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Silk temple cloth, Japan, Edo (18th century), cm 215x66. This is an ‘uchishiki’, a cloth of rich silk used to decorate altars ... read more
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a Central Anatolian Kilim, late 19th Century, 350x155 cm
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Malatya Bagface(Back) East Anatolia 19th Century
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Sivas/Malatya kilim, eastern Anatolia, woven c 1885. Size: 3.63 x 1.66m 12' x 5'4". Ref. no: 400ah003. Condition very ... read more
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Antique Saliani Gallery Rug / s.e. Caucuses / Circa 1850. Exceptional wool and dyes. DeeP full Pile, original ends and sides with ... read more
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excellent 3rd Qtr. 19th c. Shahsevan Mafrash Panel. Very Good Condition, small silver dollar size re-weaves in 2 or 3 ... read more
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#t1000 Caucasian (Shirvan?) kilim, 4'10" x 12'10"; impressive single- piece flatweave with large-scale graphics rendered in bold colors; unusual in ... read more
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Set of Hali issue 1 thru 138 in fine condition with Hali publications protective slip cases for each volume.
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Ersari long rug
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Boro panel, Japan, Taisho (circa 1920), cm 186x37. There is a class of Japanese folk textiles known as boro, which literally translated ... read more
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Antique Ersari ensi. Good age. Low pile, some wear. Very dirty, needs a good wash. All natural colors. ca. 1880 or earlier. ... read more
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Old Chakansur area main carpet, about 400x220 cm, ok condition and some very nice corrosion. Lovely light blue, red and green colours. No restoration. Ask ... read more
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a Kozak Rug, West Anatolia. Bergama Region, ca 1880, Original good condition. 38x46 inches. Pictures taken indoor, looks much better in flesh..
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Afshari Sofreh * link 152 x 130, ca.1900-1920 (No.18740)
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this is a very old central asian fragment showing a very rare field design, seems to be a fragment of a main ... read more
Indigo shibori cloth , Japan, late Meiji (c.1910), 101x27cm. The common English translation of the Japanese word shibori is "tie-dye"; however, a ... read more
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This Ningxia mat is a great example of late 18th-early 19th century Ningxia Chinese rug weaving. The central Yin Yang Fu Lion ... read more
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Turkmon Bag with original back,excllent condition soft full pile,vegetable dyes.Size 2*1ft.
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19th century Lakai Segosha Uzbek, great condition, good colours and very fine embroidery, doubled with Ikat.
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Click here link for more of these treasures. This pictured piece, a tadjik kelim, is an interesting example of ... read more
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Ersari Juval,good colours and age,soft wool,excellent condition without any repair.Size 4ft*2'6".
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Skirt cloth (kain panjang). Indonesia, Java, Solo/Surakarta. Intricately drawn -batik tulis, worn as a skirt cloth on formal occasions. Produced in Solo, ... read more
tibetan khaden mid 19th c whith very good colors and good condition, pile is bit low in its exeptional blue field.
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Unusual Afshar rug 136 x 165 cm , circa 1900 beautiful colors,good
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s/n: n0098 ninghsia antique carpet circa:150years 1.35 x 1.94 m (53in.X 76in.)
s/n: n0097 ninghsia antique carpet circa:150years 1.58 x 0.58 m (62in.X 23in.)
Rare Rasht Textile,with caligrophy,wool with silk,good condition.Size 120*117cm.
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Indigo shibori panel, Japan, Taisho (c.1920), 151x33cm. The common English translation of the Japanese word shibori is "tie-dye"; however, a more accurate ... read more
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Thousands of new, used, rare, out-of-print, and hard-to-find titles. Books, auction catalogs, magazines, CDs and DVDs on Oriental rugs and ethnographic textiles and ... read more
Rare 7 Sided Asmalyk,Early 19th.Century
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Karapinar?- konya Kurdish - Anatolia Mid - 19th Century Natural lamb wool and heavy aubergine!
price:  6500
Kurdish Anatolian Silence is ... Greenish Golden 5'.6" x 4'.6"
price:  8500
Jaff Kurdish BagFace ? essence of sureal 22" x 33" Mani Culture Look if you dare!
price:  3500
Satisfying Kurdish Anatolian 4 x 7 Circa 1870 See it, or let it watch you!
price:  5700