Kamoo Gallery & Saeed

Saeed Shalgouni has been traveling Crises-crossing the entire breath of Iran in a calculated relentless pursuit of mostly unusual textiles and carpets, buying directly from weavers, Families Tribal's, private estates and privet collection since 1991. Persian born saeed shalgouni,is as much a purveyor as he is a collector and scholar in the filed of Persian and Asian weavings, having spent time with the Most Persian Tribe's. Not the type of rest on his laurels in recent years, He has turned his attention to the mysterious of the steps of Central Asian Countries hand made tribal works like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and others of the likes rarely seen before. Saeed 's remarkable discovers is a testament to his indefatigable devotion and drive the hunters instinct to uncover what was once thought to be extinct.The same holds true in his native country as well. Saeed is noticed as a proffecional and active dealer these days.