Baluch Square Middle Bag & Octagon Bag

The following is a brief test of the 'article' function on rugrabbit as well as a bit of virtual 'show and tell' for anyone interested in Baluch rugs. Within the last year I came across the following two pieces; older examples, I believe, of perhaps the oldest and most iconic type of Baluch weavings, the so-called "square middle" and "octagon" bag. Both are in rather distressed condition, the first with significant corrosion in the browns and the second seemingly used at some point as a clay pigeon. At any rate, those who pay attention to Baluch rugs will notice an aberration in each. Might our expectations (or at least mine) of what type of ornament should accompany which type of center help us to understand these bags better? 

Baluch Square Middle Bag Baluch square middle bag

Baluch Square Middle Bag with an octagon center.

Baluch octagon bagbaluch octagon bag

Baluch octagon bag with a square middle.


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