 110 x 38 cm
Beautiful early 19th century Uzbek mihrab Suzani. Excellent chain stitches and natural dye colours. The size is 80cm by 160cm. Reasonable price.
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